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Pinterest WooCommerce integration

A complete guide for Pinterest WooCommerce integration

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Nowadays, people enjoy attempting different types of ideas. Some look for DIY projects while others for recipes or beautiful homes and so on. Pinterest is one of the modern platforms that are pivoted to gather inspirations, ideas, etc.

It has garnered recognition worldwide and boosted well with the shopping campaigns of the marketers. With Pinterest WooCommerce integration, you can showcase your business and brand in the marketplace. How? Let’s read further to find out:-

Even though the principal objective of Pinterest is to glean ideas and information from the images. You can apply these to the real world and still take all the advantages of its shopping features.

Like Facebook and Google, this platform is adorned by marketers to display their products. According to Statista, almost 28% of marketers advertise their products using Pinterest.

Use Social Media

So, what do you think “Do WooCommerce integrate with Pinterest?” or are you concerned regarding “How to set up a catalogue on Pinterest for WooCommerce”?

So, for the question Do WooCommerce integrate with Pinterest? The answer is Yes, WooCommerce integrate with Pinterest!! One can simply present their products in front of their Pinterest users who are searching for things or ideas to purchase.

A good WordPress development company can assist you in effectively set up a catalogue on Pinterest for WooCommerce.They will lend you great support for WooCommerce without any speed and performance issues.

A short introduction to:-

1. Pinterest

Diffrent here

Pinterest is an alluring platform that can build ideas from millions of pins. You can expose your business as a brand effectively to your potential clients.

“If you as a brand can give the pinners innovative and new ideas, you can influence the next purchase”.

The Pinterest algorithms will function in a manner that displays the ideas based on the user’s behaviour. You can term it as “chosen for you” in a layman’s language.

For instance, suppose a user got interested to customize or revamp the vehicle. He will search for the options like customized cars. On Pinterest, the user will see the images that are in reverence to the customization of the cars on their home feed. It will look something like this on their desktop:-

Pinterest Showcase

They will see the same feed on their mobile phone:-


Why Pinterest is being so popular?

The Pinners visit Pinterest for fashion and style, home decors, designing, cooking, etc. GlobalWebIndex in their 2021 reports shared that home decor was one of the most searched topics on Pinterest. It was then followed by cooking/ recipes, health, travel, etc.

Users Of Pinterest
Most Popular Social Media Platform

Pinterest can bring you almost 33% of referral traffic.

What is Pinterest Pin?

In simple language, they are the images that you see when you open the news feed. Your entire planning regarding Pinterest WooCommerce integration must be dependent on it. Hence, make sure to bookmark your images so that your pinners can visit them again later.

Pinterest Pin was earlier known as “Pin It”, but now it has changed to “Save.” To create a pin successfully, you must have the following details:-

  • Destination Links
  • Images
  • Titles
  • Description

You can manage to build the basic pin by utilizing WooCommerce. But you have to work on the four criteria to develop a better outcome. So, Is there a Pinterest plugin for WordPress to do that? A robust Pinterest WooCommerce plugin can do the alterations to develop the product feed of Pinterest successfully.

2. WooCommerce

There are numerous factors that are a deciding factor whether the shopper makes a purchase from your store. This includes:-

  • Speed of Shipping
  • Pricing
  • Selection of the product

The store needs to be as fast to convert the potential audience and allures them to visit your website. WooCommerce is one such tool. Your users can easily filter or search the product. You can even manage to dropshipping on WooCommerce.

Statistics that you must know about before doing Pinterest WooCommerce integration

  1. Since 2016, the U.S membership of Pinterest has grown steadily.
  2. GenZ as well as the millennial population have driven the growth of Pinterest. As per the data, the number of men who are using Pinterest has jumped nearly by 50%.
  3. Half the users of the United States are utilizing Pinterest for shopping.

It is because of this major businesses invest in Pinterest WooCommerce integration.

Main features of Pinterest WooCommerce integration

  1. Secure connect between Pinterest and WooCommerce
  2. Bulk Pinning
  3. Scheduled Pinning
  4. Automated products transfer- It carries all the relatable details. This includes the availability of the product, price, description, name of the product.
  5. A secure connection between Pinterest and WooCommerce.
  6. Bulk Pinning
  7. Scheduled Pinning
  8. Open Graph markup. It will enhance the images of the product and ensure to make them better.
  9. List the entire product catalogue of WooCommerce on Pinterest quickly.
  10. Automatically adding the new products to the board of Pinterest.
  11. Manage all pins from one place and sync the images, details of the product, and price in real-time.
  12. Add Title and Alt to images and grow the product’s search ranking.
  13. Track the conversions via the Pinterest tag.
  14. Resize the images automatically as per predefined dimensions.
  15. Replace the image of the original product with the custom.
  16. Pin numerous boards simultaneously.
  17. Create the catalogue of Pinterest to advertise.
  18. Add the hashtags of Pinterest from the wp-admin.

How to do Pinterest WooCommerce integration?

To do Pinterest WooCommerce integration, you need to visit Pinterest from WordPress. The tactics that are highly accessible to the method of conjunction are:-

  • You can custom the share images for Pinterest.
  • Follow buttons
  • Pin-it buttons

You can bring also bring the content of Pinterest to WordPress by embedding the feeds of the Pinterest board. One can use user-friendly plugins that are in conjunction with complex codes.

1. Add a single Pin-it button of Pinterest

Once the installation and activation of the plugin are complete, you need to find a new Pinterest Pin-it button. Check on the dashboard of WordPress. You need to choose an option whether you need to choose the individual Pin-it buttons on pages or posts.

For instance, you can display the Pin-it button for the user who hovers your image. To do this, you need to go to the settings of the “Pinterest Pin-it button”. Next, navigate and click the button for “Show Pin It Button On Image Hover”. You must also ensure to turn on the options for the configuration of color and size of the button.

2. How can you add the Button “Pinterest Follow Me” to WooCommerce?

If you have plans to add a simple button, you need to visit the area of the normal widget. For this, you need to visit “Appearance” and click “Widgets” for Pinterest WooCommerce integration. You need to configure the option that is shown on the panel.

Lastly, you must save all the changes for the activation of the Pin-it button features of Pinterest.

3. How can you embed the Pinterest Board into your WordPress website?

You can easily add the Pinterest board to your WordPress website. Without using any plugin to your WordPress page you can embed the Pinterest board directly.

  • To embed, visit your Pinterest board for Pinterest WooCommerce integration.
  • Tap on the dots and navigate to ‘Make A Widget’.
  • Next, you need to copy the code that is available on the clipboard.
  • Scroll to “Appearance “ and tap on the option “Widget” to add the widget. To your text widget, paste the code. Make sure to save the changes and launch your WordPress website.

In a nutshell!

If you are planning to accelerate your sale then you need to certainly go for Pinterest WooCommerce integration.

24×7 WP Support is a leading WordPress development company that can assist you with Pinterest WooCommerce integration.

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