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Validation errors

Validation Error- PayPal IPN Response From A Different Email Address In WordPress

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Last updated on May 20th, 2022 at 08:04 am

WooCommerce is one of the prominent plugins to develop eCommerce stores in WordPress. But still, there are chances of errors!!

It is quite convenient to do payment configuration with PayPal. This is the major reason why most businesses prefer using WooCommerce PayPal. But still, this may run into validation errors. One of the most common validation errors that one faces is WordPress error.

If you have put your order on hold on the dashboard of WooCommerce, then be prepared for a validation error.

Here, we will assist you to fix WordPress errors.

What is PayPal Instant Payment Notification?

It is a service that notifies automatically about the payment via the PayPal payment gateway.

Role of PayPal in WordPress websites

Mainly the PayPal IPN is employed by the WooCommerce plugin to automate the sales. For instance, if the:-

  • Buyer has not yet paid his payment then the order status will be given as “Payment pending”.
  • Now, as soon as the buyer completes the payment the order status will be displayed as “Payment Processing”.
  • If you have successfully made the payment you will receive the message“Payment Completed”.

The invoice related to the payment is sent to the buyer. This case arises only if the product is downloadable.

Now, when there is a validation error, the order status will be displayed as “On Hold” in place of “Payment Completed”.

Order on hold
On Hold

Some common reasons for Validation Error

It happens in the following case. If there is:-

  • Difference between the primary email on the account of PayPal
  • Change in the WooCommerce payments settings of receiver email

PayPal is loved by most people because the user can add up to seven emails to their PayPal account. You can access these emails on the dashboard of PayPal. The business owners can even accept the payments here.

Now, if your primary email is distinct from the email address that you have set on the receiver email.

There are high chances of a validation error while you do the configuration of the WooCommerce plugin. If your WordPress hosting has a security firewall feature, then the validation error will raise the alarm of an unknown IP address.

How can you fix PayPal IPN Response from a different Email Address in WordPress error?

Now, since you are aware of some common reasons that cause validation errors, let us check the ways to fix this:-

1. Updation of WooCommerce PayPal setup

The next way to fix the validation error is to update the WooCommerce setup. This will help you to understand if the email address of the receiver matches PayPal’s primary email id.

For this, you must first log in to the admin dashboard of WordPress. Tap on the tab “WooCommerce”. Choose the option “Settings” to fix this error.

Click “Payment” and choose “Manage”. This you can find next to the option Paypal payment.

Payment Settings

On the page of “Configuration”, make sure to tick the checkbox for the option “Enable Paypal IPN”.

Check the “Receiver email”. Here in this step itself, make sure to check the primary email.

Receiver Email

Now if the receiver’s email address does not match, make sure to make the necessary changes.

Once you are sorted, tap on the option “Save changes”. It will do the update all the settings related to the receiver’s email address.

To ensure that the process has sorted the issue, try to place an order via credit card. Now, if you are not pro at using a real credit card, you can choose the option of WooCommerce PayPal sandbox. This you will find in the setup. Next, you must signup for the developer’s account with PayPal.

Enable Paypal sendbox

You can use the details of sandbox API to test the setup of PayPal with the dummy data. This will give you a conclusion on whether the updates have fixed the issue or not.


Always ensure to test your setup before you make it live for your users. This will assist you later. How? Well, you will be notified of any issue in the settings.

2. Confirmation of Primary email on PayPal

The first step is to make the confirmation of the primary email to check the validation error. This you can do on the settings of PayPal. To fix this WordPress error, Log in to the PayPal account.

Tap on the icon of Setting gear and choose “Your Profile”.

PayPal Balance

Under the section ‘Login and Security’, click ‘Update‘. You can check all the emails that are associated with your PayPal account.

Login and Security

You will see the term “Primary” under one of the email addresses.

Email Address

You will see a “+” icon. Click it to add another email id.

Edit Email Address

You can even change your primary account. Tap the “edit” option for this. You need to specifically click on the particular email id to set it as the primary email account.

Edit your email address

3. Whitelist Paypal IP Ranges

Now, if your payment is put on hold at the WooCommerce store, check your hosting platform. There are high chances that your hosting platform has blocked your PayPal IP addresses.

It is common to see it occur because of server errors. For fixing this, you must whitelist Paypal IP Ranges on the web servers.

Let us check the IP ranges list utilized by PayPal for sending IPN messages.

ip address

Please follow the procedures below to whitelist an IP address. Open the directory as this contains your website files. Choose “View/ Edit” after you right-click on the file of “.htaccess”.

View Edit

Next, you need to copy and paste the code snippet to the file. This you must do above the line of code “#End WordPress”.


Ensure to change the IP “” with one of its IP addresses of PayPal.

Next, you must Save and close the files. This you must do after you add all the IP ranges.

FileZilla will notify you to upload the updated file. For this make sure to click the option, “Yes”.

Impacts of validation error on buyer and store owner

  • Impact of PayPal IPN validation error on you (as a store owner)

Suppose WooCommerce gives the payment as “on hold”. But still, the buyer successfully places and pays for the order. The store owner will also receive the payment on the PayPal account.

PayPal Balance check

But because of IP issues or differences in the primary email and receiver’s email, it will raise PayPal IPN error. It will further place this order on hold.

To fix this, you must change the order status manually from the dashboard of WooCommerce as completed.

  • Impact of PayPal IPN Response errors on buyers/ customers

So, whenever WooCommerce puts a hold on the order, the buyer will never receive any confirmation email.

Let’s take a scenario. For instance, the store owner will receive the payment. The buyer will not receive notifications about payment completion.

Here, the buyer has to notify about the payment issue. He/ she has to send the proof for payment compilation. The store owner needs to clarify the payment and has to place the order manually.

Order details

Final Thought

The combination of WooCommerce and Paypal is a powerful way to develop online stores in WordPress. But still, there are high chances of validation errors.

But still, if finding trouble fixing PayPal IPN Response from a different Email Address in WordPress error, hire us!!  WordPress Development Agency

24×7 WP Support has great experience in fixing WordPress errors. We are pioneers in WordPress development, maintenance, etc.

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