WordPress Speed Issues and Performance Tuning

WordPress Speed Issues and Performance Tuning

Who does want a slow website? Potential traffic may even leave your, if it takes too much time to load and it does mean less traffic. It is important that a website page is loaded within a minute or two. How could you achieve that? Fair and square, it is pretty simple, yet one step at a time.

How slow is your site?

It is possible that your site may not seem slow to you. The probable reason behind this might be your browser cache. It already caches our site and you will not experience that slowness what a new user will experience. However, we are offering services that could let you know how slow is your site? How slow is its response in relation to the user action? Here are few additional resources to test your site’s speed.

  • YSlow
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Pingdom
  • GTmetrix

Always, after tweaking the performance of your site, you should check the speed and it must not take more than two seconds to load a page. During the process, you should keep track of the reduced loading time by each process.

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Why Does Page Speed Matter?

For a variety of reasons, page speed really matters and in truth, no one wants a slow website, no matter how rich the contents could be. Your site ought to have top-notch tuning for first-rate speed and this is one of the best ways to hold onto your traffic. According to researches, one second increase in the page load time will lead to 7% loss in the conversions, 11% lesser page views as well as 16% reduction in customer satisfaction.

Considering all of the aspects, it could be told undoubtedly that decreasing one second of page loading time could increase the profit up to 7%.

Why is your website slow?

Let us look at the reasons behind the slowness of your website. It could have been resulted due to the slowness of the server. It can also be slow because of inefficient codes as well as larger images. Problem in the following areas could result in the slowness of the website.

  • Basic technology
  • Extensions
  • Content management system
  • The client’s computer
  • Server and hosting

However, being a trendsetter in the WordPress development and hosting, we deliver seamless service integrating all kinds of available resources to improve the speed of your site. Here is how:

  • Updating the core WordPress technology (Upgrading the system if it is required)
  • Updating the CMS
  • Decreasing the request
  • Removing the wasteful as well as unnecessary plug ins
  • Removing any eye-candy that is unnecessary
  • Using a CDN
  • Enabling the caching
  • Optimizing the databases
  • Optimizing the images
  • Disabling the hotlinking
  • Enabling the Gzip compression
  • Proper monitoring of the site
  • Developing knowledge base about your tools
  • Minifying the files
  • Loading the scripts in the footer
  • Prioritizing the contents
  • Using the proper sizes for the images
  • Activating, deactivating and uninstalling the hooks

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