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WordPress Dating Theme

Top 10 WordPress Dating Themes

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Last updated on August 24th, 2023 at 06:41 am

Looking to start an online venture, and you’re completely clueless as to what to focus on?

Well, you have all the reasons in the world to consider setting up a dating website. With this kind of site, your visitors will be simply required to set up their real profile and be connected for hook-ups and potential dates, depending on what they were looking for when they signed up.

Once word gets out that quite a good number have actually succeeded in securing a date via the site, more and more people will be flocking in to sign up thus making your brand even bigger.

As for users, dating themes allow them to search around for potential connections. Where possible, you can also include a blog section where you’ll be sharing different dating tips or a forum where your users can interact with each other and exchange ideas.

The point is, you’re not limited as to what you can include in the dating website you decide to set up.

Luckily enough, you don’t even have to stress much about it, as there loads of ready-made themes that come stacked up with all the features and functionalities you’d wish to have in your dating site.

Have a look:

Dating Agency

This theme has everything you need to set up a fully functional dating site that your visitors will be using to find their soulmates.

One thing you’re certainly going to like about this theme is the trendy design, laced up with strong visuals and large graphics. Also featured are Retina-ready photos found at the top of the theme and a neat content slider that works to enhance the visual appeal of your website.

Love Hearts

Love Hearts is a stunning WordPress theme that you could use to create a fully functional matchmaking platform. In quick highlights, the theme is super-responsive, boasting flashy colour patterns that are clean, attractive, and elegant.

It also comes with a far-reaching control panel that you’ll be using to re-order the different theme elements and even add or delete some of them should you see the need to. The panel also makes it a cinch for you to upload your site logo.

Online Romance

The Online Romance theme comes with all the features you need to start an online dating agency. With the theme, you can easily launch a powerful platform for connecting your visitors with potential dates and life partners.

In addition to all that, the theme features a large photo gallery and red accents that make it even more beautiful. Using this features, you have the option to present your visitors’ profiles in the most amazing and attractive manner.

Dating Responsive

Dating Responsive is a society theme for WordPress that’s been designed to create a strong perception of the visitors you attract to your site. That way, more and more visitors are encouraged to visit the site and even hang around longer upon landing.

The theme’s design makes it super easy to tell a story, showcase a portfolio, restore an infographic, and even highlight some of the elements it comes with.

Sweet Date

Sweet Date is a trendy, premium WordPress theme for a dating site. It’s the theme to choose if you’re looking to start a community or dating site. This however doesn’t limit you from using it for any other related domain.

Even better, the theme stacks almost any imaginable feature you might need to create a fully functional community system. Among them is the PayPal, stripe, and payment gateways integration, and the option to come up with different membership levels for your site’s visitors.


KLEO is a fully styled, customizable WordPress theme for creating a community-like dating website, integrated with bbPress and BuddyPress.

The theme comes with loads of premium features including a powerful admin panel, drag-and-drop front end builder, and the option to integrate your site with the Facebook login.


LoveStory is more than a theme for creating a stunning dating or community site. It’s a fully-functional application, stacking a broad range of premium features such as virtual gifts, membership subscriptions, chat messages and so much more.

The theme also allows users to edit their profiles, update their profile photos, write and read messages, view gifts and even edit their privacy setting via their dashboard without involving you.


Mingle is the theme to choose if you’re looking to establish a powerful dating agency. Key among its features is the fact that it allows you to integrate your site with BuddyPress for a community forum.

With the theme, users can create groups, direct message each other, and even participate in community discussions.


Kudos flaunts a clean layout, but make NO mistake – it’s as feature-rich as any other dating theme on the list. Works even better if you’re looking to take a more professional approach in the dating platform you set up, while allowing you to set up an online community where your visitors can engage with each other should you see the need for it.

Wp Dating

One thing you’re certain going to love about WP Dating is the fact that it features a series of plugins that you could use to customize the theme any way you see fit and even add more features depending on the type of dating platform you wish to create.

It’s a Wrap

With WordPress, there’s literally nothing you can’t achieve on the platform provided you get the right theme. For a dating website, you don’t have to look beyond the list of themes presented herewith, as they are actually the best of what the industry has to offer.



Seeko is a WordPress dating theme. This has been created or designed by the theme forest. this thing has been created on 13 February 2019 and the last update has been released by the organization on 26 June 2020. The organization will release an update as soon as possible because they don’t want their user not aware of the latest technology.

Gutenberg and widget ready also support this plugin. It is also compatible with almost all browsers such as internet explorer 11, Firefox, Safari, opera mini, and Chrome Edge. It contains a PHP file, CSS file, and JS file. This plugin is completely responsive and well-documented. let’s discuss some brief features about this plugin such as which country in prebuilt templates and demo inside the theme. Contain the default home page layout option.

This plugin also has inbuilt tools that provide good matching between uses. For developers, there will be a custom matchmaking system so they can create all the design matchmaking systems on their own. This thing is completely customized users can customize this theme according to their requirements there will be no coding skills required only the drag and drop option will be used to customize.

This plugin is available in both versions as basic horse-free and PRO or premium. In the free or basic version, users will not get the complete features of this theme. Only limited features will be provided to the user. If the user wants to use its complete feature then use need to buy a premium plan after spending a certain amount of money. after that organization will provide an illegal activate license with complete features of this theme.



Gwangi is a WordPress theme that has been created or designed by the theme forest organizations. This is a premium theme with multi-purpose membership, social network, and BuddyPress community theme. Muslim has been created on 16 April 2018 and the last update has been released by the organization on 5 June 2020.

Theme forest releases the update as soon as possible with the latest technology. it is compatible with all browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and internet explorer. The theme includes PHP files, CSS files, CSS files, and JS files. Its layout is completely responsive. This theme 4 plus column on their home page. This thing provides community features with powerful BuddyPress such as members directories, group directories, global search via ajax, members can send the message, community groups, member ratings powerful filter based on a profile field, and many more.

This thing is completely integrated with powerful plugins such as woocommerce, Yoast SEO, Learndash eliminator, and many more. This theme provides 5 child themes that are going to help in a quick start. The complete theme is SEO friendly. Users can also create an e-learning category with the help of Learndash. Also, contain a mutual friend display feature like Facebook.

This theme is available in the free and pro version. In the free version, users will not get the complete features to use. However, if the user spends a certain amount of money on this plugin and by its provision then an active legal license has been given by the organization so that the user can use all the complete features of this theme.

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Which Dating Theme Do You Like ?
Which Dating Theme Do You Like ?
Which Dating Theme Do You Like ?

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