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SSL Certificate

When we talk about online hosting, one thing that needs to be careful of is security. Hosting a website that isn't secured opens up opportunities for hackers to intrude!

Is your website SSL certified?

Whether you are a blogger or a business owner, encrypting your website data is a must. With 24X7 WP Support, add layered security and gate lock vital information from hackers.

  • Browser compatible
  • Security seal displayed within the website
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

$79 for a certified SSL website, 24X7 WP Support extends support to the security needs of the website

Enthuse Trust & Authenticity with SSL Certificate

Browsers these days flag websites that aren't secured. Users quit pages that lack a padlock. The best way to keep up with your business while not shifting your domain, add an SSL certificate to your website. Wear off the concerns related to theft, message forgeries and eavesdropping with 24x7wpsupport cheap SSL certificate.

What is SSL?

Hosting a website simply means sharing your data with the outside world. Irrespective of the kind of business you are in, the information you store within your website, be it your own or of your customers, is important and needs to be protected.

For websites that do not have an SSL certificate, all of the communication made between the site and the user is open and can be seen and accessed by others. This questions the credibility of your website and any breach of information might cost you high.

SSL also is known as the Security Socket Layer, is the key to the https version of the website. The 'S' in https stands for SSL and suggests that the website data is encrypted. URLs having the additional ‘S’ in HTTP are secured and safe from hackers. It is a vital part of a self-hosted website as it embeds a security layer within the website safeguarding all kinds of data stored and communications made over the network.

In addition to the above, SSL happens to be an important aspect for marketers. If you have struggled with your website rankings, buying an SSL certificate would help you tweak the number.

As of 2017, Google announced flagging all the unencrypted websites. This dramatically affects the site rankings, of course for the greater good.

Getaway with intruders and hackers, Buy 24X7 WP Support bulletproof security certificate and optimize your website on the go.

Why Do You Need SSL Certificate

Impress your customers with a fully secured website. In the era where intruders are proactively peeping in your network to track data, security is a vital element. Giving your customers the ease to communicate and transact over a secured website build trust and further helps you knit success. It is both in terms of sales and user traffic. Secured websites have better visibility and rank higher than others. One-click installations and seamless integration, we offer end-to-end encryption services, helping you scale your business high.

  • Ensure Brand Viability
    Integrating an SSL certificate within the website creates an image that all the customers' data is safe and protected from outside hacks. Owing to the above, customers can rely on the brand and continue with their engagement without being worried about data privacy.
  • Secure Infrastructure
    An SSL certificate ensures that the website is locked and every information packet sent, either way, is encrypted and unreachable.
  • Improved Visibility
    Https websites are secured and web crawlers consider these to be more efficient than the websites that do not have the SSL certificate. In simple terms, websites that aren't secured fall low and crawlers designate them to be the least optimized website. This affects the online search rankings of the site and in a way, leads to falling user traffic.
  • Increased Engagement
    Customers prefer interacting with websites that do not pose a threat to their data. This in a way accounts for better engagement, leading to higher sales and rising revenue.
  • Safe From Cyber-crime
    Unsafe websites are always under the suspect list of cyber cell or fraud detecting agency. Adding an SSL certificate to the website gives the impression that you are not involved in any wrongdoings. This prevents you from being charged with legal actions and scams.
    Protect Your Customers Data & Your Website - Stay Smart, Stay Secured
Wordpress SSL certificate

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Wordpress SSL

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What Do We Offer?

24x7wpsupport is one of the leading brands that offer round the clock security features.

  • Best in industry encryption
    Our SSLs offerings consist of SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption. These are proven to safeguard all the business data and the information shared between the web server and the browser. Apparently, our end to end encryption services stand uncrackable.
  • Additional SSL Tools
    In addition to the free SSL plugin, we also offer SSL tools needed to authenticate the different features and validate the installation process.
  • Relentless Support To Gain customer confidence
    In addition to the safety and security norms, we provide our customers with end to end support. Through text, call Or e-mail, our experts are always active to adhere to the client's needs and help them fix issues on the go.
  • Trusted SSL certificate
    Trust is the cornerstone of SSL protocol and with plenty of providers in the SSL market, it becomes difficult to choose one. We offer our customers with authenticated certification and have been approved as an Extended Validation (EV) SSL for ourselves. With us, you get a green browser address for your website.
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee
    We don't boast our services, instead give you the choice to try our services, not for a day or two but for thirty days and in case you are still not satisfied, get in touch with our support team and get your money refunded.

Wondering How to Secure Your Website?

Individuals or online store managers, running a website, buying a host, embedding plugins, managing back end functions and introducing an SSL certificate, you need not traverse from website to website, finding one for all. We at 24X7 WP Support offers all. From hosting services to technical support and management, we are the one solution for all your website hosting needs.

Secure your website and outstand your competitors with 24x7wpsupport Cheap SSL Certificate

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