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Have you been running your website for quite a long time?

Struggling to get your website to attain a decent rank on SERP?

Could not find specific keywords for your blogs?

It seems like you are in a need of SEO services. Now, the fact that you are here, there are few things that are worth believing:

  1. You are accustomed to a WordPress website
  2. You might have tried working with the SEO plugin, but failed, right?

We won't trick you with SEO services.

We, at 24X7 WP Support, have a team of experts that undertake the task of rendering SEO services to all sorts of companies. Whether you are just a beginner looking for support and guidance, or you are a pro, planning to shift your work onto the hands of a pro, we got your back.

From keyword selection to link building, at 24X7 WP Support you will be served with all.

Service Overview

Adhering to the different set of requirements, every user has in terms of the SEO services, 24X7 WP Support comes with an all-in-one-SEO pack. The pack has all that a user would need to content optimize their website and make it search engine ready.

Often, website owners debate on the need for having an SEO optimized website or content. We, at 24X7 WP Support, put it this way: SEO is the method adopted to enhance the search engine visibility of a website. With the web flooded with thousands of websites, posting similar content in the same niche, outnumbering your competitor's website is a tough task.

Where verbal interaction would do no good, turning your website competent enough to sustain the competition is what would fetch better results. That's why we come up with this all in one bundle and help you make the most out of your WordPress website.

Why us?

Does your website witness tremendous traffic yet fail to convert them?

Have you lately recognized that your website is losing its Google rankings?

Are your competitors taking over your stand in Google?

Let me guess, your website is losing its value and as much as an explanation to this is important, so is the need to undertake measures and act before it's too late.

Oh common, you can no longer rely on the SEO plugins. They are definitely good but as your visitors and traffic increase to great length, these turn obsolete. Apparently, that's a call alarming you to not rely on the plugin alone and switch to SEO services, one that involves us.

We are the one-stop solution for all your SEO needs. Where the dedicated plugins emphasize on the need to improve the quality of the website, we take an overall check and optimize the website in a manner that it enhances the global visibility of the company, foster user trust, increase loyalty, enhance the conversion rate and on a whole, trigger your business ROI.

With dedicated experts and a 10-year experience, we promise to offer the best in industry SEO services.

Service Offerings

With that being said, you might wonder how we achieve this. Well, there isn't a single solution that would fill the gaps in all businesses. Each one is unique and has its own set of, requirements. To justify our offerings, we have segmented the SEO services into a group of five different plans.

So, what are you waiting for? Give a call and get in touch with us, today!

Package Name Try it out - The Silver Plan One Step Ahead - Gold Trailblazer - Blaze For the Pro: Platinum Borderless: Super

Starting a blog or a website? Wanna get the taste of our services? Well, the silver or the starter pack offered by us is all you need. Now, since it is the starter pack, you are bound to pay the money at the start. Don't worry. Your money would be in safe hands. We offer more than 15 articles, 2 press releases, and additional social bookmarks. All you need to do is provide us unique content and leave the rest to us.

Why stick to the basic services when there's a lot more you can do to upgrade your website? And all of it as $50 extra? Grow to 3 URLs, around 30 keywords and 22+ articles - the gold pricing plan of our SEO package gives you the ease to grow your business along with the pack.

Step up with our blaze SEO plans that encompass a monthly payment. The plan includes 30+ articles, 15+ forum profiles, and 5 press releases. In case, your business is expanding, the gold plan wouldn't fit within your needs and hence, this. Technical support and expert guidance, you will notice a sudden upsurge in your website rankings with this plan.

A marketing agency or a big fat organization, content is the key to your business's success. While the aforementioned plans are limited in offerings, the platinum SEO plan extends support to 6 URLs with 60+ keywords. Monthly content count expands to 60 articles and 100 social bookmarks, definitely, it is the king of all.

As the name, so are the offerings. When you have multiple businesses to run and across different regions, a super SEO package is the one you would need to opt for. Here again, you have a monthly recurring under your name with a whopping 120+ article support and the same number of optimized keyword phrases.

One Time Payment One Time Payment Monthly Recurring Monthly Recurring Monthly Recurring
Articles 15+approved Articles 22+approved Articles 30+approved Articles 60+approved Articles 120+approved
Forum profile 10+ Forum profile 15+ Forum profile 20+ Forum profile 40+ Forum profile 80+
Press release 2 Press release 3 Press release 5 Press release 10 Press release 20
RSS 22 RSS 35 RSS 45 RSS 90 RSS 180
Web 2.0 50+ Web 2.0 70+ Web 2.0 100+ Web 2.0 200+ Web 2.0 400+
Social Bookmarks T1 25+ Social Bookmarks T1 35+ Social Bookmarks T1 50+ Social Bookmarks T1 100+ Social Bookmarks T1 200+
Social Bookmarks T2 25+ Social Bookmarks T2 20+ Social Bookmarks T2 30+ Social Bookmarks T2 60+ Social Bookmarks T2 120+
Social Network T1 45+ Social Network T1 65 Social Network T1 90+ Social Network T1 180+ Social Network T1 360+
Social Network T2 7+ Social Network T2 10+ Social Network T2 15+ Social Network T2 30+ Social Network T2 60+
PDF 5 PDF 7 PDF 10 PDF 20 PDF 40
What you need to provide us
KEYWORDS up to 10 kw's (10 kw's/URL) up to 30 kw's (10 kw's/URL) up to 30 kw's (10 kw's/URL) up to 60 kw's (10 kw's/URL) up to 120 kw's (10 kw's/URL)
URLs 1 URL 1 to 3 URL's 1 to 3 URL's up to 6 URL's up to12 URL's
Price $149 $199 $229 $399 $749

Q.What all does the package include?

Answer. The all in one SEO package as offered by us includes keyword optimization, link building, social bookmarks, profiles, and frequent reports.

Q. Are the rankings guaranteed?

Answer. No, we don't legally guarantee a certain ranking. However, you can rest assured that joining hands with us, your website ranking will definitely improve. As a matter of fact, it takes two to three months for a website to rank in the top 10 results, post-optimization.

Q.How many categories can I select?

Answer.There is a limitation of one category per plan. So irrespective of whether you choose the gold, silver or blaze plans, you can select only one category per site.

Q.Do you spin your articles?

Answer. We do offer spun articles and you don't have to worry about the readability of the same. We employ human writers to perform the spinning process so every piece is fresh and totally readable.

Q.Is it possible to white label reports?

Answer. Definitely, yes! All you need to do is inform us in advance and rest will be, covered.

Q.Can I include more than one site domain?

Answer. We allow a single site domain per plan. Though the plans have support to more than one URL, the domains need to be the same.

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