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Top 10 Web Design WordPress Theme

Top Most Web Design WordPress Theme

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Last updated on May 24th, 2024 at 09:35 am

WordPress is a prominent ruler in the market so far. There is simply no platform that powered the world’s website as WordPress did. Hence, you can be assured that going for this CMS is a safe bet.

WordPress is not only great for blog websites, but also for corporates, news websites, and magazines. In fact, many A-lister brands like Walt Disney, Tech Crunch, etc., are using it.

Here, we have shared some prominent web design WordPress themes that you must try.

Web design WordPress themes



Uncode is a creative and multipurpose WordPress theme. It operates on the pixel picture display and is also based on the WPBakery Page Builder. The theme fits numerous uses and applications. From web designers to marketers, to corporate entities, the list of those who can utilize it is endless.

Designing sites using this theme is pretty simple. You only have to drag and drop the images wherever and whenever you deem fit. It comes along with some 50+ pre-made concepts which are ready-to-go or to pair with other like-minded themes. It brings about great, intelligent, and beautiful sites.



Kalium is a great and creative theme for professional web designers. The theme is designed to showcase the travels, photography, product landing pages, and lots of other exciting stuff. With stacks of pre-defined layout designs, rich drag-and-drop content builder, user-friendly theme options, this is a great tool to use indeed.

One striking aspect of this theme is the speed with which it delivers the desired outcomes. Unlike other themes of its kinds, it takes only minutes to do so. In all, it is well-organized, very breathtaking, and constantly updated.



Yokko is a versatile, responsive HTML5 template designed for a wide range of websites, including creative, business, and eCommerce platforms. Its comprehensive set of pages, ease of customization, and modern design make it a robust choice for developers looking for a multipurpose template.


Design and Usability:

  • Multipurpose HTML5 template suitable for creative, business, or eCommerce websites.
  • Based on popular Twitter Bootstrap 3.2 framework.
  • Fully responsive, ensuring compatibility across all screen sizes.
  • Focuses on displaying high-quality content.

Pages Included:

  • Multiple home page variations: Home, Business, eCommerce, Agency, Portfolio.
  • Additional pages: About, Services, Our Team, Pricing, Clients, FAQ, Contact Us, Text Page, 404 Error.
  • Portfolio pages: Works, Single Work.
  • Blog pages: Blog Home, Single Post, Single Post with Sidebar, Gallery Post, Link Post, Quote Post, Audio Post, Video Post.
  • eCommerce pages: Catalog Grid (with variations for sidebar placement), Product Page, Shopping Cart, Proceed to Checkout, Confirmation Page.
  • Account management pages: Login, Lost Password, Change Password, My Account, Edit Shipping Address, Edit Billing Address, Order List, View Order.

Customization and Compatibility:

  • Fully customizable content layouts.
  • Easy to create new pages and color schemes.
  • Includes an animated preloader.
  • Cross-browser compatibility (IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome).
  • Valid HTML5 and CSS3.

Web Design Agency

Web Design Agency

Do you wish to increase sales by attracting more traffic to your website? Well, this Web Design Agency WordPress Theme is the tool to look up to. Given its multi-colored palette, it is able to accord to you some unique impressions which allow you to create numerous kinds of opportunities.

Further to this, the template is also a great tool for those who fancy arts and visual appeals. Musicians, photographers, graphic designers, and those who cherish elegance will find it particularly awesome! Its awesome layout also enables the presentation of details which are particularly interesting.



Helium is a multipurpose modern tool. That is because it brings together both blog themes and portfolio. It comes in the form of some three different kinds of layouts, is generally beautiful, and accompanied by the robust AJAX navigation system. It stands tall by being clearly visible and allows for great user experience.

Other than merely showcasing your work, this theme also allows you to sell digital merchandise and print other items. That it can pair and communicate with other like-minded devices make it all the more great for your use.



Pixzlo is yet another creative WordPress theme for professionals. It is a clean, trendy, modern, and engaging theme indeed. The theme is also so designed as to be pretty responsive on the mobile platform. You will find it particularly great for your landing page, marketing, technical sales, and startup company.

At its core is the visual composer which is accompanied by some 260 builder blocks. With these resources, it is possible for you to create stunningly appearing sites. Lastly, the theme is also compatible with a couple of plugins and third-party software.

Smartly Own


As the name intimates, this Smartly Own WordPress theme is for smart people. In most instances, it is only those with a knack or liking for matters I.T who will find it suitable for their use. It is mainly unique in that it takes the shortest duration of time to bring about the desired end results.

In all, the theme is extremely lighter in weight and contains some features which are pretty useful. These include services, portfolio, skills, tables, and pricing. If you lack the time or have to work on many orders at a time, this indeed is the theme of choice.

Atelier Design & Photography

Atelier Design & Photography

Atelier brings together design and photography. In light of this, it is mainly intended for those web designers who are coincidentally photography enthusiasts. These include travel bloggers, fashion designers, video producers, and lovers of nature.

By using this template on your site, it will be able to reach out to and impact a larger target area. Moreover, the site will be available for use across just about every other electronic gadget or platform. You will not really struggle to share your thoughts and ideas with others!



Have you ever desired to make great web sites but have no expertise or prior experience? Well, worry no more! This PixelArt WordPress Theme has you well taken care of. It is pretty simple in scope and nature. For this reason, it is well suited for those who have no experience in the field of web design.

Generally speaking, the theme is highly responsive, allows for parallax scrolling, has large font icons and equipped with tons of relevant features. The fact that it contains integrated SEO tools further extends its functionality beyond the normal.

Web Presentation

Web Presentation

To set your site apart from the others in the cyberspace, you need to make your site as beautiful and eye-catching as can be. This can only happen if you utilize the right plugin for the job. You have this Web Presentation WordPress Theme for your consideration if this is all you want.

It is available in a flat style and appears trendy indeed. With some bold visuals and full-width, this site has the true potential of grabbing the attention of a would-be visitor. These are further complemented by the grid-based galleries which have some spectacular appearances.



Jevelin essay wordpress theme that is designed totally in multi-purpose responsive MP wordpress theme. This theme has been created by theme forest organization and it was created on 27th April 2016 the last update is recent which is on 27 April 2016. Organizations provide regular updates so that their use will always connect with the latest technologies.

The developers give their complete time to design this theme which depends on the niche of web design. Discuss its all features one by one. It is a multipurpose fully responsive theme for business freelance and private use. In this theme users will get slider revolution, woocommerce easy customizable, contact form 7, one-click install, more than 40 custom shortcodes, RTL optimized, and many more.

Jevelin theme has its drag and drop builder in that it contains a control panel, with Unsyon tool. If a user wants to upgrade their site negation are the developer provides the Megamenu. This theme is very friendly with Search engine optimization. Users can also upload video tutorials. Users can also change accent color from page to page including header layout.

Regular updates will be provided by the organization for this theme. This theme is not available for the free version. Any user wants to use its complete features then the user must buy its premium version of this theme. For that user need to spend a certain amount of money to buy its active legal license. After that User will also get the Jevelin theme complete document. This theme is also compatible with all types of pf browsers.



Webify is a well-constructed wordpress theme. This wordpress theme is made for creative designers. user can check out a very which type of resources features and functions are to be present in this wordpress theme this theme has been designed by theme forest organization in the last update has been released by the organization is on 5 December 2020.

New demos will be uploaded by the organization every month regarding this theme so that every user connects with the latest technology after updating the webify theme. Users also use the beautiful portfolios for use with unlimited gallery space. The topography is well crafted with beautiful presentation attractive and visual rhythm. There are more than 60 shortcuts with an unlimited sidebar. Webify theme is SEO friendly and code is entirely designed in HTML 5.

The main reason to design this theme in the latest coding language because the loading time of the website is less. However, website rank will be improved. There is a pre-defined slider with a pricing table layout. For all post format UX friendly layouts and WPML Ready. This is not available for the basic and free version.

So those users are required to use its complete feature then the user must be required to buy its premium plan. For that users need to spend a certain amount of money on the organization for taking the Webify plugin. After that user will get an active legal license with complete all documents. This theme is entirely responsive in all screen devices. It also supports all types of browsers.


Having received the insight you need to select and hopefully acquire the best web design WordPress theme, the ball is now on your court. It is up to you to go ahead and identify the one which precisely suits you. When are you launching out to acquire your theme of choice? Let us hear in the comment section below!


Adios is a responsive, stylish, and marvelous web design WordPress theme. You need not have any skills to work on Adios. Just check through the template library and choose your desired demo.

A webmaster can access the drag-and-drop from every background. You will get elegant modules and elements at your hand tips. It is very easy to spruce up the pages within a flash.
You can instantly showcase your portfolio to your valuable clients. It has lightweight as well as seamless animation. This helps to engage and keep your web page interesting.

Without any doubt, we can say that you will capture the attention and connect with your users. Adios will leave your content memorable in their mind. Most of the creative heads and artists are using this theme.




This theme has touched various verticals of industry, be it vehicles, cakes, etc. It has got the right solution. Businesses love it because of its insane versatility. You can redesign the website because it is 100% customizable.

You can paint your online portfolio with amazing glitches with page canvas. You can do this super fast. With Divi, the fabulous web design WordPress theme, you can take an extra step.

This splendid theme can assist you to introduce your signature style and forge a dream website. It has endless features and offers fantastic support & security. You can create a designer web page and entice your visitors.



An ideal and versatile web design WordPress theme to display your portfolios and personal objects. PILE is best for art illustrators, photographers, and creative agencies. You can show your demonstrations and samples without any problem.

It creates an impressive and pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, it makes the best use of the screen space.

The setup of PILE is intuitive as well as easy. Hence, you can immediately work on it.



Corpus is as pulsating and vibrant as Greek God. It will make your content great. This web design WordPress theme has cutting-edge and smooth CSS animations. It will throb up each aspect of the navigational experience of your users.

You can accelerate well in the driver’s seat with robust options. They include WP Bakery and Redux framework Admin panel.

Once you are done with your mechanic work on your page, you can fill them with your content. You can term it as a visual bonanza because it will allure all the attention to your content.

HTML5, portfolio carousel, endless sidebars, etc., are some of the best features of Corpus.



One of the alluring web design WordPress themes for creative designers who look for more. It has amazing blocks, elements, features, and stunning designs.

It unlocks all the unlimited possibilities and can take your website to the very next level. There are many amenities like a testimonial carousel, filterable portfolio, catch animations, etc. It will sway your creative website more powerfully and creatively.

This theme is known for its load speed. Sway can blend with any screen size. Moreover, it goes hand-in-hand with search engines.



With this web design WordPress theme, you can add fun with colors. It has a responsive portfolio.

You do not have to do any coding work. It is easy to shape your website in exquisite styles. You do not work or spend hours to fix this.

With its portfolio grid, you can charm your visitors and users. You can use Calafate to express yourself more precisely.

It has a blogging layout also. Hence, you can connect with your users more creatively.

The features hold impressive commercials. Hence, you can market your services and products without any problem.

Bridge - QODE


Please think about Bridge when you are on a hunt for the most creative and responsive web design WordPress themes. It is customizable, gorgeous, and effortless to use.

You need not plan strategies to win your new visitors. It will find a route and make you noticed globally.

You can have a clean and refreshing website. Hence, you can get to the corners of the globe ad excel with your service/ product.

It has no limitations to creativity. If you are one of those who think out-of-the-box, go for this theme and add your touch.

Werkstatt - By fuelthemes


A responsive and sharp web design WordPress theme to create a creative portfolio This theme is best for people who are looking for intuitive and fast web creation.

The core values of Werkstatt are its ease to use and creative freedom.

Werkstatt is best to display your finest works. You get ample themes to experiment with and use your content.

Amazing animations and hover effects are some of the best features at your disposal. There is simply no end or limitations when you work with Werkstatt.

So, go for it, pick it and make your professional project a great success.

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Which Web Design Theme Do You Like?
Which Web Design Theme Do You Like?
Which Web Design Theme Do You Like?

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