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WooCommerce Facebook integration

A simple guide for WooCommerce Facebook pages integration

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A Facebook page can allow you to reach around two billion people on Facebook. WooCommerce Facebook integration is the best way for your business that can assist you to build you as a brand.

Features of Facebook pages

  • Business information

The Facebook pages will display all the details regarding your business, This includes categories, your name, address, user name, phone number, etc.

  • Posting

You can share your information quickly via post. One can add the button “Action”. This will encourage the user of Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook to communicate. One can implement the tools to automate the responses or organize the responses.

  • Messaging

Your Facebook page has an inbox. It will help you to have great communication with Facebook users.

Benefits of Facebook Pages

  • Simple and free

Facebook pages are free. You can easily build your page in minutes.

  • Versatile

It comes with numerous free tools. This can assist you to achieve the distinct business goals as per your business model.

  • Connect with clients

Since the majority of the population is using Facebook. Hence, you can easily communicate with them for your business.

  • Advertise through your pages

Advertisements are the best way to grow your audience and brand. For this, you require a page to advertise yourself. One can plan the strategy, set the budget, and use advertising tools to develop ads. This is the reason why most businesses invest in for WooCommerce Facebook integration.

Why should you connect WooCommerce to Facebook?

It is good to connect WooCommerce to Facebook because it can boost your sales. When you do WooCommerce Facebook integration, you can smoothly handle the purchase process along with the user experience. You can even generate more engagement. This will in turn assist you to transform your shoppers into loyal consumers.

In addition, if you sync WooCommerce products to Facebook, you can enjoy various other benefits, they are:-

  • Outreach to maximum audience.
  • Automatically integrate categories and products
  • Analyze the results and performance of the ad campaigns
  • Assists in developing great clients relationships
  • Easily sell your products/ items through the Facebook pages.

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The best thing about WooCommerce Facebook integration

1. Installation of the Facebook Pixel on your WordPress website

You can quickly set up a WooCommerce Facebook pixel which will assist you in the optimization of your ads strategy. It will display the behavior of your user. Using this, you can enhance your reach by displaying the appropriate advertisements. These ads will as per the behavior of the visitor on your website.

One can easily expand their sales by doing the configuration of the automatic bids. It will display the ads as per the type of user. Woocommerce Facebook page assists you in analyzing the users in real-time when:-

  1. They complete their registration
  2. They check your content
  3. Wishlist a product
  4. Add a product to their cart
  5. Initiate the payment
  6. Add the information related to payment
  7. Complete the registration
  8. Make purchases

When you sync WooCommerce products to Facebook, the advertisements you display will assist you to reach new devices and will help you attain new followers. Apart from this, the ads will assist you to adapt the process of purchases per shopper. Apart from this, it will assist you to get access to new clients for your Facebook shop and website.

In addition, using Facebook Pixel, you can customize the types of audiences based on the user’s actions.

Note:- The set-up of the Facebook Shop will assist you to do the integration with the Instagram Shop. It will improve the conversion opportunities and expand your sales points. Make sure to delete the existing WooCommerce Facebook pixel before installing a new one.

2. Synchronization of the store on the Facebook page

When you set up the Facebook page WooCommerce, you can easily manage the following things:-

  • Upload the catalog of products
  • Attract more clients
  • Develop carousel advertisements

Apart from this, when you sync WooCommerce products to Facebook your users will be able to choose and view products. Now, if the user chooses their requirement, then they will be redirected to your checkout page and complete their purchase. The best thing is that the dynamic advertisements will be updated in your stock with certain changes.

If you do not have a catalog, then you can only include one. But the best part is, you can enclose unlimited product numbers in it.

How to do WooCommerce Facebook integration?

To initiate, you must first visit Facebook for the WooCommerce page. This you can find on for WooCommerce Facebook integration. Next, you must download the extension in the latest version. On the other hand, on a new tab, you log in to the WooCommerce account.

1. Installation to sync WooCommerce products to Facebook

Add Plugin
  1. Choose the option “Plugins” and click on the button “Add new”.
  2. Next, you need to upload the plugin to sync WooCommerce products to Facebook.
  3. Tap the option “Choose File” and click the file “” which you downloaded.
  4. Choose the button “Install Now” for WooCommerce Facebook page integration.

2. Activation

You have to do the activation of the plugin for WooCommerce Facebook integration. For this, tap the option “Activate plugin”.

Activate Plugin

Choose the option “Marketing” and browse for Facebook, Select it.
Then click the button “Get Started”.

Start Marketing

Check the status and do the verification. Your WooCommerce Facebook integration is complete.

In a nutshell!!

You can enhance your user experience and sales process when you do WooCommerce Facebook integration. One can figure out the performance of the ad campaigns and synchronize products/ categories to sell the items through Facebook pages.

The quickest way is to use the WooCommerce Facebook plugin. It can assist to do the synchronization of your WooCommerce store to the Facebook pages.

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