How To Remove WordPress From Cpanel

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This article helps you to understand, how to remove WordPress from cPanel.

Why do I need to remove WordPress from cPanel?

These are the following reason to remove WordPress from cPanel.

  • Don’t want to use a WordPress website.
  • To delete the whole website.
  • Delete old website and develop a new website from the beginning
  • To move website another platform like Joomla, Magento, etc.

How can do it myself without impacting websites?

There are some easy steps to remove the search bar from WordPress.

  • Firstly go to your cPanel by adding in url: 2083 or /cPanel
    for ex:
  • Go to file manager in Cpanel
capnel manager
  • In file manager go to public_html
  • Select all file of WordPress and delete it.

Difficulty level [Easy, Medium, Hard].
Total time consumed.
20 min
This is for or Org ?

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