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On-page Optimization

Have you given a thought about your On-Page Search Engine Optimization techniques?

In case, you have been following the age-old methods, your website is about to skip a rank in Google search page results. Wondering why?

Well, Google has earlier limited the on-page SEO optimization techniques to robots.txt, site maps, and meta-content. However, after 2016, Google has made some major changes in the ranking methods and hence, working on it is important, if at all you plan to enhance your overall search rankings. To everyone's surprise, there are not one or two but twelve different recommendations to better the page rankings in terms of on-page SEO.

From accelerated mobile pages to varied schemas and rich cards, Google has altered in the definition of on-page SEO and if you want to remain at par with the trends, following the above is imperative. In case, you have a website running over a content management platform and have been using the old version of Yoast SEO, it's time that you take a step ahead and update the version of the plugin.

Well, that's an automated SEO optimization technique, if you are looking for an expert to monitor your website traffic, route it through optimized keywords and help your website grow, head out to us.

We, at 24X7 WP Support, have professionals and experts that are continuously up and active to manage and monitor website performance and optimize it, as and when needed.

What is on-page SEO?

For users who wish to increase and enhance the website traffic, the first and the most important thing to do is opt for on-page search engine optimization. On page, SEO is the process undertaken to turn the website content relevant to a particular keyword. The core of on-page search engine optimization includes embedding proper keywords at the right places such as the headings, title, and subtitles.

When focusing on organic traffic, on-page SEO happens to be the most important aspect and apparently, the first place to start with. And do not get mistaken by the fact that you would just need to add significant keywords, instead put up images, optimize tags and in a way make your website SEO rich.

As it appears, there are a plethora of things that you need to take care of and hence, we at 24X7 WP Support, extend our hands to help you make the most of your website content.

Why do you need on-page SEO?

Wondering why would you need to optimize your content?

While you would have done all to make your content quality rich, there still exists room for improvement. You might have had a hard time, figuring out what and how little do you know that the answer lies in on-page SEO.

With Google search engines turning smarter every day after day, it is a necessity that your content is not just quality rich but also relevant to the search query. And it is not just the content that you need to target. Starting with the title to the meta tags, the content and the images, the audio files and structured information, every single aspect needs to be ideal and in accordance with the on-page SEO guidelines.

And when it comes to on-page optimization, you are at the positive end. Since it's about you and your page, you have more control over the optimization and can go to great lengths to turn your website, relevant to the search keyword.

The more you work on the on-page optimization techniques, the greater would be the relevancy, leading to higher traffic. The rest would significantly follow.

Doing all of this might appear an overhead, right?

Get in touch with us to hand over all of your website optimization needs and focus on other important things.

Our On-Page SEO Processes

Optimization here can be done in a total of three different steps:

  • At the domain level
  • At the site level
  • At the page level

We use the webmaster tool that can process the website content to come up with reports stating the level of optimization.

At the domain level

Experts working at 24X7 WP Support are proactively looking after the website to identify potential threats and undertake measures to optimize the website at the domain level. Services offered by us include:

  • Identification of Canonical URL
    A common trend where the actual URL of the website is duplicated. Now, as this appears over the web, search engine crawlers would hold the view that the URLs have identical content and this is where things get messy. When bots or web crawlers reckon that the content of two websites is copied, the ranking of both drops. To prevent this from happening, we have experts scanning website URL to identify the canonical ones and then adopt significant measures to undo the effect.
  • Sidelining Domain name and Target Location
    Based on the nature of the website, our experts make sure that the domain name is appropriate. Also, the target location of the content is specified on the type of website and corresponding content.
  • Creation & Optimization of Robots.txt
    An important aspect of On-Page optimization, we have our team taking the necessary steps to optimize the robots.txt file. In case, the file isn't present, we would create one and optimize it to map the crawling trends.
  • XML Sitemaps
    Another important part of on-page SEO is XML Sitemaps. We ensure that the created sitemaps are free from bugs and can be effectively crawled by the web crawlers in a way, that best serves the purpose.
  • Optimize Site Structure
    As mentioned earlier, on-page optimization is not just about the content but extends beyond it. Adhering to the above, we adopt certain steps to optimize the website URL in terms of SEO.
    In addition to all of the above, we also perform regular checks to identify duplicate or orphan pages and take steps to remove them.

At the site level

A recent announcement made by Google notified the page load time should not be more than two seconds. To deal with this and make sure that the responsiveness of your website is competent enough, we deploy the on-page SEO at the site level.

Here, our services comprise of:

  • Optimization of website speed
    Here, we scrutinize the elements of the website that lays an impact on the website speed and if needed, modify them to enhance the performance.
  • Analyzing Responsiveness
    Next comes the website responsiveness, primarily on mobile phones. Significant methods are adopted to make your website device compatible.
  • Mobile Usability Trend
    Alterations to increase the mobile usability index, we do all needed to improve the same.

At the page level

Lastly, optimization needs to be done at the page level. As a matter of fact, this is the most important one. Web crawlers are more likely to scan the page and look for relevant content. The better is your page optimization, the higher is SERP ranking. On-page optimization at the page level depends largely on the meta tags and the keyword enhancements.

Our offerings include:

  • Keyword Density Mapping
    Researching the right set of keywords and then distributing it across the content is what we focus on. Keyword mapping is not adding an indefinite amount of keywords across the content, instead, it should be technically sound. Using a range of tools, we map the right keyword on the right page. We start by looking for keywords and then draft a strategy with which these keywords are added in a way it fulfills the required density.
  • Meta Data and Content Optimization
    We create and embed significant keywords within the meta-tags to ensure that they are SEO rich. Also, identification and removal of duplicate content or thin content to upgrade site rankings.
  • Integration of Schema
    The identification of page elements is an important process of web crawling. We ensure that rich text is added within the content so that the search engine crawlers can effectively trace your content back to the search query.
    Other vital services include image optimization, header tag, and multimedia optimization. We identify scripts that might block the crawlers and then adopt methods to fix the issue.
OnPage SEO Tasks Small Sites Large Sites
OnPage SEO optimization at Domain Level
Canonical URl Optimization ✔ ✔
Preferred Domain ✔ ✔
Targeted Locations ✔ ✔
Robots.txt Creation/optimization ✔ ✔
XML Sitemaps ✔ ✔
301 & 404 redirects ✔ ✔
Site Structure ✔ ✔
Orphan Pages ✔ ✔
Duplicate Pages ✔ ✔
Google Penalties ✔ ✔
OnPage SEO optimization at Site Level
Site Speed Optimization 5 Pages 10 Pages
Mobile Responsive Analysis ✔ ✔
Mobile Usability Analysis ✔ ✔
OnPage SEO optimization at "Page Level" Top 10 Pages Top 25 Pages
Keyword Research & Mapping ✔ ✔
Meta Content Creation/Optimization ✔ ✔
Keyword Density ✔ ✔
Schema Integration ✔ ✔
Header Tag Creation/Optimization ✔ ✔
Content optimization ✔ ✔
Image optimization ✔ ✔
Multimedia optimization ✔ ✔
Script Blocking (Fetch as Google) ✔ ✔
Implementing Tag Manager/Analytics for Tracking
Search Console ✔ ✔
Google Tag Manager/ Analytics ✔ ✔
Price $169 $325

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