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Difference Between WordPress Dot Org WordPress Dot Com

Difference Between WordPress Dot Org And WordPress Dot Com

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Last updated on September 28th, 2021 at 11:10 am

WordPress dot Org

You host your own website or blog, where WordPress dot org providing you full theme customization. Write your own content, where the user will take it seriously. You can earn from your website.

  • Self-hosted site
  • Provides simple and e-commerce website
  • Unlimited theme installation
  • Unlimited plugin installation
  • Access backend files
  • Unlimited storage
  • Run your own ads(or not)
  • You can earn via e-commerce site
  • It is customizable.
Difference Between WordPress Dot Org And WordPress Dot Com

WordPress dot Com

It means you have a WordPress theme or application installed for free already which is currently hosted by your company which is not WordPress dot com hosting. You can have thousands of themes and millions of plugins installed externally without knowing that your theme or plug-in does not support each other or they conflict with the existing theme or plugins.

  • You are not hosted by WordPress dot com.
  • Provides a simple blog site.
  • Limited theme
  • Limited plugin (only business plan)
  • No access to files
  • Limited storage
  • Pay to remove ads
  • You can’t earn via free blog


WordPress Get full domain

WordPress dot com:- Get sub-Domain like

Create a professional website

Create your professional website with WordPress

You can’t not create website with WordPress dot com

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