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5 Most Feature-rich WordPress Gallery Plugins

5 Most Feature-Rich WordPress Gallery Plugins

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Last updated on August 12th, 2021 at 06:55 am

Images breathe life to your website. They’re what you use to grab your readers’ attention and, at the same time, improve your site’s aesthetics.

Images also help you to convey a strong brand message – the kind that gets your readers hooked in right away. The whole point is to draw their attention to your CTA and all the vital spots on your website, which can’t possibly happen when your site’s visitors find it depressingly dull and drab.

The good thing with running your website on a content management system such as WordPress is that you can never run short of tricks on how to make your site’s content look even better.

With certain themes, there are inbuilt tools that allow you to easily add a striking photo gallery to your site. This makes it easy for you to showcase some of the beautiful images you have in a grid or masonry layout, with an option to add some hover effect.

While the feature may be lacking in a standard WordPress theme, there exist a number of plugins that you could use to add the much-needed gallery functionality to your WordPress site.

Whether you’re looking for a simple plugin to help you add a slider or image gallery to your site, or set up a custom presentation with animations, videos, hover effects, and a series of other eye-catching features, you’re surely going to find a plugin that snugly fits the bill in the collection below:


Envira Gallery is one of the easiest and most efficient gallery plugin you’re likely to come across online – boasting an upward of 30K active installs and a rating of 4.5 out of the possible 5.

With the plugin, all it takes to set up a world-class photo gallery in the shortest time possible, is a simple installation of the plugin followed by a few tweaks here and there and you’re good to go. Arriving with it is a smorgasbord of gallery-related features such as a tidy codebase, Ajax preloading, and a responsive gallery layout to mention a few.


With PhotoSpace, there’s no limit as to what you can do to your WordPress gallery. Rated 4.5 out of the possible 5, the plugin has a lot to add to the inbuilt capabilities of the standard WordPress gallery.

For starters, the plugins allows you to upload multiple images to your site, all at once, thus saving you both time and the trouble of uploading them one-by-one. Even better is the fact that you can upload you image by simply dragging and dropping them directly to your site, adding titles, descriptions, captions and anything else as you go.

It’s also possible to modify the thumbnail size, number, shape and the dimension of the images you upload, as well as the width of your gallery columns. Other notable features the plugin arrives with include pagination, keyboard controls, and advanced gallery options to name a few.

Suffice it to say the PhotoSpace Gallery is one of the most attractive, feature-loaded gallery plugins for WordPress. It’s also the fastest and simplest plugin to work with.


Developed by Rattus, Gmedia isn’t just a WordPress gallery plugin, but a powerful library media that you could use to literally pull anything up.

Flaunting one of the richest and comprehensive interfaces, the plugin is designed to stretch out the default media library on WordPress. With it, you have total power over all of your media files. You can create a playlist for playing your music files or create an amazing gallery or slideshow for showcasing your photos in the most sophisticated way possible.

At core the plugin is designed to help you work with unlimited audio files, images, tags, and albums, with no limit as to what you can achieve with it.

WP Canvas

Wp Canvas is also designed to extend default functionalities of WordPress galleries. And even though it doesn’t feature additional menu items, you’re allowed to define the number of columns on your gallery and alter the size of your images to either small, medium, full or thumbnail size.

After you’ve installed the plugin on your WordPress site, the options on your gallery setting will automatically expand to include more display options, size options, caption options and so much more.

The plugins allows you to decide if your gallery will be displayed in a slider, masonry or carousel format.


If you’re still stuck on the gallery plugin to work with, then we recommend you consider getting NextGen, and there will be nothing to regret about the decision you just made.

With more than a million active installs, the plugin allows you to add multiple images from your media library, server folder or straight from your computer, all at once.

You can also sort out the images in albums or group them any way you wish to see them displayed in the gallery.

It’s a Wrap

If what you’re looking to achieve isn’t that complicated, then we’d suggest you work with the default gallery functionality on WordPress. However, for more advanced features and options, then you have a whole glut of fully-functional WordPress Gallery Plugins to choose from.

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Which Gallery Plugins Do You Like?
Which Gallery Plugins Do You Like?
Which Gallery Plugins Do You Like?

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