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WordPress Coupon Code Plugins

Top 10 WordPress Coupon Code Plugins (Free & Paid)

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Last updated on June 10th, 2024 at 06:58 am

People always look out for discounts whenever they are out shopping. No one would reject any coupon code or an exclusive deal if offered by some person or a company. The same works with the online environment. People accept anything offered for free and appreciate the same.

Because the ability to save a few bucks could lead to more sales, it could be a game-changer for your online business to introduce one or more WordPress coupon code plugins.

Since coupons are still a driving force behind consumer loyalty, it is essential that you put this strategy into your e-commerce shop and provide your customers with what they want to save money.

If you are someone looking for a single recommendation for a WordPress Coupon Code themes, then you have hit the right place. You can go ahead and grab any one of the below-mentioned themes. But before that, let us see what a WordPress Coupon Plugin is?

What is WordPress Coupon Plugin?

The WordPress Coupon plugin is a tool for creating, displaying, customizing, and managing the digital coupons on the WordPress website efficiently. The plugins also offer various features to tweak the deals and provides visually.
Once you are clear with what the WordPress Coupon Code Plugins is, let us now see the use of this plugin on the website.

Use of WordPress Coupon Plugins on the Website

  • With WordPress Coupon Plugin, one can promote third party products and services related to your niche.
  • The WordPress Coupon Plugin offers you a discount on your purchase via coupons or other offers if you are marketing your services or products.
  • With WordPress Coupon plugin you can also make your coupon website

In fact, you make your coupon website using a WordPress coupon plugin.

Below is the collection of the best WordPress Coupon Code Plugins for creating a deal site that will help you in creating a great looking deal site.

The Need to give coupons on the WordPress website

If you can’t figure out why your website visitors might be interested in using cards, test these stats for a better understanding:

  • Around 96% of the consumers make use of coupons
  • Nearly 49% of the people look for different ways to continue buying at discounted rates
  • 79% of the millennials look for loyalty programs or some discounts from their favourite brands.
  • Before visiting the retail shop, 85% of the customers seek a coupon
  • 52% of people among the adults utilize the online card at some point

Clearly, these figures show that people are looking to buy, but they are looking for ways to spend wisely. On the whole, who doesn’t want to save some extra cash when they can?
So in this article, we would be focusing on some of the best wp coupons and deals in the market that won’t affect your site speed. So, you can offer your site visitors the special deal they won’t be able to turn down.

1) WP Coupons and Deals

WP Coupons and deals plugin makes it easy for individual WordPress posts or pages to add any coupon or discount. Unlike some other offer plugins, this one is targeted explicitly at affiliate marketers because it is designed to help generate affiliate coupons and support affiliate offers. It also protects the profits of your sales by making sure that the visitors click on the proper connection.

WP Coupons and Deals

Cost of WP Coupons and WordPress Deals Plugin

One can download the free version of the plugin with less features from the
The cost of the premium version of WP coupons and deals is $29.99 annually for the single site license, $99.99 for five sites, which consists of all the pro features with localhost license and one year support and updates. On the other hand, for the unlimited sites, the cost is around $199.99 inclusive of all the pro features, localhost license, and one year support and updates.

Features of WP Coupons and WordPress Deals Plugin

  • It has the ability of hiding coupons for protecting the sales
  • WP coupons and deals plugin have printable image coupons
  • One can copy the features of WP Coupons and deals plugin in a single click
  • The plugin has a responsive design and short-codes with expiration dates
  • The plugin has multiple coupon categories

Advantages of WP Coupons and WordPress Deals Plugin

  • Light in weight
  • Easy to use
  • Live Preview

Disadvantages of WP Coupons and WordPress Deals Plugin

  • High in price

2) Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups is a versatile pop-up plugin as it allows people to display the coupons on the pop-up. Ninja Pop-ups also has a powerful drag and drop visual editor for customizing the pop-ups to display coupons or any other element. The Ninja Popups supports various animation effects and themes for designing your pop-up creatively.

Ninja Popups

Cost of Ninja Popups plugin

The cost of a regular license is $25.


  • With Ninja Popups plugin one can track the events via Google Analytics
  • This Pop-up plugin is triggered depending on the percentage and time of the page scroll
  • Ninja Popups plugin is designed for improving the traffic bouncer
  • The plugin has more than 60 Pop-up themes and 74+ animation effects for customizing its look and feel
  • Social media integration – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+


  • The plugin has 24×7 customer support
  • One can create unlimited pop-ups
  • The pop-up is blocker proof
  • The Ninja Popups plugin is responsive and mobile-friendly


  • Ninja Popups plugin can display only coupons although it is not an essential coupon plugin

3) Coupon Creator

Coupon Creator is free of cost WordPress Coupon plugin to create and manage customized coupons. Coupon Creator also has its paid version. With the paid version of Coupon Creator, the users can set the expiry date of the coupon and the number of times any particular coupon can be used.

Coupon Creator

Cost of Coupon Creator plugin

The Coupon Creator plugin is available in below versions:

  • The Starter license is suitable for one site and costs $34 per year.
  • The Business License is suitable for only four sites and costs $99 per year.
  • An unlimited license is suitable for an unlimited number of sites and costs around $299 per year

Below are the features of the Coupon Creator plugin. Read on to find out which are they.


  • Plugin has a template system, filter bar, and short-code support
  • Has Woo-commerce coupon support
  • The Coupon creator plugin has a click reveal feature
  • Has a visual editor to customize the coupons
  • Google analytics can access the print templates


  • The Coupon Creator plugin has an advanced search function
  • The plugin also has a coupon custom expiry date feature
  • The basic features are free cost, and if you are looking for advanced features then you are required to pay for it


  • Coupon Creator plugin is best suitable for the small-scale publishing of the coupons

4) Coupon XL

Coupon XL is a coupon theme. Coupon XL is a WordPress theme that provides built-in coupon support, sales deals, and discounts. To produce eye-catching coupons and promotions, the theme is bundled with several apps. Creating a partner’s website, sales website, etc. is very useful.

Coupon XL


The price of the regular license of Coupon XL plugin is $39.


  • The Coupon XL plugin has a built-in CTR tracking system
  • One can find various coupon formats those include printable coupons, code coupon, affiliate link coupon, discounts, and deals.
  • The Coupon XL plugin supports mega menu
  • The plugin has a random woocommerce coupon generator
  • The plugin has deals rating, coupons, and commenting system
  • It has a custom XML importer and technology-based Bootstrap framework for making it more powerful


  • The Coupon XL plugin has a dedicated support
  • The plugin is SEO optimized
  • The plugin is fast as well as reliable
  • The Coupon XL also supports permalink support


  • The Coupon XL plugin has much more features
  • Also has less customization flexibility

5) Viral Coupon

The coupon is another useful tool for increasing the social media presence of your eCommerce website. When visitors do the assigned social media activity i.e., like or post on social media networks such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, it offers a discount on the products.

Viral Coupon

As most people are interested in deals, they are more likely on social media to share your product. It helps you push to your page more social media traffic and build a high brand identity.

Cost of Viral Coupon WordPress plugin

The pricing for the regular license Viral Coupon WordPress plugin is $18.

Features of Viral Coupon WordPress plugin

  • The Viral Coupon WordPress plugin has a WooCommerce Integration
  • One can either enable or disable the social network of your choices such as Google+, Twitter or Facebook
  • After each like or share, coupon can be automatically added to the cart
  • There is an individual link to various social networking sites like Google+, Twitter or Facebook
  • The Viral Coupon WordPress is cross-browsing compatible
  • After each like or share the page gets refreshed

Advantages of Viral Coupon WordPress plugin

  • The Viral Coupon WordPress plugin can be easily setup
  • Google+ supports the plugins for rank improvement
  • The plugin is compatible for various languages supported by Google+, Facebook and Twitter

Disadvantages of Viral Coupon WordPress plugin

Viral Coupon plugin has lesser features in comparison with some other paid plugins

6) Social Coupon for WordPress

Social WordPress Coupon is an extension of coupon plugin woocommerce. This extension allows you to increase followers of your social media. You may create social coupons that are only available to customers after they visit a similar site or post your web page.

Social Coupon for WordPress

Customers can immediately get the discount coupons on a cart or can checkout directly after a discount has been requested from the social media activity. Further shares in social media mean additional traffic to your page. Believe it or not, people always love offers!

Cost of Social Coupon for WordPress

Regular license costs around $23 per month.

Features of Social Coupon for WordPress

  • One can find various discounts for various social actions for the same users
  • The admin panel of Social Coupon for WordPress is powered by Ajax
  • The plugin supports the share buttons for Facebook like/share, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn
  • The Social Coupon WordPress has a retina-high DPI display ready
  • The plugin has mobile layout support that works very well with the responsive themes
  • One can add a social coupon to a web page, widget, template with the help of short-code
  • The plugin is SSL compatible

Advantages of Social Coupon for WordPress

  • Social Coupon for WordPress can be installed quickly
  • Social Coupon for WordPress is easy for installation
  • The plugin has cross-browser compatible
  • The Social Coupon for WordPress supports the latest version of the coupon plugin woocommerce

Disadvantages of Social Coupon for WordPress

  • There is no rope for customer support
  • The plugin does not support all the themes

7) Social Offers

Comparatively, digital services are a new feature. This WordPress Coupon plugin enables you to view overlay benefits such as ebook, model, coupons, or folder as incentives for social activities such as social sharing, email subscription, etc. Increasing viewer awareness and product recognition is a positive plugin.

WordPress Coupon Code Plugins

Social Offers is a WordPress social coupon plugin that shows bonuses such as PDFs, songs, models, coupons, or files as rewards for your site visitors ‘ specific social behavior. This is an excellent opportunity for website owners to grow their Facebook and Twitter audiences while extending their product to new customer bases.

Cost of Social Offers Coupon plugin

The Social Offers plugin is available in below versions:

  • The Starter pack costs around $9 per month
  • The Basic version costs around $9 per month
  • The price of the Premium version is around $39 per month
  • The amount of the Ultimate version is approximately $79 per month

Features of Social Offers Coupon plugin

  • The plugin is well-equipped with Twitter and Facebook support
  • It also offers PDFs, coupons, ebooks and some other files
  • The plugin has customized background images and even coupon details
  • The plugin has an automatic pop-up feature with exit intent technology
  • Has a custom logo and branding support
  • The plugin is integrated with various eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify and Bigcommerce
  • The Social Offers Coupon plugin works with all the major email service providers

Advantages of Social Offers Coupon plugin

  • The Social Offers Coupon plugin is easy to set up
  • The plugin is fully customizable
  • The Social Offers Coupon plugin supports the premium applications for increasing subscribers via email or live chat subscription and much more.
  • The plugin supports multiple languages

Disadvantages of Social Offers Coupon plugin

  • The Social Offers Coupon plugin is costly when it comes to pricing

8) YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

Have you ever faced this situation when you’re not sure what gift you should buy for someone? You have a lot of questions in mind like what to buy, whether the person would like your donation or if not, how you can handle a refund, etc.
To get rid of all the difficulties of buy-a-gift pre and post, you should buy somebody a Gift Card worth something. The Gift Cardholder can use the gift card to purchase his choice of product/service.

WordPress Coupon Code Plugins

YITH coupon plugin woocommerce allows the website visitors to buy a Gift-Card that is sent with a discount code to their inbox. The gift cardholder can use the discount code as long as the available credit.

Cost of YITH WooCommerce Gift Card Plugin

The YITH WooCommerce Gift Card Plugin is available in three different versions. They are mentioned below:

  • The cost of a Single Site License is around $109/year.
  • The cost of Up to Six sites is around $202 per year
  • The cost of Up to 30 locations is $233 a year

Features of YITH WooCommerce Gift Card Plugin

  • With YITH WooCommerce Gift Card Plugin one can set gift card amount individually
  • An automated mail is sent to the buyer whenever any product or the gift card is purchased
  • Printable cards can be created for the physical gift cards
  • The plugin also allows the site visitors to create a gift card with their amount
  • The YITH WooCommerce gift card plugin also allows manual gift card creation
  • All the products on the plugin can be managed with the help of pre-printed codes
  • The plugin is WPML compatible

Advantages of YITH WooCommerce Gift Card Plugin

  • The WooCommerce Supports till version 3.2.x
  • The plugin has multilingual support
  • It is compatible with all the YITH themes and plugins
  • It is a complete gift card management form the back-end

Disadvantages of YITH WooCommerce Gift Card Plugin

  • For YITH WooCommerce gift card plugin all the significant features are available in the paid plans

9) Magic WP Coupons

Magic WP Coupons enables you to transform your website into a fully retrieved coupon site. This free WordPress Coupon code plugins is designed to help you create and control coupons.

WordPress Coupon Code Plugins

Cost of Magic WP Coupons

It is free of charge for all

Features of Magic WP Coupons

  • The Magic WP Coupons has a custom control panel for adding, deleting, editing coupons and new stores
  • The short-codes support Magic WP Coupons for easy coupon-handling
  • The plugin has 1- predesigned coupon templates
  • The social sharing is enabled for Magic WP Coupons
  • The plugin has external CSS support
  • Widgets are easily supported in the Magic WP Coupons

Advantages of Magic WP Coupons

  • The coupons have a great look and have upgraded designs
  • The plugin is SEO friendly
  • There is a Like or Dislike option in the plugin for getting feedback from the customers

Disadvantages of Magic WP Coupons

  • The Magic WP coupon plugin lack regular updates

10) Coupon PopUp

Coupon Pop-up is a free WordPress Coupon app that is evolving. You can easily use short-codes to create beautiful coupons in posts, pages, and sidebar. It is also compatible with nearly all WordPress themes.

Cost of Coupon PopUp plugin

The Coupon PopUp is a free version and is free of cost
Now, let’s look at its key features

Features of Coupon PopUp plugin

  • The coupon can be easily created in the post, page or in the sidebar
  • The Coupon PopUp plugin reveals or hides the deals whenever the visitor clicks on the coupon
  • The buttons are customized
  • The pop-up helps in reducing the bounce rates

Disadvantages of Coupon PopUp Plugin

  • Only a single coupon theme is available
  • The plugin also has a PopUp blocker that is used by the people for blocking the ads.

There are certain things one need to keep in mind when you offer coupons on your website. Let us see what they are.

Important Tips One must keep in Mind While Offering Coupons to Your Website

When it comes to WordPress coupon code plugins, online businesses have a lot of options. No wonder why, taking into account that all websites are aimed at motivating users to make a purchase. Ideally, this article helps you to find the most appropriate plugin for your online store.

1) The Product Must Be Easy to Find
There’s nothing worse than getting an amazing discount on your website for a brand you can’t find. If you are not careful, this would drive even a loyal customer away from your website into a competitor’s eyes. If you are offering the deal on the specific product or service, directly guide all site visitors to it for increasing the chances of finalizing the purchase.

2) The Product Must Be Relevant
If possible, provide your customers with coupons that are relevant to what they are buying right now. It includes items that accompany items already bought or items in a shopping cart at the moment. You can also provide potential discounts on a product that has already been purchased for use on your next trip. Eventually, make suggestions as customers search your online store, offering coupons relevant to the quality of the site they are visiting at the moment.

Ending Thoughts on WordPress coupon code Plugins
When it comes to WordPress coupon code plugins, online businesses have a lot of options. No wonder why taking into account that all websites are aimed at motivating users to make a purchase. Ideally, this article helps you to find the most appropriate plugin for your online store. So, what are you waiting for, grab this opportunity to buy the best WordPress Coupon Plugin?

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