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Free WordPress Plugins

Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins

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Last updated on September 13th, 2023 at 05:31 am

WPForms Lite

wpform lite

On the market today, WPForms is the friendliest contact form plugin for every beginner, coming with a drag & drop WordPress form builder. Consequently, you can produce for your website contact forms.

Furthermore, it comes with a pre-built form templates that have all the form fields you need complete; therefore you get to modify your form as you feel like doing. Also, it is mobile friendly, 100% responsive and SEO optimised, as well as having among the fastest contact form plugins in existence.



It is one of the free WordPress plugins which offers a little bit of everything for everybody. For a start, it assists you to design your website since it gives you access an unlimited video and image CDN, lots of WordPress themes, and lazy loading functionality, therefore, rendering your site quick on mobile gadgets.

Subsequently, it assists your marketing efforts due to features such as the site stat and analytics reporting, automated social media posting as well as simple PayPal buttons for money collection. Finally, it provides you with security features relating to spam, brute force attacks, downtime monitoring, as well as assisting you to protect your site’s reputation and data, with that just being a start.

Yoast SEO

Yoast Seo

To certainly top off your SEO efforts and guarantee your site gets appropriately indexed and is found on the major search engines, you must try this SEO specific plugin for WordPress.

The likes of Bing, Google, Yahoo, will know of your existence by letting this free plugin to generate a distinct XML sitemap for the content of your website. All posts, pages and custom URLs are supported, with the search engines automatically update each time you get to make changes to your site or publish new content.

Extra features include:

Numerous translations accessible

Implement prohibiting rules for categories and posts

Lots of functionality included



In 2017, security is going to be a significant concern for all online business owners. However, with Sucuri’s web application firewall, you will be provided with one of the world’s best site protection for your website.

It tracks and protects your website from malware threats, DDoS, brute force attacks, XSS attacks plus essentially all other forms of attack.

Therefore, you should add this firewall to your site if you do not have one already.

Easy Google Fonts

Easy google font

Using Easy Google Fonts plugin comes in handy when your WordPress does not have the Google Fonts you like, thus, with it, you get to take control of your site’s typography.

Moreover, accessing over 600 fonts is easy since this free plugin integrates with your WordPress Customizer. Generate your own unique font rules and controls, real-time preview of font changes, as well as automatically enqueue all stylesheets, without editing or coding the core stylesheet so that you do not lose your custom work when your theme updates.



WooCommerce on the market is the most common eCommerce platform which you should consider if you are thinking of selling digital or physical products online. Additionally, its seamless integration with WordPress ensures this online shop offers you complete control over the functionality and design of your online shop.

Consequently, you get to sell anything you want, with the different sizes, shapes, configurations and product variations comprehensively explained. Additionally, a wide range of shipping options is available, and this includes shipping which has its calculation done in real time or free shipping.

People can also make purchases in any method they prefer, since cash on delivery, BACs and most credit cards are acceptable, with the best part being you own it entirely. Therefore, you will never have to worry about a third-party platform packing up and going with all of your store’s data.



WP Mail SMTP becomes increasingly helpful if you are having trouble with your WordPress not sending emails, with this free plugin assisting you to reconfigure the wp_mail() PHP role to make use of the appropriate SMTP provider. It guarantees you any emails you are expected to send from your WordPress get delivered to your recipient’s inbox on time and intact.

Furthermore, another excellent feature about this plugin is that it combines all SMTP providers into one plugin; therefore, you are not required to use separate plugins for each provider.

NextGen Gallery


It is a powerful and beautiful free gallery plugin that is suitable for cooking blogs, photographers, travel blogs among many others, as well as having lots of innovative features and being very simple to use. Through its back-end, you can add galleries immediately in your pages and posts. After uploading the images, NextGen Gallery enables you to pick your preferred gallery style, be it mosaic, tag cloud, slideshow, primary among many others.

Moreover, this plugin comes with numerous display customisation options so that you get to customise it as you wish. Having almost one million users makes this plugin one of the most widely used plugins presently on

WP Super Cache

wp super cache

With this free WordPress plugin, users of your website never get to experience fast loading speeds since it helps you maximise your website’s speed.

Take a real-time snapshot of every post, web page, link, category and more following this up by building a cache to use later. Additionally, for those who have left comments recently or are currently logged in on your site, this plugin never serves cached pages, while also omitting login pages and admin pages. Finally, this plugin gives you the complete control on how you expect the cache to clear.



Even for those of you with experience, moving your WordPress site from one place to another can be quite tricky. However, Duplicator luckily makes the tasks of copying, migrating, moving, or cloning a website from one location to another rather simple, while simultaneously acting as a backup solution.

While cloning, migrating or moving a WordPress website between hosts or domains, Duplicator boasts zero downtime. Also, it makes the pulling of a live stage to a staging location simple, and just as easy moving it back. Finally, the duplication of a staged or live site can be done quickly for use elsewhere, therefore streamlining website development, mainly if you produce numerous sites for your clients. Chat Now

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Which Form Plugin Do You Like?
Which Form Plugin Do You Like?
Which Form Plugin Do You Like?

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