Migration Services for WordPress

WordPress Migration

Migration Services for WordPress

Just sit tight (and relax!), while our experienced team of exclusive developers efficaciously move your design, database, content as well as plug in utilizing all of their expertise, revealing insights and the intense capability of engaging.

We perform migration of WordPress from the following

  • WordPress.com to WordPress.org- Since WordPress.org is more engaging, day by day, people are getting interested about WordPress.org. Might you be in need of a migration, we would be there to help you.
  • One hosting account to another hosting account- It is a common incident to transfer your hosting from one account to another. We perform this act carefully considering all of your business requirements, though your domain name has to be at least 28 days older to be eligible for a migration.
  • From WordPress.com to WordPress.org (vice versa)- To keep up with the wind of changes of today’s business world, every now and then, people shift their sites from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. If you are in need of such migration, we could help.
  • From shared hosting to VPS (vice versa)- If your business gets too large to manage in a shared hosting, it will require bigger space and larger bandwidth. In such instances, we will help you to transfer your site from shared hosting to virtual private server.
  • Recover a lost website- People often loss their website including all of the contents, database, plugins along with their id and passwords. In such circumstances, they often move around from forum to forum to find out the right solution, yet the right solution cannot be found without technical knowledge. To recover a lost website and to help our clients getting out between the deep seas and the devils, our astounding, bold, concrete, decisive, escalating, flexible, yet galactical and highly dependable solutions could certainly help.
  • Recover a deleted website: People may often delete their website by mistake, yet the data is still stored in the server until it has been trashed permanently. If you need to recover a deleted website, we may have been your pick to pull you out of this dagger’s drawn situation.
  • Clone a website: Cloning of websites is highly important for metamorphosing your business and reaching it towards a superior latitude. A cloned site could have been used as a back up or it could be used to improve the overall performance of a business by hosting it somewhere else. Whatever the reason is, if you need a clone of your site, we could deliver and restructure your web venture.

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