How to fix WordPress Bad Gateway Error 502

How to fix WordPress bad gateway error 502

The WordPress bad gateway error 502 is also recognized as HTTP 502 error. HTTP response status codes contain this. As the website server is the gateway to the client requests, if the gateway receives an invalid response from server, the Http 502 errors will occur. Basically, the main reason behind this error lies in the agreement between server and gateway/request in terms of data exchanging.

Causes of http 502 errors

  • Server is down and it could not be accessed
  • The original server is not possible to reach
  • The server is overloaded with requests and it could not take new request
  • The site is unstable because of bugs related to poor php coding
  • There are percussing issues related to the internet browser and your browser could not reach website, webpage or internet
  • The internet gateway is incapable of pulling content from the original server

Solutions for 502 gateway errors:

  • Recheck whether the website is really down
  • Try to reload after clearing the browser cache
  • Reload the page
  • Try to reload the page after deleting the cookies
  • Disable unnecessary plugins
  • Recheck the php settings of your site
  • Try to optimize the site scripts

Unless you are done with the problem, feel free to contact us. Our precise, practical and pro-active solutions will help your site to get rid of this WordPress bad gateway 502 error.

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