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WordPress Database Connection Error

WordPress Database Connection Error

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Last updated on September 23rd, 2021 at 01:14 pm

Wordpress Database Connection Error

Setting up a WordPress site is one thing. Making it operate reliably at all times is yet another thing altogether. From time to time, the WordPress platform will often sustain errors mainly as a result of issues with database connectivity.

Such errors may often have devastating impacts on the performance of the site as a whole. When a site stays down for too long, it may lose visitors, inbound traffic, subscriptions, and ultimately revenue. These are why you badly want to prevent a situation in which this issue arises at all costs. Such an issue may also compromise the credibility of your site greatly.

In light of these, it makes sense for you to know more about the database connection error. You also have to know how to fix the error and how to reinstate your site to its original performance levels soonest possible. These form the basis of our subsequent discussions.

How WordPress Site Works

For a start, we have to understand how the WordPress site works. WordPress is in fact written in two main languages. These are the PHP and the MySQL, respectively. The PHP language constitutes its core whereas the MySQL language is what supports the database.

While engaging WordPress, the PHP language requests the data whenever you ask for a particular post or page. Upon receiving the request, the MySQL language skims the database to return the requested piece of information.

What ‘Wordpress Database Connection Error’ Means

Every quite often, a discrepancy is bound to arise between these two languages. This could often mean that a request that is generated by the PHP language is distorted or misinterpreted by the MySQL language and vice versa.

If and when this happens, the data that is requested cannot be retrieved from the database. This returns a blank page as no data is availed from the database for the sake of building that particular page. It is this phenomenon that gives rise to the database connection error.

Possible Causes Of This Error

The Following Are The Major Causes Of This Error:

Wrong Login Credentials

Chances are that you may have keyed in wrong credentials to access the data that is stored in the database. For instance, you may have furnished the wrong username or password to do so. This causes unnecessary confusion which subsequently interferes with the smooth connectivity of these two languages.

To cope with this issue, you may wish to reassess the credentials afresh. You may have to change the credentials one by one. If you have forgotten your password, which is often most likely the case, you may have to take advantage of the ‘Forgotten Password’ feature.

Corrupted Database

Another possible cause of this issue could be the corrupted database. This simply means that the credibility of the database may be compromised for a number of reasons. These could include bugs, malware, viruses, and unauthorized access. Inaccurate records may also be a possible cause of this phenomenon.

This calls for a thorough scrutiny of the database from time to time. You may have to employ a database expert to be able to mitigate this issue. Such a person has the tools-of-trade and expertise required to do a relatively good job

Broken Network Connections

For the data to be transferred seamlessly from the server to the host, the connections have to be foolproof. Any errors, brokenness, or inconsistencies in the connectivity may often give rise to this particular issue. It, therefore, follows that this issue may often arise as a result of a broken network connection.

This calls for a thorough inspection of the network as soon as this problem is detected. Being a complicated undertaking, such an inspection may only be performed by a qualified and certified network administrator.

Compromised Host Server

Lastly, the server that hosts the database may itself be compromised for various reasons. It could be infested with bugs or down for the time that the request was received. You may wish to refresh the page or try loading again later as a possible way of getting round this issue.

In case the problem persists, you may also wish to invoke the assistance and intervention of your system administrator. He is the one with the authority and administrative privileges to effect such issues. Such a person will usually skim the database to find out the root cause of the problem and take the necessary intervention mechanisms.

Call For Actions

It goes without saying that fixing this WordPress database connection error is not a task for the ordinary person or end user. The terminology, concepts, and tools-of-trade necessary for the job are way beyond the scope of such a person. This is why you inevitably have to bring in a qualified company to do it for you.

And when you talk of a qualified company, no other one beats or even comes close to us. We have the skill, expertise, and equipment required to perform the chore perfectly. Why don’t you consider contracting us for your next error or problem? We will all the more be glad to assist! Instant Chat Support

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