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Top 10 Event Style WordPress Themes

Top 10 Event Style WordPress Themes

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Last updated on September 13th, 2023 at 05:44 am

Conference Pro Theme

Conference Pro

The first theme on the list is a perfect layout for events that involve conferences or even business meetings. The reason being is that, you need to be professional in a conference yet also simple. Another great aspect about the Conference Pro theme is that it is modern, meaning it’s also very aesthetic and also easy to use which is where the simplicity element dives in.

Another key feature is, when you have a conference or meeting, you wouldn’t want to spend too much time on the layout would you? You would rather be going over the content. Which is why the Conference Pro theme allows you to change your website without going back and forth. This will save a lot of time down the long run, believe me.

Eventum Theme

Eventum Theme

When an event is on your list, you need to be ready and make sure everything is planned out right and looks in shape. One of the greatest highlights about the Eventum Theme, is that it allows you to mimick the premium version with the easy install while in the demo version, this is what separates this theme from the rest.

Personalizing or in other words branding is crucial for any business, that’s why you can have access to until color themes and can even upload more content to brand yourself. Some other great features include: email notifications, displaying events, easy to use layout and even monetizing options. Overall great theme for events.

Fudge 2.0 Theme

Fudge 2.0 Theme

If you’re looking for something that’s professional, but at the same time also looks very appealing to the eye, that Fudge 2.0 should be your theme. It includes very advanced features and is a little more complex to use. Some features of this theme include: Facebook & Eventbrite import, Event composer and even advanced features, which is where the higher aesthetics points come in.

Events Theme

Events Themes

Events includes a highly organized mobile optimized layout. It’s also easy collectible data with this theme. It’s also a great event portal builder with 1 Click-Setup. Great theme for recurring events, Facebook Integration, user event submission, widgetized home page, Google Maps and many more great features. One aspect that separates from a lot of other themes is its SEO ranking ability.

It also, keeps everything organized and in check with blogs, color scheme and even great widgets. Additionally, it’s also great for self recurring calendar which is why this theme will serve you as a great organization factor and planning ahead.

Event Free Theme

Event Free

The Event Free theme has very detailed options for blocks, content and even organizational skills. A great minimalist theme that’s fast, quick and very consistent if you’re looking for something to just get the job done quick and is fast in loading.

Another great feature is that it can load on multiple softwares like: Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. It’s also SEO friendly to get your website ranking up there fast. Great with woocommerce and overall social media integration as well. Overall great fast, responsive design that gets the job done and loads super fast!

Khore Theme

Khore Theme

This complex theme has a bunch of unlimited options where you can customize to many of your own preferences so that you website can look personalized to your brand or business. Now a days most traffic comes from Mobile which is why this theme js optimized for mobile and the theme fits in perfectly on your phone, this will increase your conversions as most of your traffic will indeed come from Mobile.

Khore also includes great dynamic features that will create great transitions between pages and make them look overall more engaging and fun as they can be great for tutorials.

Meetup Theme


Meetup is also once again a very professional large frame theme. The front home page includes a large homepage image which you can capitalize on by fully displaying your brand. Meaning, it’s great for brand identity overall awareness. It also features a countdown header to create urgency for any upholding events you may be having.

Vertoh Theme


Very modern design with Vertoh that’s also very high converting due to its advanced extent features. It also helps increase over sales by constantly repeating the call to action as the potential customer scrolls throughout the website. Some advanced features included in the Vertoh theme include: Speakers Management, Exhibitors Management as well as advanced scheduling.

Aside from these high converting advanced features, Vertoh still includes its basic features like countdown, Social integration and basic color designs. Overall, great for hardcore conversions due to the advanced highlights.

Eventr Theme


Now Eventr is a highly responsive theme that is great as a singular goal website because it is a one page themed event which means it can be used as a hard selling theme and can give the customer one point of focus. This will do 2 things:

1) Increase store conversions and
2) Make the customer feel more comfortable (longer lasting customers).

Overall, this theme can be a great choice for a singular move as it’s one page themed.

Eventor Theme


Finally, we’ve got Eventor which is I see again very responsive and has great built-in marketing tactics like: MailChimp, Events Management, Countdown Timer and great for documentation as well. Great CMS website as well. Eventor also includes a bunch of color options and the speakers management as well.

Overall, a great theme for back end marketing and to capture for repeat customer in other words longer term customers. Chat Now

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Which Event Theme Do You Like?
Which Event Theme Do You Like?
Which Event Theme Do You Like?

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