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A quick go-through for Opentute WooCommerce integration

A quick go-through for Opentute WooCommerce integration

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Opentute is a next-generation Learning Management System. It has taken the world by storm with great checkpoints, mobile apps, micro-learning, social groups, and other stuff.

More About Opentute

This platform was launched in the year 2015 and focuses on learners. Opentute assists to train the organization by providing excellent engaging learning experiences.

Specialties of this magical platform

  • Enterprise Learning Networks
  • On-Demand Learning Facilitation
  • Learning and Development
  • eLearning
  • Communications Solution
  • Tools for Online Education
  • Learning Management Systems

Hence it is great to go for Opentute WooCommerce integration for your business.

Why should you for Opentute?

Development and Learning

Opentute’s learning software can assist your business to educate your employees. The employees can stay updated about the changing trends. They can stay satisfied at their work because this tool provides opportunities to upskill. This results in reducing the turnovers of employees.

The user interface of Opentute is easy-to-use. It takes minimal time to learn the software.


Opentute has an excellent privacy policy and support for internal security processes. It offers a GDPR page in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation.


The pricing of this platform depends upon your business needs. This includes the size of the company and the number of employees you have.

Key features

  • Saves money and time to publish online courses

Opentute has a great flexible learning builder. This tool is a great source to sell your online courses. You can keep your courses hidden, public, or private as per your wish/ demand. With Opentute, you can even access credit cards.

  • Quick chats and messages in channels

Your users can have branded experience once they register or log in themselves. One can easily develop connections with their users through push notifications and instant messaging.

  • Customizable landing pages

One can promote their courses or modules through search engine optimizable pages. Opentute’s easy editor can help you to brand the portal easily. Thus, you can keep all your front pages updated.

  • Enables Stripe for credit card commissions and payments

You can easily sell your membership or courses to your channels/ portals.

  • Sync Calendar

One can employ the power of synchronized Zoom and calendars to sell live training.

  • Build Checkpoint and quizzes

You can easily engage with your users through surveys, quizzes, and Checkpoints.

  • Developing a pathway by using all the requirements

One can enable the journeys of custom learning by unlocking 1/ more modules or courses. This you can do upon the completion of the prerequisite.

  • Simple Certificates

You can give custom certificates once the user has completed one/ more courses. This will give a sense of great satisfaction for the users who took the course.

  • Build resource libraries

One can manage and store all the files at one location.

  • Custom on-border

You can customize or personalize the welcome pop-up for any new user. These you can do via text, images, or develop a video to give your new user a warm welcome.

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an amazing WordPress plugin that can assist you to sell your products online. This platform is known for its plethora of extensions, plugins, and flexible nature.

Steps for Opentute WooCommerce integration

Step 1: You need to authenticate WooCommerce and Opentute for Opentute WooCommerce integration.
Step 2: Choose your trigger from the list of triggers. It will kick the automation.
Step 3: From the other app, you must pick the resulting action.
Step 4: Choose the data that you need to send from WooCommerce to Opentute.

You are done with Opentute WooCommerce integration!!

If you have plans for Opentute WooCommerce integration for your business or need additional details. You can reach 24×7 WP Support!!

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