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Aweber integration Woocommerce

AWeber integration Woocommerce: How to do it?

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AWeber is the leading tool for email marketing. It permits you to make mailing lists and accumulate information onto them. Hence, you can plan and design an effective newsletter. This you can send to your subscriber on the list. You can send automated email marketing messages using ‘autoresponders

A quick intro to Aweber

AWeber is the leading market leader of independent email marketing programming. Established in 1998, AWeber has 20 years of demonstrated achievement. It has helped more than 1,000,000 clients all over the planet. Alongside its award-winning US-based client assistance, it conveys the following:-

  1. Manage and load contacts
  2. Analyze results
  3. Send alluring emails
  4. Develop responsive landing pages

AWeber works with more than 1,000 accomplice programming solutions. This permits clients to consistently integrate with other services and applications.

The languages it supports include:-

  • Afrikaans
  • Icelandic
  • Bengali
  • Finnish
  • Estonian
  • Czech
  • Catalan
  • Welsh
  • Persian
  • Bulgarian
  • Danish
  • Greek
  • English
  • Malayalam, and many more.

WooCommerce is an amazing eCommerce plugin of WordPress. It is used to manage and create simple online stores. People love WooCommerce because it offers reasonable arrays of flexibility. It has numerous vital features and functionalities.

Advantages of AWeber integration Woocommerce

AWeber integration WooCommerce permits you to communicate with your audience. It totally depends upon the space and time they choose. AWeber integration Woocommerce requires no coding experience. With the AWeber WooCommerce plugin, you can rapidly and effectively develop your email crowd and lift the best deals.

1. Find out about your audience

You can deal with individuals on your list for AWeber integration Woocommerce. One needs to just label the different aspects of their cart abandonments and purchases.

2. Adjust your automation funnels

You can label the items combined with dynamic content and segmentation.

3. Develop your email newsletter audience immediately

You must ensure that your client sign in to the newsletter as soon as they make their purchases.

4. Help deals with personalization

Cart abandonment and purchase history tags permit you to check for more important and customized content. This return increases the opportunities for revenue.

5. Spur your potential customers to make their purchase

Transform a first-time visitor into a recurrent client. You can email them for incentives like free shipping or coupon codes dependent on their past purchases.

6. Recuperate a likely lost deal

Add guests who leave a truck consequently to your AWeber account. You must effectively customize the cart abandoned tags. Make sure it triggers email campaigns for cart abandonment automatically.

7. Clients can recuperate an abandoned cart with just one click of the link

You can send your clients a recuperation hyperlink that returns them to their cart and permits them to finish their purchase.

8. Visibility isn’t or is recuperated.

Track the cart abandoned tags for AWeber integration Woocommerce. This includes for a not/ is recovered cart. An unrecovered cart is a magnificent chance to offer a motivation for the customers to return to your store.

How to do Aweber integration Woocommerce?

1. You need to do the installation of the AWeber plugin to your WordPress website. Next, click the “WooCommerce”. This you will find on the dashboard of WordPress. Tap the option “Settings“.

Woocommerce settings

2. Next, click the option for “AWeber”.


3. Click “Authorize“.

Aweber account

4. You need to complete the details for the AWeber account login. Please ensure to provide a password so that you do the integration. Next, tap the button “Allow Access“.

Aweber Integration

5. Navigate to the section Checkout. Tap the button “Add rule“.


6. Next, you need to specify the product you wish to set the rules for.


You must pick the list where you can add the customers after they make the purchase of a defined product.

Add to list

You can give any tags once that product is purchased.

add tags

Aweber integration Woocommerce is done!!

You can customize Aweber integration Woocommerce by setting the cart abandonment.

In a conclusion

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