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5 Most Effective WordPress CRM Plugins

5 Most Effective WordPress CRM Plugins

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Last updated on August 11th, 2021 at 09:48 am

You’ve probably heard about Customer Relationship Management (CRM). But why are they considered an integral part of any online marketing strategy?

Well, the first thing we can all agree on is that keeping tabs on your business contacts and online connects is a tough task in itself, and one that can take a tremendous chunk of your daily routine, thus robbing you of the valuable time you’d have used to grow your online customer-base. And like we all know, the future of your business or brand for the most part depends on the rate at which your business grows.

Basically, what CRM’s do is help you regain that time. Where you could be spending the bulk of your time managing your contact list, and reorganizing them around for easy retrieval and outreach, you have an option to take advantage of CRM, which will be basically helping you understand your customers better, besides supporting your engagement with loads of current and potential customers in the most effective way possible.

And once again, it never hits us as a surprise when it turns out that WordPress has a long list of plugins that have been specifically designed to accommodate the needs of a CRM software.

After scouring the net and experimenting with lots of these plugins, we saw it fit to come up with a condensed list of top 5 WordPress CRM plugins that you’re allowed to take advantage off today as you grow your online following.


WP-CRM Plugin

WP-CRM has all the qualities of a great CRM software. Though offered for absolutely free, the plugin stacks almost everything you’;ll need to effectively manage your online user-base.

As it stands, the plugin boasts an upward of 4, 000 active installs, laced up with a 3.8 star rating. For that, it’s safe to say it’s among the few plugins you need to make your online business a successful one.

First, the plugin will be helping you organize your contact list in a more pliable manner. You also have the option to come up with custom fields that you’ll be using to generate custom data.

With the custom forms, you can also collect all your custom data that you’ll be later on be filtering for a simple contact analysis. Also, the lead generation forms can be used to create a custom user role that you can easily integrate with your site.


UkuuPeople Plugin

UkuuPeople sticks out as one of the best WordPress CRM plugins that you’re likely to come across online.
First, the plugin is billed as one of the few plugins that unifies applications, integrations, and all the essential tools that you’ll be using to collect contact data.

The plugin works with what you have to create a comprehensive master list of the contacts you have. It even goes a step further to incorporate your interactions with every single one of your contacts.

It’s able to do all this using some of the most commonly used business tools such as Gravity Forms, MailChimp, and a long list of other tools web owners and marketers use on the regular.

Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce

Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce Plugin

Brilliant Web-to-Lead Salesforce was designed to help you capture leads and/or create web forms that your site’s visitors can complete before submitting to you.

Even better the form fields created using the plugin are highly customizable. In which case, any message the form captures will be directly uploaded to your Saleforce account where you’re allowed to view and figure out how to best use it.


UpiCRM – Lead Management Plugin

UPI CRM is offered at zero cost, despite stacking loads of advanced lead generation features such as automated lead assignment.

Basically the plugin is designed for professional marketers and web owners that are looking for a simple solution to capture leads directly from their WordPress sites, after which they can automatically assign them to the right team members for targeting.

All this is done to save time, and to target your prospects in the most effective way possible.
Speaking of which, the plugin is well suited for business owners and sales managers, particularly those looking for a free CRM software that arrives with loads of automation features such as lead assignment.

WP-CRM System

WordPress CRM Plugin

WP-CRM is specifically meant to allow business owners to manage projects, leads, and all the marketing activities business owners engage in.

More interestingly, the plugin also allows you to receive payments and send invoices. That’s without mentioning the option for self-service, where customers access an online portal that they’ll be using to both make and manage one-off and recurring payments, in addition to checking the status of their projects.


By now you should have decided on the most fitting CRM tool to go with. If not, just go with a random selection on the list and we can almost guarantee there’ll be nothing to regret regarding the choice you just made.

You don’t need to be reminded about the importance of a CRM tool as far the overall success of your business in concerned. But core among the reasons you’d want to use one is to maintain a quantum leap over the people you’re in competition with.

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Which CRM Plugins Do You Like?
Which CRM Plugins Do You Like?
Which CRM Plugins Do You Like?

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