How To Backup WordPress Theme

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This article helps you to understand how to backup WordPress themes.

Why we need to backup WordPress themes?

The database contains the information on your site. It’s the words on your pages, the comments in your blog posts, metadata, and the information users submit. WordPress stores your data in tables.

How can do it myself without impacting websites?

Then write user name or email and password after that login.

WordPress admin

Now open the dashboard.

Website Dashboard
  • Go to plugin
  • Click add new button

After then search plugin and show this plugin and click to install the plugin.

install plugin

After that click to activate the plugin

Now click to yes, I agree on button

Click to download a backup of your theme.


Difficulty level [Easy, Medium, Hard]


Total time consumed.

15 Minutes.

Related Plugins.

This is for or Org?

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