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Top 7 WordPress Spa Themes

Top Most WordPress Spa Themes

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Last updated on July 20th, 2022 at 06:25 am

With the ever expanding online marketplace and its booming activity levels, it comes as no surprise that businesses of all shapes and sizes need to branch out. What better way than to build yourself a nice website? After all, you’re more likely to reach clients this way, and it also allows you to introduce new items and features that may be new to your catalogue of services. A perfect example of this is beauty salons, commonly known as “Spas”. Below you will find a top seven, in depth list of the best WordPress themes to use if you’re attempting to build yourself a beautiful and user friendly beauty salon website.

Beauty Salon Spa WordPress Theme – BeautyPress

Need an excellent Spa WordPress theme? BeautyPress is your solution. Like the name inclines, BeautyPress is one of the most astonishing themes out their in terms of looks. The contrast of colors and designs, the marvelous logo use and of course the excellent layouts, provide users with what could be deemed a theme certified by Aphrodite herself!

Featuring five different homepages to choose from, an unlimited color selection area, online appointment forms and even page builders specifically meant to help you design elements. Does it get much better than that? Yea, I don’t think so.

Beauty Salon Spa WordPress Theme - BeautyPress

Yea, that’s right. It’s on sale. The theme constantly provides sales of some sort. I guess it does get better!

Click HERE to buy now or to try out their live preview.

KALLYAS – Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Looking for a unique and awesome WordPress theme for your spa blog or website? What better to use than a multipurpose theme? Not only do you get all of the benefits of a regular beauty salon theme, but now you get plenty of benefits from other business styles. You can never go wrong with multipurpose. Especially if you want to change up your way of doing business in the near future.

Boasting an impress thirty five thousand likes, KALLYAS is constantly reminding their users that are virtually the most enjoyable theme across all of WordPress. They receive demos each month so make sure you stay tuned to what’s new.

At the moment, their primary features include a ridiculously fast loading time, efficiency and ease of access, marvelous customer service, KALLYAS’ own tutorials, a beautiful page builder and of course, lifetime free updates.

KALLYAS - Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Click HERE to buy now or to try out their live preview.

Spa Lab | Beauty Spa, Health Spa Theme

This beauty salon WordPress theme, although a little too complex for some beginner users, really has it all. From visual shortcode generators to their very own plugin store, Spa Lab really isn’t missing all that much in terms of content. They have great customer service, and are compatibility with virtually everything. They even allow for over six hundred Google fonts to be used on their theme. That’ pretty awesome, especially considering most other “super-compatible” themes only boast around a hundred Google fonts. The only downside to this plugin, is the price. Due to the enormous amount of features, the price does come out a little higher than other themes on this list, but if you find the features to be worthy and the price to be a small ordeal, Spa Lab might just be perfect for you.

Spa Lab Beauty Spa, Health Spa Theme

Click HERE to buy now or try out their live preview for free!

Beauty, Hair & Spa Salon WordPress Theme (Beautyou)

Beautyou is another one of the heavy hitters among this list. They’re a theme specifically created in order to satisfy the needs of beginners who hope to bring awareness and publicity to their business. The site is extremely mobile friendly, as it targets younger audiences who typically spend most of their time on their phones, and even allows users to book appointments online.

The site features a visual composer, an events calendar, a “one click” installer, and over 28 gallery styles. Among this list are WooCommerce and an efficient and easy to use translation application.

Not only is their theme customer support excellent, but just when downloading the theme you’ll have access to a specialized support crew. You can even contact them before purchasing to truly inspect whether or not you want this specific theme. Who knows give it a try! There isn’t really any opportunity for you to go wrong!

Beauty, Hair & Spa Salon WordPress Theme (Beautyou)

Sorry the item is not available for download or preview.

Spa and Salon – just FREE themes

That’s right, you read the title correctly, this theme is entirely free! Spa and Salon is elegant, regal and charming. Everything you need to attract people to your business. The theme is very user friendly, extremely easy to use, and has almost eleven thousand downloads. The theme is constantly updated to ensure customer satisfaction, as well implement new ideas and keep up with the day to day expansion of technology.

Aside from this, the creators of Spa and Salon also provide web hosting for extremely cheap compared to other places like GoDaddy or HostGator. They charge approximately $2.75 a month! That’s nothing! What are you waiting for? Go check out this theme today! You almost certainly will approve.

Spa and Salon - just FREE themes

Click HERE to download now for free to to try out their live demo.

Parlour – Dedicated Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

Perhaps one of the most complex but easy-to-use themes among this list, Parlour provides quick and easy access to all features with nearly one click of a button. They boast upon their super fast UIKit 3 framework and their elementor page builder. They have a fully customizable booking system, as well as huge header combinations. They have core customization settings, meaning you can change literally everything about the site if you so choose to. With over a thousand features available, Parlour should not be denied its place among the spotlights.

Parlour - Dedicated Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

Click HERE to buy now or to try out their free live preview.

Bleute – WordPress theme Beauty | Spa | Hair Salon | Hair | Booking | WooCommerce | Yoga | Makeup | Etc.

Hosting a massive amount of beautiful features, Bluete is last on the list but certainly not worthy of its place among its competitors. Bleute boasts a marvellous booking menu service, along with multiple visual composers, a brilliant WooCommerce service, membership options and capabilities, and of course a customizable colour layout.

Bluete is perfect for you if you’re looking for something that expands outside of the realm of just a spa. Things like hair and nails, makeup, and everything that falls under a similar umbrella, may be advertised and featured amongst this theme. Never before has built bridges across concepts been so easy.

Beaute is, unfortunately, the highest priced among this list, explaining it’s seventh place position. In order to get quality customer service, you actually have to pay a fee. This is unfortunate, as the placement of Beaute may have been higher had it not been for the unfortunate price points. Either way, for some of us, the price may be worth it.

Why not try out Beaute today? They have a wonderful free demo as well as live previews. You can click here to check it out! Good luck!

Bleute - WordPress theme Beauty


This WordPress spa theme is easy-to-use, beautiful, and unique. You can do the customization without any coding. You can develop a sophisticated website that otherwise only a pro could develop. You can build this WordPress spa theme with an effortless dropping and dragging process.

Webify is a superlative option for footer and header staples, modules, blocks, etc.

You can match and mix the material as per the availability. With all these, you can have a complete functional page right on your screen. It also pays special attention to all the technicalities. This includes fast loading speed and responsiveness.


Blossom Spa

It is a premium WordPress spa theme to develop an eye-catching and attractive website. You can do great in your salon and spa business using Blossom Spa.

You can attract new visitors using this fully responsive and designed theme. You can develop UI/ UX optimized website for your business. You can use this theme for:-

  • Wellness center
  • Massage parlor
  • Beauty salon
  • Natural healthcare business
  • spa

It is compatible with the magnificent plugin WooCommerce. Hence, you can directly do business from your store directly. It has a live customizer with an intuitive theme panel. You can create a mobile-ready and SEO-friendly site without writing codes.

You can try the free version of this WordPress spa theme if you do not believe in investing.

Blossom Spa


Rishi is packed with stunning design and premium features. This WordPress spa theme is known for its top performance.

This WordPress spa theme is mainly loved because of its vital optimized theme. This is the reason why Rishi boasts of faster page loading time. Hence, it will give a smoother browsing experience for its users.

It comes with the Elementor page builder plugin. Hence, you can develop an aesthetic salon and spa website from the scratch. If you are seeking ready-made demo templates, you can try Rishi.

It is quite easy to install the layouts of demos with one just single tap. You need to use a one-click demo importer for this.

You can even add visual elements to your site. This WordPress spa theme provides typography and color control. You can even choose the layouts of blogs to display the web content in a pleasing manner.

It also provides the advantage of a footer builder and an intuitive header. This will help you to add the necessary elements for every section for quick navigation.

Rishi jas SEO-friendly and clean SEO codes. It will assist you to optimize your website and boost your website ranking. This you can experiment with all platforms of search engines.

It is WooCommerce compatible. This means you can function, customize, and develop your online shop easily. You can sell your spa-related services or beauty products in one place.

Rishi Theme

Medical Spa

Medical Spa is a completely responsive WordPress spat theme. It can assist you to develop a professional site. So, if you own a massage parlor or salon, you must try it.

It features a professional and clean design. It will highlight your key services and attract visitors to your spa business.

You can have an SEO-friendly, speed-optimized, and mobile-friendly website with Medical Spa. The features of the Medical Spa are a live customizer and an easy-to-use panel theme. It will assist Google to understand your site properly.

You can enjoy more benefits in the premium version of Medical Spa. The premium version is enclosed with custom page templates, an Instagram gallery, etc. You can also employ various widgets.

In addition, you can use plugins like Polylang, WooCommerce, etc., in the premium version.

Medical Spa

Lotus Spa

This is a premium WordPress theme for any individual who wants to run a business related to the beauty industry. You can remote your services online.

It is developed with Elemtor page builder. It has an easy-to-customize and clean-looking responsive design.

The crafters of this theme did their best to develop a dedicated page for your site. Lotus Spa is packed with amazing layouts. It can help you to display pricing plans, offering lists, etc.

It can help you develop creative personal profiles. Your clients will get acquainted with the contacts and experience of specialists.

You will have access to the features of the appointment booking plugin. It will give you a booking wizard. Hence, you can have a smooth process of booking.

The list of features allows you to customize and add services. Hence, you can manage and schedule the appointments. Your clients can pre-pay for the services online through PayPal, Stripe, etc.

Lotus Spa

Final Considerations

We would personally like to thank you for visiting us to obtain advice and information on superior beauty themes. We hope that this guide was beneficial to you, and that it may have helped you decide on which theme was right for you. Good luck to you in your future endeavours, and may your website flourish!

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Which Spa Theme Do You Like ?
Which Spa Theme Do You Like ?
Which Spa Theme Do You Like ?

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