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Wave WooCommerce integration

A guide for Wave WooCommerce integration

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The digital-first approach is no longer a dream or a futuristic way. Nowadays, users prefer to look and use an account that can solve problems.

For some businesses, the processes for identity verification are compelled by risk yearning. While for others, it is driven by compliance needs. But the main agenda of any business is to earn huge profits and grow.


Google introduced Wave, a digital identity platform. This platform was built with the aim to develop a decentralized ecosystem. Hence, the users can handle their own details with this. This platform is free-to-use and subsequently, has a tremendous client base.


WooCommerce is the WordPress plugin. It permits users to effectively build online stores without having any technical knowledge. The business owners can even manage inventory and accept payments through this eCommerce plugin.

Why do Wave WooCommerce integration

The main purpose of digital identities is to ensure that the client’s data is protected. Wave gives a safe method to secure the user’s identity data. Rightly, Wave comprises of two separate applications. One for mobile and the other for the web.

Both these applications give unique and novel identities to the users. You can merge this into one app later on at your convenience. The objective of Wave is to eliminate the requirement of usernames as well as passwords. All the data will be secured in the digital identity.

Wave gives full control to the user to control their data as everything is encrypted and stored locally. Subsequently, by no chance can any third-party vendors or hackers access the data.

As of now, this platform support Chrome Extension, iOS, and Android. It is speculated that Wave will soon add desktops apps for Mac and Windows devices.

Integrating WooCommerce with Wave will allow you to store the user details in the digital identity system of Wave. Now, this system will enclose the details related to shipping details, addresses, products, purchased products, etc.

So, you do not have to go through the hassle to fill in all your particulars while purchasing or purchasing from another website. Likewise, you do not need to stress over losing the data as all that will be securely secured on Wave’s digital identity.

Integration of WooCommerce and Wave

Both platforms are compatible with one another. Let us see how it processes:-

Suppose a shopper purchases an item from your WooCommerce site. They used a PayPal account or credit card and completed the details of the transaction. The transaction ID is shared by the credit card company or PayPal to the WooCommerce site. The process takes place through an API call.

After getting this data, an API call is made through the WooCommerce site to Wave. The information will include all the transactions. This includes currency used, the name of the merchant, the amount paid, etc.

Next, Wave creates a unique identity for the specific user. It then sends back all the details of the transaction alongside newly identity. It is sent back to the WooCommerce site which uses these details in its database. This is for the purposes of accounting.

Wave WooCommerce integration assists to create a seamless experience while purchasing your products/ services from different websites. This is done in a decentralized manner and you do not have to be tensed against losing the privacy/ information.

Advantages of Wave WooCommerce integration

● Saves Time

You do not need to fill in all the user details while purchasing the products from different sites. This will help to save time and make things will be much simpler.

● Eliminates all Identity Theft

With Wave, your user does need to share their personal details. This includes security card numbers or social security numbers that can be stolen by criminals or hackers.

Hence, your users can make their purchases from their desired websites. This eliminates all the thefts related to identity.

●  Eliminates Passwords

As we all are aware, every site requests passwords when you access any protected sections or sign up. With Wave WooCommerce integration you can eliminate all the requirements of password. The main reason is all the details will be stored in the Wave’s digital identities.

This will save one from recalling various passwords each time they sign up on different sites.

Process of Wave WooCommerce integration

1 . Installation

The installation of Wave WooCommerce Connector is very much similar to other plugins. But before that please ensure to install the WooCommerce plugin.

  • First, visit “Dashboard” and click “Plugins”. Tap the button “Add new”.
  • Navigate and choose the zip file of the Wave WooCommerce Connector plugin.
  • Next, you need to Install and then Activate.

2. Get Client Secret and ID

  • From the WordPress dashboard of the Wave Connector page, copy the Redirect URL.
Wave Connection
  • Log into the Wave.
  • Visit this URL for Wave WooCommerce integration.
  • Tap to generate the button “Application”.
Manage Application
  • Give it the Description as well as the name. Paste the Redirect URI. This you have copied earlier.
  • Choose Terms and Conditions for Wave WooCommerce integration. Then tap the button “Create your Application”.
Fill the details
  • Tap the section with your application name for Wave WooCommerce integration. Copy the Client Secret and ID from this section.
client ID

This is the section where you can have your Client Secret and Client ID.

3. Set up for Wave WooCommerce integration

  • Visit Wave Connector from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Paste the Client Secret and Client ID to the blanks respectively.
client Secret
  • Tap “Allow Access” once you see the dialog box as below.
Allow Acess

Your products will be stored in the Income account.

Wave API

That’s it!! You are done with Wave WooCommerce integration. But you need to verification by exporting the invoice, customer, or product.

Export or import customers and products

You need to link the customers and products from both setups using WooCommerce or Wave.

Case 1: Using Wave but recent to WooCommerce

You must import all your customers and products to WooCommerce. For this, visit “Wave Connector”. Click the button “One-click Export/Import”. Tap “Import all Customers” and then click, “Import all Products”.

Case 2: Using WooCommerce but recent to Wave

Here, you must import all the customers and products to WooCommerce. For this, visit “Wave Connector”. Tap the button “One-click Export/Import”.

Next, you need to click “Export all Products” and “Export all Customers”.

Case 3: Using WooCommerce and Wave

Here, you need to map the taxes, products, and customers. For this, visit “Wave Connector” and click “Map”.

In a conclusion

We hope this article might have solved all your queries and doubt related to Wave WooCommerce integration.

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