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CRM WooCommerce integration

CRM Integration Suggestions for Your WooCommerce Store

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Last updated on August 27th, 2021 at 08:07 am

Working on the online store, you would reach a point where you witness decent traffic, significant sales, and skyrocketing revenues. While you must have done all to keep your business growth steady, mapping the needs of the customers while addressing their issues is important too. Now, the e-commerce store – alone – isn’t capable of managing your customer relationship, so it’s time that you rethink and expanding the store and integrate CRM plugins within your e-commerce store and embed best-in-industry customer management solutions.

If you aren’t pretty sure about what options lie ahead of you, we have designed the article in a way that highlights some of the best CRM WooCommerce integration plugins for your store.

Top 6 WooCommerce CRM Integration Platforms

1. WooCommerce CRM Integration


Evidently, you have outgrown in your services rendered through the woo-commerce store and there are multiple orders that you need to take care of each day. While the thought of adding new customers in the list is definitely appealing, you also need to retain the existing one. This is best done by drawing a significant customer relationship with your customers.

Woocommerce CRM

The WooCommerce CRM integration plugin enables the store manager to keep track of all the purchase and sale activity of their customers. The plugin comes along with an array of basic tools that excel in creating long-term engagement with the customers while retaining their trust and building loyalty. The plugin creates an environment where you can store and manage all customers’ data under a single head.


  • Default status of customers who initiates a purchase
  • Allow sending emails or placing phone calls
  • Allows importing/exporting of client data
  • Embed customer notes.

Pricing: Free

2. WooCommerce Netsuite Integration

Woocommerce netsuite integration

Netsuite CRM is the only customer relationship management software that is cloud-hosted and offers real-time insights of your customers undertaking a 360° view. Once you opt for WooCommerce NetSuite integration, you would experience a friction-free flow of information and customer data across the entire life cycle of customer engagement. Right from generating leads, to converting the prospect to make a purchase, initiate sales, place orders, fulfill requests, seek upsell or renewal and provide after-sale support, the NetSuite CRM software is capable of doing all.

Netsuite Integration

As a matter of fact, the WooCommerce NetSuite integration allows you to extend your CRM solutions beyond marketing automation, customer management, and SFAs. It is seen that the software can render quotes, manage commission and track orders, forecast sales, predict customer buying pattern and finally, embed functionalities of e-commerce.

Woocommerce netsuite integration


  • Organizes the entire lead to the sale and closing process.
  • Offers 360° view of customers
  • Enhances the overall store activities by embedding automation and forecasting sales.
  • Synchronize orders with customers
  • Easy management of inventory
  • Eliminate the possibility of duplicate entry.

Pricing: $149

3. WooCommerce Hubspot Integration

Another suggestion for CRM WooCommerce integration is with HubSpot CRM. The WooCommerce Hubspot Integration promotes automated management of customers’ data. The software is capable of synchronizing the enormous amounts of data as related to the customer, the orders placed and the purchase history.

Seamless integration of customer-specific data on the CRM platform enables one-click access and further, reduces the overall time taken to process and manage customer information. Further, the integration works wonder for the marketing team as it enables segmenting data based on customer preferences and then channelizes campaigns to foster sales and boost revenue.

Woo hubspot integration

Some consider this to be an automation tool where the marketers can streamline their marketing strategies and better connect with the customers. The WooCommerce Hubspot integration is primarily easy-to-use and intuitive software that integrates with your online store to offer personalized services to your customers.

Woocommerce hubspot integration


  • Automated synchronization of all customer-related information for better access and likewise, improve decision making.
  • Import all the deals, the contacts, tickets, or any other product-related information with the HubSpot CRM software in a few clicks.
  • Create customer segments by performing techniques of RFM Analysis.
  • Enable marketers to keep track of the rate of conversion with ROI tracking.

Pricing: Free/$99 for basic plan

4. WooCommerce Zoho Integration

zoho crm intergration

Synchronize all your customer-related data using Zoho CRM software. The WooCommerce Zoho Integration enables the store managers to integrate all the WooCommerce specific modules with the Zoho software. Meaning that there arises a collaboration between the information related to customers, products, and orders with CRM modules of Zoho that comprises of Contacts, Sales Orders, Accounts, Leads, and Invoices. In simple terms, the plugin ensures two-way synchronization in real-time connecting the inventory, orders, and catalog with WooCommerce Zoho CRM Integration.

Woocommerce zoho integration

The WooCommerce Zoho integration embeds total automation while eliminating the need to manually convert data from your woo-commerce site to the Zoho platform. This implies that every time a new customer associates with WooCommerce, the details are automatically synced with the Zoho account. Likewise, any updates or modifications made in the WooCommerce ensure the same to be replicated in the Zoho CRM software.

The WooCommerce Zoho CRM integration also links the product information on the CRM software. All that you need to do is create a Zoho account, attain credentials and feed the same in Zoho connector of the WooCommerce store.


  • One-click data mapping from WooCommerce to Zoho CRM software
  • WooCommerce Zoho CRM integration manages performances on a day-to-day basis generating reports.
  • Save time by automating workflow tasks.

Pricing: Free

5. WooCommerce Sage Integration

Wocommerce Sage Integration

For organizations, that have been witnessing tremendous user count and find it difficult to manage orders in their WooCommerce sites, WooCommerce sage integration serves the purpose best. The integration of sage with your WooCommerce store automates the order management and fulfillment processes cutting down the time taken to do the same. The WooCommerce Sage Integration involves drag and drop tools using which the site manages can integrate their online store data with the Sage Platform.

In case the WooCommerce store experiences orders of 10 or less at the same time, the Sage 50 WooCommerce Integration would help the managers automate fulfilling order requests, handling payments and at the same time draft a synchronization between the WooCommerce store and the Sage platform. Owing to the fact that the sage platform eliminates manual entry, it saves a lot of time and hence, the total time taken to dispatch the product gets reduced. This in a way ends up creating a healthy relationship with the customer. The Sage 50 WooCommerce Integration promotes the monitoring of customer data. It generates reports based on the above and highlights the buying patterns or common user trends, in a way adopting a customer-first approach.

When the extent of order increases more than 10, sage 50 WooCommerce integration might not be effective. Here the managers need to opt for WooCommerce Sage 100 integration. Upon WooCommerce Sage 100 integration, the orders are automatically populated within the software and the sales are adjusted in accordance with the inventory. Further, this also integrates tracking and shipping information, enhancing the overall efficiency of the online store.


  • WooCommerce Sage 100 Integration is backed by cloud and all data is translated automatically.
  • It lowers the deployment time and the time to dispatch.
  • Eliminates manual processing of data.
  • Managers no longer need to re-key orders

Pricing: £750 (One-time purchase)

6. WooCommerce Salesforce Integration

Woo Salesforce

WooCommerce Salesforce Integration is one of the most popularly used CRM WooCommerce integration platforms. The WordPress WooCommerce Salesforce Connector enables store managers to seamlessly integrate the Salesforce CRM software with their WooCommerce store. The WooCommerce Salesforce Integration has the potential to expand the features and the performance of the store.

woocommerce salesforce Integration

Further, integration of the Salesforce CRM software with the WooCommerce store embeds an automated synchronization of the entire data and encompasses features of B2B and B2C Concept, Bi-directional Sync, Real-Time Synchronization, Manual Field Mapping Features, Categories, Users, Products and Orders(Guest and Registered) Sync.

Woo sales-force integration

Through the integration of Salesforce CRM software, the store managers can create an environment that enhances the data integrity data, monitor, and maintain inventory management of stock, generate orders in real-time and along with all of this, ensure optimal services to the user for improved CX. Once, you integrate Salesforce CRM, all of the data residing in the WooCommerce store coexists in the CRM software.


  • The Salesforce CRM has the capability of processing data in huge amounts to aid the synchronization of the same from WooCommerce to Salesforce and vice-versa.
  • The platform has the option to concur data of WooCommerce users as the Business account or Personal account in Salesforce.
  • The integration allows adding a lead or the contact to campaign in the Salesforce CRM.
  • Automate tracking and data managing tasks
  • Generate reports based on the data analytics

Pricing: Free

The Final Word

The CRM market is flooded with options and designating one to be the best would not be legit. Each has its own set of features, serving significant functions. What is best for you and your online store depends upon your store requirements. The type of business you are in, the total traffic count, the budget allocated and the extent of automation you wish to embed through CRM integration, all of this have a compounding effect on the choice of CRM WooCommerce integration. In case, you are struggling to find one CRM software solution for your WooCommerce store, you can consider the ones mentioned above.

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