How To Update A WordPress Theme

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This article helps you to understand how to update wordpress theme.

This article consists of following topics:

Why I need so?
How can do it myself without impacting websites?
Difficulty level [Easy, Medium, Hard]
Total time consumed.
Related Plugin or Workaround

Why i need to do so?

It is important to update WordPress theme and it’s because updates do the following:

  • Increase security
  • Fix bugs
  • Add features and functionality

To update a WordPress theme follow the steps:

Login into wp-admin

  • Type your username
  • Type your Passsword
  • Click to login

Your wp-dashboard will appear like this

WordPress Dashboard
  • In sidebar Menu go to Appearance
  • Click On Active Theme
Wordpress Appearance
  • Under theme you can see Update Available here
  • Click on Update Now
Update WP Theme

Your theme updated Successfully

WP theme updated

Difficulty Level {Easy, Medium, High}
Total Time Consumed
10 Minutes
Related Plugins or Work Around

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