Shopify to wordpress conversion

shopify to wordpress conversion

Shopify To WordPress Conversion

Wondering how to migrate your Shopify store to a WordPress website?

Of course, you have a do-it-yourself method to transfer your Shopify website to WordPress.However, not everybody is a software nerd and fails to understand the technicalities of the process. In case, you fall in the lot and have been in search of a professional that would help you with the migration process, here we are - your one-stop solution for Shopify to WordPress conversion needs!

24/7 WP Support is one of the pioneers in the WordPress development industry. With skilled developers and active technocrats, we go to great lengths to help our customers run their WordPress website successfully. From designing to development, adding themes or installing plugins, we encompass all.

And when it comes to converting your website from Shopify to WordPress, you can be assured to avail of the professional-grade services at the minimal cost of a rebuild.

Wondering how we work?

At 24/7 wp support, we offer end to end support services for migration of your Shopify website full-fledged WordPress website. Reach out to our professionals to attain detailed assistance on how we work to migrate a Shopify site to the WordPress platform.

True that Shopify seems to be an online store that has been taking care of your business for long. Now that you want to make a switch WordPress happens to be an excellent platform to get started. Even better, WordPress has this plugin called WooCommerce that allows WordPress website owners to seamlessly host an online store.

We not only recommend you to adopt WooCommerce but also provide services that help you migrate your Shopify store to a WordPress-managed WooCommerce website.

WooCommerce is known for the SEO rich feature and functionalities which makes it easier to promote and market your business over the web. Further, it is as much affordable as WordPress.In case, you have been doubtful about why WooCommerce, you can rest assured that it is way better than others and will help you scale your business high.

Collaborating with us, you will have access to all of the features needed to develop and design an exceptional WooCommerce store.

Why WordPress?

The fact that WordPress is free and easy to use the platform, it is the first choice of the majority of the users. Further, the range of themes and plugins offered by the same, adds more to the developed website.

The Shopify to WooCommerce conversion features as offered by us at 24/7 wp support includes plugins installation and theme integration to turn your dull and gloomy website into an eye-catching and compelling online store. Even if you want your website to look the same as it was on Shopify, we support that too. With us, you can customize your online store the way you want without having to compromise on the quality.

All you need to do is reach out to us and simply sit back and relax. Our team of developers would take charge and employ solutions necessary to turn your Shopify store into a WooCommerce store today.

What do we offer?

Our Shopify to WordPress conversion services includes an array of features. Starting with the details of the product, the different categories, segmentation of each into the desired category and defining prices for each. From adding or importing images to optimizing the page title,integrating SEO information or adding meta information, our experts would take care of all.

The Process Followed

As soon as you drop a text or give a call, our expert team would connect back to you. We will then have a quick run at your existing website, review it and then draft a plan that would include all of the measures needed to migrate it to WordPress. After intense scrutinization, we then move ahead to add the existing Shopify features to the newly created WordPress powered WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Vs Shopify - Head to head

Prior to taking the steps for migration, you might have certain thoughts on why should you opt for a WooCommerce store. As it appears, WooCommerce is far better than Shopify and this isn't just because it is available for free. Instead, there are multiple factors that advocate on the efficiency of WooCommerce over Shopify


Where Shopify is managed and monitored by the host, WooCommerce, on the other hand, is a self-hosted. This implies that all of your files and folders would be saved on your server and you will have the freedom to change or edit it in the manner you want. Shopify is but hosted and managed by the owner and you do not have must freedom to modify the file.


With Shopify, you can integrate HTML to the homepage. However, using WooCommerce you can choose from a range of 50, 000+ WordPress themes and plugins to modify and enhance your website appearance and performance.

Payment Methods

WooCommerce extends support to an array of payment portals. From PayPal to Stripe,Authorize and Square, WooCommerce is compatible with all.

Data Control

The fact that WooCommerce store is always a self-hosted website, it renders total control over all of the data stored. Be it the website files or the database folders, with WooCommerce you have access to all. On the contrary, Shopify is sort of managed host and does not allow total control over the website data. All that you can do is import the data but not edit or modify it.


Where Shopify charges extra for an external payment gateway, WooCommerce incorporates the fixed costs related to the

  • Web Hosting
  • Your domain name

Shopify will seek prices for:

  • Any additional premium theme.
  • Apps
  • External payment gateway

Sounds fascinating right? If you want to try it yourself, follow the steps given below:

  • Start with exporting your Shopify products.
  • Now log in to your WordPress account and further install the WooCommerce plugin.Download and activate the same to start with the setup process.
  • Next, import the product and add the images.
  • Finally, choose the payment gateway you wish to use for your store

If still, you have issues, connect to us for detailed assistance.

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