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Find Royalty Free Images

How to Find Royalty Free Images for Your WordPress Blog Posts

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Last updated on August 11th, 2021 at 07:37 am

As we know that a worthy picture speaks a thousand words. As we can see that in most of the modern blogger use feature image or for equality of image inside the content of their blog. That image totally described a complete blog of content in which it is present. Today in this article we choose to write it because it is the most common question that asked by many users that is how to find the royalty-free image of your wordpress blog post? 

However, in this article, we are going to describe free of royalty image source which can be used by any user in their wordpress blog post. If we want to get a royalty image, then there are a lot of alternatives at the same time meanwhile, we can search for it on google search.

There are a lot of options open up from where we can get a royalty image, but in this article, we are going to describe a few of them which are chosen by our experts. This all royalty image source having different features in it, that’s why these are present in this article. So, user read this article carefully and choose any one source of royalty image which provide for wordpress blogger according to their needs.

Free Photo Finder Tool

Before we all fall into a used list of free images of the website let’s have a look at our first free photo finder tool full stop free photo finder tool has been created or design by expert world travel. In this tool, the user can only enter the keyword of the photograph you want. With the help of this tool users just enter the search term of the photo and get an image or photo related to the search term on the screen. Users can also download but if the user does not want to download that image user can store it by adding a bookmark on the image.


Pixabay Royalty Free Image

Pixabay is most popular and shows original and royalty-free CC-0 licensed images. In this website, there are large or abandon collections of images are present. Users can download any image in any e size in pixel. Users can also make a collection of all images in the category formation. There will be a tag option is present from where the user can search all types of images. As per our expert, Pixabay contain a highly advanced search feature in it. Which will show the approximately correct type of image that you search in the search bar. Users can search images bye by entering their color code.


Unsplash Royalty Free Image

Unsplash is also well known for original and royalty-free CC-0 licensed images and public domain. It releases 10 photos every day from the public domain. Its search feature is also very good users can find approximately the same image they are searching for. Unsplash contains a highly advanced feature that is it also has a Chrome extension. Users can download Chrome extension after that it will show it different images during opening a new tab. Users can download that image which is shown in the new tab.


PhotoPin Royalty Free Image

The photo pin is also provided royalty and original images to the user. It contains an abundance of an image in a. Photo pin especially helpful for those people who run their blog and they want a photograph according to their blogs and articles. For common license photographs, photo pin used flicker API to search. Most of the photographs you will see on the photo pin that will be used in the given attribute. In the photo, pin user needs to search for any topic related to their blog post example kitchen flower, nature, etc. After that prove to you that photograph and click get to download or the user will get a proper attribute link while using Flickr API.

Public Domain Pictures

Public Domain Pictures

Public domain picture has a huge or abundant original and royalty-free CC-0 licensed images. Users find out an image in the public domain picture by using the search feature or browse through categories. The public domain picture website is available in different languages such as the Philippines, English, Spanish, etc. It is also available in premium version users to need to spend a certain amount of money to buy its premium version. In the premium version, the user will not get a branding tag on any image.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons is a kind of use library which contain all type of files such as image audio and video files. These highly are free to use. Users can browse all types of libraries by just entering type such as image, photographs coma drawings, illustration, or by file, type suggests audio, video, image, and many more. There a large number of files present on Wikimedia commons users can use any type of file without any attribution. But few of the images having creative commons license so users required attribution on these types of images. Before using any kind of file the user must need to check license information which is present below the image or any file.


Shutterstock Free Image

Shutterstock is not free original and royalty-free CC-0 licensed images. But few images are present in a paid version users must see the rate of image. Shutterstock library contains phenomenal photos, vectors, and all illustrations. Those users who want a good quality of images they need to pay a certain amount of money to Shutterstock.

Pickup Image

Pickup Image Free Image

Public domain archive having a Hughes quantity of original and royalty-free CC-0 licensed images. The public domain archive also kept modern as well as the vintage type of images in. So we can say that this website having a mix of both types of images. Users can find out an image according to their need in public domain archive by category or by using the search term.

Life of pix

Life of pix Free Image

Life of pix contains unique and original and royalty-free CC-0 licensed images. Users can set the resolution of any image according to their needs during download. Life of pics added a new collection of images on the basis of the week. While using the life of pics website image in any blog post there will be no copyright issue. Users can use the life of pix images for their personal and commercial use. Photographers also having a chance to submit their new collection of photographs of their work.

At last, we say that this article definitely helps you find free and original and royalty-free CC-0 licensed images. Without paying a bit of money. we always welcome your query to show any user having queries related to this article can mention in comments. We always feel glad to revert the answer to your query on time.

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