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Top 5 Vehicle WordPress Themes

Top 5 Vehicle WordPress Themes

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Last updated on June 14th, 2024 at 05:43 am

As we all know so well, when it comes to fixing our vehicles, not many of us can deal with the new computerized systems that are in everyday cars. It’s not as simple as it used to be, but what if you actually can fix these things? Are you a mechanic? Are you struggling for business? Well why not let these themes bolster your user base. Not only will you be helping yourself bring traffic towards your website, but you will also be helping the millions of people who have absolutely no idea how to repair a vehicle.

Now you may be thinking, “I’m just the tech guy! I don’t know anything about how to fix cars!”. Well that’s not a problem at all! Don’t stress about it. Our in depth top ten list will include themes that are intended on providing people with info on which mechanic to go to as well. Not every theme is tutorial based, or DIY fixes.

Stay tuned, as this top 5 list of the best vehicle WordPress themes is about to blow your mind.

1. AutoPro – Car Dealer & Vehicle WordPress Theme

When it comes to buying cars, websites can typically be confusing. So why not use AutoPro? Not only will it help your customers navigate and utilize your resources, but it’ll actually inspire customers to become loyal to their dealers.

AutoPro is known for its excellent customer service, and maintains a five star rating over all. With beautiful designs, and hundreds of specialized features, you cannot go wrong with this theme when designing a car dealership’s website.

In terms of showcasing the cars, the theme is both high resolution and very customizable. This means you can put stunning images all over your site. Wherever a customer turns, they’ll be able to see the car of their dreams. Especially with advertisement targeting, you’ll be able to effectively utilize your images in order to obtain successful sale records.

Why not try out AutoPro today? Let’s get your customers those dream cars they’ve always been eyeing up shall we?

AutoPro - Car Dealer WordPress Theme

Click HERE to buy now or to try out their free demo.

2. PenNews – News/Magazine/Portfolio/Business/AMP Landing WordPress Theme

PenNews, a powerful, unique and reliable WordPress theme designed and created by PenciDesign. This theme is specifically designed for those with little to no knowledge on web development, but rather, a lot of knowledge on vehicles and how to repair them.

PenNews provides the creator with plenty of options. You can either create a news forum, displaying all the new aspects and additions to the vehicular world. You can create a tutorial base, in order to show people how to repair their vehicles. You can advertise a mechanic’s business through PenNews as well. PenNews is not limited to these three options. The features among the theme are virtually limitless.

Why not try out PenNews today? The customizability and ease of use is a for sure way to real in customers nice and quick.

PenNews - New/ Magazine/ Business Review WordPress Theme

Click HERE to buy now or to try out their free live preview.

3. Etalon – Multi-Concept Theme (Professional Services)

Etalon, a WordPress theme known for its flexibility and ease of access. The only problem? There are so many options and customization possibilities. Now, don’t get me wrong here, customization is a must. So are features and options, and Etalon displays them all in a very user friendly way! Now, when I say a problem, I mean that the more indecisive among us may take a very long time setting up their site.

Not only are there hundreds upon hundreds of features and options, but there are also over twenty different demos you can explore! All with their own features! Seriously, if after trying out these demos you can’t decide if the theme is right for you? Well, perhaps just take a break from the internet for a short while. We’re just kidding! We know everyone decides in their own time. Maybe the below features will help you decide!

Etalon features a brand new pop up contact form, making it extremely easy for your users to come in contact with you. Your site has the ability to show your business profile and of course your business’ opening and closing hours. Need a portfolio? Etalon has your back. Need customer service for yourself? Etalon will oblige you. Need customer service for your customers? Once again, Etalon is there and has your back. These and so many other features are why we just love Etalon so very much.

Now, unfortunately we have to get into the only real problem. The pricing. I know this isn’t that big of a problem for some people, but for people starting off, seeing numbers in the triple digits per month can be scary. We suggest waiting for sales before actually getting the product.

Overall, Etalon is a fantastic and extremely useful theme. Whether you’re fixing cars, or simply selling them, Etalon will do you no wrongs.

Etalon - Multi-Concept Theme

Click HERE to buy now or to try out their live preview.

4. Motors – Automotive, Car Dealership, Car Rental, Auto, Classified Ads, Listing WordPress Theme

When it comes to vehicles, and everything they encompass, Motors WordPress theme could not be more flexible. The purpose behind this tutorial is to aid content creators on their journey to choosing an appropriate theme for themselves and their website. Fortunately for us, our job’s been made so much easier. Motors WordPress theme provides dozens of demos, each of them designed as a different vehicle website theme. Examples being car dealerships, repair shops, DIY mechanic workshops, rent a car services, car magazines, and even boat sales! It honestly doesn’t get much better than that in terms of user friendly.

On top of all the previous pros, Motors features four advanced customizable options that are designed for beginner web developers. It can be said that Motors is pointed towards people more experienced in vehicles rather than web development.

Motors WordPress theme even boasts an amazing finance calculator! It’s their own algorithm and we’ve got to say, it’s amazing. User reviews are often stating how helpful it was, along with how they’d never been able to purchase items until now due to how confusing other sites have been.

Motors Listing WordPress Theme

Click HERE to buy now or to try out a live preview for free!

5. V.1.0 – Towing & Repair WordPress Theme Free Download

Need an effective and reliable WordPress theme for a towing and repair website? Are you a beginner and have little to no experience with web development? Do you want plenty of features and customization options? Well, you’re in luck. Car Zone v.1.0 is powerful, easy to use, responsive and extremely user friendly. The functionality among the theme is a featured component and frankly cannot be ignored.

Among the theme, $50 worth of plugins are included free of charge. They include things like a visual composer and a revolution slider, among others of course.

To top off this nearly perfect theme, CarZone features a unique and revolutionary online booking system that makes it insanely easy for jobs to be assigned and completed.

Why not try out the themes free demo today? You may just love it. Chances are, if you love it, your users will too!

V.1.0 - Towing & Repair WordPress Theme Free Download

Click HERE to buy this theme now, or to try out their free demo or live preview!

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Which Vehicle Theme Do You Like ?
Which Vehicle Theme Do You Like ?
Which Vehicle Theme Do You Like ?

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