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How To Make A Dating Website With WordPress

How To Make A Dating Website With WordPress

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Last updated on June 19th, 2023 at 07:09 am

WordPress is not just a platform that gives you the ease to create a blog or a vlog, but the capabilities of the same extend beyond boundaries. From running an online store to hosting a business website, WordPress encompasses all.

Ok, you know all?

Well, that’s an excellent thing but we are not here to idealize you on the benefits of WordPress or the scope it offers, instead, this article will educate you on the methods adopted to create a dating website with WordPress.

Yes, that’s right. We are here to help you get started with creating an online dating website. Without a doubt, online dating happens to be one of the most fascinating trends of the last decade. And kickstarting your online journey with a dating website would only help you grow.

Why A Dating Website?

Giving an explanation here isn’t required, yet specifying why is important.

For one, dating is an alluring part of everyone’s life. The last year recorded an annual turnover of $3 billion of online dating websites. Meaning that the growth potential of the industry is far more than anticipated.

Another reason to create a dating website is the engagement rates. Where a social media website is open to all, dating websites would be restricted to couples, giving them space and much-needed privacy. Needless to state that users rather couples would have more faith in a dating website instead of the social media site.

With uberification of all, people are now more excited to use online platforms and deploying a dating website now, would be nothing less than hitting the rod red hot.

It seems good, but why to use the WordPress CRM to create a dating website?

Why Use WordPress Website to Build Dating Website?

Now, this stands as a debatable question as few reckon WordPress to be an excellent place to start their dating website, others are doubtful on whether website created using WordPress would justify the needs of a dating website.

Of course, there doesn’t exist a consensus that would righteously place WordPress as the best, yet there are few things you realize when you start using them. Similar is the case with WordPress.

With plenty of themes and plugins, WordPress offers the flexibility to design and customize websites in a way, the developer wants. It is apparently a versatile platform using which you can create any or every website and further, scale your operations to monetize the website.

How to Develop A Dating Website?

There exist several ways by which you can create a dating website in WordPress. The easiest and the most convenient way to do so is through a plugin. All you need to do is install the plugin, activate the same and customize it as per your needs.

Easy, right? Let’s have a look at how this works.

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Using Recontre Plugin

One of the widely used plugin to build dating websites using WordPress is Recontre. The plugin is equipped with features and functionalities that turn it the ideal choice for creating WordPress dating website. Recontre is one of the best matchmaking websites that enables users to find a partner of their own choice. Multiple filters, the option to send requests and chat privately, account for this as an excellent dating plugin.

The plugin offers a variety of things, of which the important features include:

  1. An option to send private messages between the two users.
  2. Pitch contact requests and send emojis.
  3. Direct import of photos from Facebook.
  4. Unrestricted numbers of members
  5. Email blacklisting
  6. Multilingual
  7. Advanced search option
  8. You can customize and edit profiles
  9. Secured login for better functionality
  10. Compatible with all WooCommerce gateways.

In case you are a member, you can also avail of the choice of video chat. What’s more? The plugin has an alluring interface and an easy to use navigation which makes it easier for users to engage with your dating website.

Wondering how to do it?

Integrating or creating a dating website with WordPress is pretty easy. If you aren’t sure about how to follow the steps given below and you will soon have a dating website ready to function.

Steps To Create a Dating Website

  • To start, you need to first login to the WordPress admin dashboard. (Remember, you need to have a domain purchased and a WordPress account, before starting with the process of creating an online dating website using WordPress. In case you don’t have either of them, you first need to create a WordPress account and then purchase a domain name to host the same)
wordpress login dashboard
  • Once you are inside the dashboard, navigate to the left of the screen.
  • Scroll down to find the option of plugin. Click on it and select add new.
  • A new page opens up, here in the search bar, enter the keyword: Recontre and click on it.
Dating Site plugin
  • As soon as the plugin appears on the top, click on download.
  • Once the plugin has been downloaded, you can install and activate it within your WordPress website
  • Now open the dashboard, click on Recontre for configuring it as your WordPress website.
  • Once you are done with adding details and setting up the Recontre plugin within your WordPress account, you can now save the same.

With this, you are now ready to start an online dating website with WordPress.

Though there are many other plugins that allow you to create a dating website from WordPress, Rencontre is both easy to implement and convenient to use.

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