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integrate Google My Business with WordPress

An easy way to integrate Google My Business with WordPress

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Nowadays, business websites interact with the services and products of Google in different ways. Some websites employ Google Analytics to track the performance and behavior of the user. While some use Google drives to connect media libraries.

Well, the list does not end here!!

You can use Google Cloud to host a business website. It is also easy to showcase and gather information using Google Sheets or Google Forms. Hence, it is best to integrate Google My Business with WordPress.

Before we delve into the steps, let us simply understand the term- “Google My Business”.

What is Google My Business?

It is a freely available tool. Google My Business can help you to manage the physical location of your store by engaging with local SEO. Hence, a great tool to gain exposure to the local market.

You just need to create a profile that is showcased alongside Google Maps and search results. With this profile, you can:-

  • Display your business hours
  • Tell the users about your business location
  • Share the contact information for easy access

You also get the privilege to include links and reviews on the pages of social media. It will allow you to share images. Hence, a great way to have direct communication with the customers using the Google-My-Business profile. With it, you can respond to the reviews and questions of your users.

Google has presented a great way for local results for the searchers. You can manually integrate Google-My-Business with and Otherwise, you can use a plugin Google My Business WordPress integration.

Benefits of integrating Google-My-Business with WordPress

When you integrate Google My business with WordPress, you can:-

  • Reach Globally

You will be able to reach a huge range of worldwide audiences that are seeking particular services/products. The audiences can reach the website directly in a particular region for further communication.

  • Run Advertisements

You will be able to run Google Ads. You can target users from specific regions based on the location they have entered.

  • Attain the feedback of customers

Google reviews are a great source to prove that you run an authentic business. Make sure to get positive and good reviews as many as possible. This will push your business website ahead of the competitors.

  • Attain Digital Experience

The users will be able to see your chat and pictures. They will be able to visit your business store to attain the digital experience. Moreover, they can even analyze what your business is about and does it serve the requirements that they are looking for.

You can even display a 3D view of your office location or space with your Google My Business profile.

Quick ways to integrate Google My Business with WordPress

You will get reach and visibility on the web when you integrate Google My Business with the WordPress website. Log in using the email ID of Google. Browse to “Google Business Profile Manager”. Firstly, share your brand’s name and the business category.

Google business Profile Manager

In the fields given, you will have to share the complete address. Check all the details. Once done, click the button “Next” for Google My Business WordPress integration.

Add Contact Info

You can enclose the website URL and contact number for your business WordPress website.

Add business hours

You need to customize the profile by adding business hours. If you are 24×7 available, then click “Open” for all days of the week.

Add business Description

You will be seeing the “Enter a Description” section. You need to share your business description here. Hence, the users can understand the type and objective of your business.

Add Photos

It is better to add images of the product, the location of the store, and the facilities that you offer. You can add all those things in this section.

Add update

1. Manually

You will have to do the verification of your location to avoid impersonation and improve the accuracy of the search result. The modes can be either call or email.

You may also get Google’s Physical mail. It will be enclosed with the code. You need to use it to verify the location. You are done!!

Now, let us integrate Google My Business with the WordPress website.

For this, browse to “Tools” and click “Marketing”. Hit “Connections” on your site’s dashboard.

Allow access and choose the listing from the Google My Business profile. This will link the profile with the website.

Now, you can monitor, edit, and access the account of Google My Business from the WordPress dashboard.

2. Use plugins

There are numerous plugins available for Google My Business WordPress integration. Here we would be giving a brief introduction to a plugin.


It is an adept plugin that will allow you to integrate Google My Business with WordPress. With it, you will be able to publish your content on the account of Google My Business and WordPress. You can even efficiently manage multiple social media accounts like Pinterest, Facebook, etc., using Blog2Social.

Similarly, there are numerous plugins that you can employ for Google My Business WordPress integration.

Check the Impact of Google My Business WordPress connection

Yes, you can check the impact of the connection. As soon as you see the establishment of the connection, visit the section “Stats” on your WordPress dashboard.

Click on the tab “Google My Business” and you can access the statistics & data of the Business listing.

A link will be displayed for updating the list. On the usage chart, you can check the quarterly, monthly, and daily data. Check the image for reference.

Listing On Maps

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