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Top Book Style WordPress Themes

Top Book Style WordPress Themes For 2022

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Last updated on August 16th, 2022 at 06:41 am

So, you’re looking to optimize your WordPress website in order to sell more books? Are you looking for something that will keep your customers happy and interested? What about something that does a lot of the work for you and allows you to maintain contact with your customers directly and more often rather than you having to constantly due sight maintenance? Well, we got the perfect solution for you.

Below you’ll find a list of the top book style WordPress themes that will perfectly suit any type of literature or book content. These themes are designed for both beginner web developers and of course expert web developers, as one of the main principles behind these themes is to improve customer interactions and reduce the stress of managing a website.

It’s important to note that the following list of themes is not a permanent list that will streak the internet forever. WordPress themes are constantly being updated and created, and this means further WordPress theme articles will certainly follow.

Stay tuned, for this in depth look at each theme is about to be your best friend!

BEBO - Book Issue CD/DVD Store Publish Library WP (WordPress Theme)

BEBO makes this list simply due to how customer friendly it is, as well as content creator friendly it is. A lot of new authors now a days are worried and concerned about publishing their book to places like Amazon and other companies. This is because they lose a large portion of the profit to these large companies. BEBO works hard to provide content creators with another option. This theme allows you to sell multiple books with ease, through secure and efficient means.

The highlights surrounding this theme are that it is beautiful, responsive, user friendly, and of course allows for customers to truly understand what you’re book is about, and who your target audience is.

Now, we all know that an author cherishes their books as if they’re their own children. That’s why BEBO has put an extreme amount of effort into not only presenting your book in a stylish and modern way, but too also present it securely. When set up right, BEBO will work alongside WordPress to ensure that your privacy, your customers privacy, and of course your masterpiece’s privacy is always held as top priority.

Many users enjoy the benefits that BEBO provides. BEBO has excellent support standards and systems in place that allow for easy DIY (Do it yourself) fixes for any unfortunate situation. Turn that frown upside down!

Why not join the ranks of thousands of happy clients and try out BEBO today?! Simply click HERE to access a free trials (live demo) or to actually buy the product! Best of luck selling that book!

BEBO - Book Issue CD-DVD Store Publish Library WP (WordPress Theme)

Booker - Business Presentations, Novel Displays, Etc.

Booker, a theme dedicated to what happens before a book is sold. Far too often are hopeful authors shot down by publishers, simply because they aren’t able to present their future novel effectively. Booker works to provide you with the ultimate solution. With over fifty slides and three colour schemes, presenting a novel, movie script, or even a movie plot, has never been more easy and entertaining.

On top of Booker’s main features, they allow for users to access dozens of different slide themes. This allows for a unique and innovative theme to be approached through a presentation slide. Typically presentation slides have been known to be boring and dull, whereas with Booker, they are lively and thrilling.

It’s been stated multiple times by users that they effectively sold the ideas to a novel far more easily, as publishers had the opportunity to reach out to hopeful authors through their own websites.

Why not join the ranks of many happy customers today and try out Booker? Good luck selling those book ideas!

Booker - Business Presentations, Novel Displays, Etc.

Inbound v1.2.16 - Responsive WordPress Landing Page Theme

Perhaps one of the cheapest options on this list, Inbound is dedicated to bringing quality service and products to loyal customers at an extremely affordable price. Whether your selling a book, a book idea, or are simply looking to start your own business, Inbound really does it all. Also, how can you say no to that price?

On a more objective note, Inbound features multiple items are intentionally designed to stand out, and provide your customers with interesting and appealing designs.

Inbound is dedicated to providing users with visually stunning landing pages. Landing pages that include a visual editor, HTML editor, and miscellaneous additional content that your customers will love.

Inbound has been known to be extremely responsive and absolutely loved by its users. Why not join them today and make your customers happy as well?

Click HERE to buy now or to try out their live preview today!

Inbound v1.2.16 - Responsive WordPress Landing Page Theme

Cosonix - One Page Theme For eBook, App and Agency Download Script (WordPress Book Styled Theme - Multi-Purpose)

Cosonix, a book styled WordPress theme that is dedicated to providing a straightforward and user friendly experience for all of your customers. Cosonix has one page, and it’s designed to make a lot of information look like very little, which has been proven to make more sales, as your customers will be less confused, if confused at all.

Cosonix is dedicated to start up businesses, but to be more specific, authors or start up publishers. Never before has a WordPress theme dedicated themselves to the art of writing and business while maintaining a stance as a simple and undiluted WordPress theme that is sure to provide your users with confidence as they hit the “add to cart” button.

Cosonix has many happy customers, so why not join their ranks and try out their one-page book theme today for free? Click HERE to either buy now or to try out their live preview and demo! Good luck with those book sales!

Cosonix - One Page Theme For eBook

BROWN - WordPress Theme

BROWN, a WordPress theme dedicated to highlighting an author as well as their creations. BROWN is the only theme among this list to be absolutely free. All features included, without a penny being spent.

BROWN is a theme that’s always been known for its simplicity. Most themes that focus on simplicity might be deemed boring and dull, but BROWN is far from it. The theme incorporates beautiful dark shades and colours in order to truly emphasize what’s on display. You’re masterpiece. We all know that an author’s work is practically their baby, and of course your baby should only be presented as best as possible.

Why not join hundreds of happy customers and try out BROWN today? After all, it’s free! Unfortunately as of now there is no live demo or preview, but since it’s free, you can download it and try it out with out any real worry in regards to “wasting” your money on something you don’t want. After all, it’s free!

What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

BROWN - WordPress Theme

Click HERE to download now.



A good website will only be termed as a smart investment that gets strong every time. Are you one of those investors who love to establish your book business without much investment? If yes, then this book-style WordPress theme is for you. You can integrate WooCommerce with this theme.

This theme is best for writing and reading. You can manage your book website easily using this theme. You can even marvel with high ranking. It is one of the best SEO-friendly solutions for your business.



You can set up a superlative author website in a few hours using Gutentype. It is because this book-style WordPress theme has a lot more to offer.

Be it any business niche you are from, it can accumulate and give a splendid outcome for your business. It features plenty of pre-designed pages and enhanced book-styles.



One of the effective book-style WordPress themes. It is a great solution for business and life coach websites. It provides you pre-designed pages sets. This can help you to craft a perfect author website in less than 2 hours.



It is a splendid book-style WordPress theme that can set your website in no time. You can take complete advantage of the theme using Angelica.

It has a minimal and clean design that is very appealing to the eyes. Angelica gives you an opportunity to improve the designs further.

You get practical inner pages with Angelica. It also gives you blog, pop-up add-to-cart, etc. Without a sweat, you can make things happen in no time.



Avventure is best for travel bloggers. It is a dreamy opportunity for travel bloggers. It has a modern yet creative theme that is great for authors and writers.

One can easily write stories, travel articles, or lifestyle news and furnish it on this theme. This WordPress theme is the complete package for entertainment and travel blog.

This book-style WordPress theme is built on Elementor.



Bookworm is yet another book-style WordPress theme that gives a great start for the book business. The practical and powerful WordPress theme can help you to launch your bookstores online easily.

It has over 13 home pages, 7 single product designs, and 9 shop list layouts. Hence, you have tons of possibilities to work and bring variation to your website.

You get other features such as sliders, author pages, header styles, 35 editable blocks, etc.



Odrin is an elegant and stylish book-style WordPress theme that can captivate your attention. We are so confidently saying this because it is bagged with features and functionality.

You can in no minutes manage to make huge sales. It has tons of widgets, shortcodes, etc.

We can assuredly say that it will make your book (product) a star in no minute.



It is packed with seven aesthetic homepages. It has responsive designs. The best thing about Mustaka is its MegaMenu. This can give another dimension to your styles and will boost your sales.

It features premium plugins such as KingComposedr, WooCommerce, and WooZone.

Final Considerations

We hope that this listing off the top book-style WordPress themes helped you choose which theme is right for you. Frankly, as we stated at the beginning of this article, WordPress themes are constantly being created and updated, which means that this list is not a permanent top list.

There will be more articles coming out soon, so if you didn’t like any of the above listings, fear not, for the future holds many more great themes! If you have any comments, concerns or questions feel free to leave a reply below and we’ll get to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading our top list of book-styled WordPress themes and we truly would like to wish you well on your journey to becoming successful authors and publishers!

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Which Book Theme Do You Like?
Which Book Theme Do You Like?
Which Book Theme Do You Like?

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