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Google Chrome Extensions

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Your WordPress Website

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There are many Google Chrome extensions for WordPress that speed up the development workflows in WordPress, optimize website performance or SEO, etc.

Google Chrome is a prominent web browser with a good margin. This browser is extensible. Google Chrome is highly acclaimed for the features that it delivers to enrich the browsing experience of the user. Google Chrome extensions or browser extensions are one such feature that offers additional functionalities.

This is the reason why many businesses and bloggers use this extension to their WordPress websites to implement the features and functionality. You can use these extensions to block advertisements, translate a website, etc.

Here, we would be highlighting about few Google Chrome Extensions for WordPress that can give great support to your WordPress website.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for WordPress Websites

1. Grammarly

This Google Chrome Extension is widely used by bloggers nowadays. This tool is best to fix plagiarism, errors in grammar, etc. As a result, you can publish polished posts, compose error-free emails, etc.

Just Sign-Up to Grammarly using your Gmail account.

If you are one of those who manage social media accounts or use blog posts for promotion, then invest in Grammarly. Yes, you can use Grammarly for free. In case you are looking for advanced features, you need to purchase a premium package.

With Grammarly, you can target your audience as per their geographical location. For instance, we write “Colour” in British English and this is written as “Color” in American English.

You get four options for the types of English in Grammarly, namely:-

  • American English
  • Canadian English
  • Australian English
  • British English

You can craft professional content with Grammarly.

2. WordPress Style Editor

An individual who is using WordPress must be aware of the Developer’s tools to find certain elements to change the styling to the theme’s CSS file. Developers Tools can help you to find the exact styles and elements but as you refresh it, your hard work goes in vain.

WordPress Style Editor is one of the efficient Google Chrome extensions that allow you to save changes (above mentioned). These changes will be instantly done to your stylesheet with a few mouse clicks. But, ensure that you are logged into the dashboard of your WP for this. You can fix anything right away and don’t have to click through the entire dashboard for this.

3. ColorZilla

ColorZilla is a popular extension that is used for color-picking. You can identify the color of any pixel shared on a web page. It manages this because of the eyedropper tool. The details are through with size, tag name, ID, and class. You can also get hold of recent color history.

This Google Chrome Extension is employed by graphic designers for managing colors. With this extension, you can manage color in your WordPress posts or page. It also employs other advanced color tools like Color Picker, Gradient Generator, etc.

4. SEMRush

This popular tool specialized in optimizing Google Ad campaigns, competitor analysis, and keyword research.

SemRush is a complete package that lets you understand how your competitors found their ladder of success. You can replicate or do much better than them for your business. It has a good site audit tool that will give you assistance in auditing your website’s performance.

With this tool, you will be able to evaluate the complete breakdown of each keyword of your competitor’s great ranking. You can check the backlinks and subdomain links of your competitors. With this, you can also compare the backlinks for different domains.

  • SEMRush helps with blog post ideas to boost search traffic. It helps in keyword research.
  • This tool has a feature of SEO Quake extension that helps you to have a clear view while viewing in-depth SEO analysis and keyword reports.

5. Buffer

It is also known as Bufferapp. Buffer is a social media marketing software that can be used for multi-purposes. This tool’s core feature is that it has got the ability to schedule as well as draft posts. You can share these posts across multiple social networks. This includes Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

It also provides the functionality of social media monitoring and reporting.

Categories of Buffer

  • Buffer Publishing

It is the Buffers’ core functionality. This category allows you to schedule posts on multiple social network platforms.

  • Buffer Analytics

In this category, you can see your social media performance and look into each platform.

  • Buffer Engagement

Buffer Engagement is best for enterprise-level organizations. This function monitors conversations about their brand on Instagram.

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