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WooCommerce Merchant and Shop Integrations

Merchant and Shop Integrations for Seamlessly Running your Online Business

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Last updated on August 11th, 2021 at 06:33 am

Having an online store is one and running it effectively is another. To be a successful entrepreneur or the store owner, in specific, you need to keep track of the market trends and upgrade your online store to expand your reach.

Think about the retail sector years ago, everything was manual. From feeding information to tracking orders, store managers had to maintain cash registers for all. However, this wasn’t just time-consuming but at the same time, prone to errors. Fast forward twenty years, today every retail task is automated. In fact, it just takes a single swipe to pick a product and place an order. However, just by setting up an online store or establishing a WooCommerce store isn’t enough.

It is important for the store managers to modify and upgrade their online business integrating significant other plugins to enhance the productivity of the store. Now stating that you should integrate robust applications, finding the one that would serve your purpose best is no less than a challenge. Trial and error might appear an option but given the pace at which the retail industry is booming, this isn’t the ideal choice. So, what’s next?

Well, we have handpicked some of the best retailer apps that you can consider to integrate with your WooCommerce store and expand your business.

Integrating Merchant Apps to Widen Reach & Improve Performance

It would not be wrong to state that entrepreneurs need to restructure their online stores to remain at the forefront. While there are plenty of prospects, this article will take you down the top 6 shops to integrate and fuel your business.

1. Walmart WooCommerce Integration

Walmart Woocommerce Integration

You might have designed an excellent WooCommerce store, beautiful themes, and relevant plugins, all in place. True that WooCommerce offers you the opportunity to sell products online but offers restricted visibility. In case you have been planning to integrate third party merchant store with your woo-commerce business, WalMart would be an ideal option. Walmart WooCommerce Integration allows store managers to connect their store with Walmart, a leading player in the eCommerce industry.

Integration of Walmart with WooCommerce not only adds another platform to showcase your products but at the same time, synchronizes all your product-related data in a single click within the Walmart application. Whether you are a small scale, mid-sized or a large scale organization, Walmart WooCommerce Integration will help you streamline all your store activities, in a way refine the entire business operation.


  • Integration of WalMart with WooCommerce ensures round the store product management. Store managers can add as many products as they want. Any changes made in the WooCommerce are automatically synchronized in the Walmart app.
  • Manage inventory in real-time
  • Updation of stock in real-time
  • Enable integration with third-party apps
  • Auto validation of products to abide by rules of Walmart store.
  • Seamless payments with lifetime upgrades for free.
  • Centralized storage of data to keep your inventory updated.

2. Bigcommerce WooCommerce Integration

Bigcommerce WooCommerce Integration

One of WooCommerce integrations opted for is Bigcommerce WooCommerce Integration. The collaboration enables customers to view products both on the WooCommerce and the bigcommerce store uploaded by the same merchant. Customers can view products, share details and place orders on the big commerce store. One of the widely used eCommerce stores, big commerce will take your WooCommerce online store to the next level.

The Bigcommerce WooCommerce Integration plugin gives store managers the ease to seamlessly host their products on a bigcommerce website. Once you integrate the store, all the details related to the product gets synchronized on the bigcommerce store, enhancing the reach and the visibility of the products. Any modification or changes made in the product list or any upgrade in orders, the data is effectively updated on both platforms. Consider a customer who has just made a purchase of a product through big commerce. Information related to sale is automatically updated and the inventory adjusted to map the stock count.


  • A seamless collaboration of information between WooCommerce and bigcommerce
  • Automated product management services
  • Real-time management of inventory and stock
  • Enable connecting the online store with third-party payment apps and automation tools to optimize sales.
  • Trigger workflow on the integration of big commerce with WooCommerce.

3. Shopify WooCommerce Integration

Shopify WooCommerce Integration

In case, you want to opt for something that is much more user-specific and has an appealing interface, you can invest in WooCommerce Shopify integration. Shopify is one of the most popularly used eCommerce apps that allows store owners to create an online website and sell products on the go. The Shopify WooCommerce integration can be successfully carried out using the WooCommerce Shopify Connector. This enables the store manager to integrate its already running WooCommerce store with the Shopify app and then sell with greater ease.

The integration is backed by synchronizing orders, categories, and products within Shopify and the WooCommerce store ensuring better store operations. Post the WooCommerce Shopify Integration, the merchants can also import and export product-specific information, product types and other relevant details. Further, a store leader can integrate one or more than one Shopify accounts with their store and automate product and order management.


  • Draft a comparison between the WooCommerce product categories and the category of Shopify.
  • One-click integration of products in the Shopify store.
  • WooCommerce Shopify Integration gives admin the ease to set up default categories in the store
  • The Shopify WooCommerce Integration all else integration of multiple Shopify account.
  • Shopify products imported in a manner similar to WooCommerce.

4. WooCommerce Etsy Integration

WooCommerce Etsy Integration

Another great WooCommerce integration is the integration of Etsy with your WooCommerce store. Etsy is an eCommerce site, designed mainly to promote the sale of handmade, vintage products. Using the WooCommerce Products to Etsy plugin, you can integrate your WooCommerce with Etsy. Once, you install and activate the plugin, all the products, the name, title, description, and other information gets automatically listed on the Etsy website. In simple terms, the WooCommerce Etsy Integration enables the steps managers to integrate all the WooCommerce created product feed in the Etsy marketplace.

While manual creation and collaboration of products in the Etsy marketplace is both time consuming and prone to errors, the WooCommerce Etsy Integration synchronizes automatically, eliminating the likelihood of above. The plugin that empowers integration of Etsy takes over all the needs to display your products on the marketplace and sell on the go.


  • Hassle-free integration of all the WooCommerce products on the Etsy marketplace.
  • Real-time updates of orders and purchases made
  • Automated stock and inventory management
  • Import product details from Etsy to WooCommerce store.
  • Integrate shipping API to automate shipment processes.

5. WooCommerce Amazon Integration

WooCommerce Amazon Integration

WooCommerce Amazon Integration is yet another way to integrate shops within your WooCommerce store and boost product sales. When it comes to WooCommerce and Amazon integration, the Amazon WooCommerce Integration solution is one of the best choices. The integration of WooCommerce with Amazon plugin eliminates the need to manually feed WooCommerce products to the Amazon marketplace. In case you are looking to expand your store and remain at the forefront, WooCommerce Amazon Integration would help you create your store presence on Amazon and boost sales.

WooCommerce and Amazon integration are by far one of the best ways to widen the visibility of your online store and increase the overall sales. Once the plugin is installed, it automatically synchronizes the WooCommerce store data on the Amazon marketplace and your store goes live within a matter of minutes.


  • Manages inventory in real-time fostering the entire process.
  • Manage orders in the best possible way to serve customers and collaborate seamlessly
  • Enable store managers to upload products bulk

6. WooCommerce eBay Integration

Integrate WooCommerce with eBay

Though WooCommerce eBay Amazon integration is the same as woo-commerce eBay integration, the latter process is basically specific to the eBay marketplace.

Connect your WooCommerce online store with thousands of customers using the WooCommerce eBay integration plugin. As a matter of fact, the WooCommerce eBay integration is regarded as the youngest yet the one with greater potential. It enables the store managers to integrate the WooCommerce store products, upload and then sell them on a global scale. And it is not just the product information that gets synchronized between the store but also the price, the stock, and the purchase history.

As a one-click integration plugin, the WooCommerce eBay integration is one of the best ways to upgrade your local store and witness greater sales.


  • Product upload and order management in real-time.
  • A simple debugging process with eBay integration plugin.
  • Bulk management system to promote product upload and other related information.
  • Automated eBay order fetching to the WooCommerce store.


So, these were the top 6 shop integrations that you can integrate with your online WooCommerce store to expand your global visibility, boost sales and likewise enhance revenue. No matter whether your store is in the nascent stage or has matured enough to witness significant sales, improving the online presence of your online store is never a drawback. In fact, extending your online store would not only increase your exposure but at the same time connect your business with users across the globe and experience greater success.

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