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Fix WordPress Bad Gateway Error 502

How to fix WordPress Bad Gateway Error 502

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Last updated on August 10th, 2021 at 12:41 pm

How to fix WordPress bad gateway error 502

WordPress, just like any other platform is prone to errors. These errors definitely have the ability to compromise your experience and interfere with the quality of your work. This is why it is in your best interest to be able to handle them as they arise.

We are here to aid you in this. We are going to examine the common causes of these errors and how to possibly mitigate them in the conversations that follow.

By far the most common and critical WordPress error is the HTTP 502. This is a bad gateway error. It arises when the edge server, acting as a gateway, is unable to obtain a valid or any response from the upstream (original) server at all.

Major Causes Of The HTTP 502 Errors

Inaccessible Edge Server

The edge server is the destination or end point of the network. It is the gateway or proxy server that is to receive the incoming signals and act on them. From time to time, this server may be inaccessible for a number of reasons. It may be down due to power output or loss of the internet connectivity. If and when such issues arise, the said error may definitely appear.

Unreachable Upstream Server

Just like the edge server, the upstream server is equally crucial insofar as the transmissions of signals are concerned. The upstream server is the one that initiates the flow of a signal. It, acting as a gateway or proxy, is the source of the signals which it then transmits to the edge server. If this server is unreachable for whatever reason, the error will often arise.

Heavier Network Traffic

All networks can only accommodate a certain amount of traffic at a time. If the network, and by extension the DNS servers that constitute it are overwhelmed with signals, the end result may be a breakdown in communication. This, in turn, leads to the HTTP 502 error.

Unstable Site

The health of the site also has a bearing on its performance. The site may often be unstable due to a number of reasons. These could be poor .php coding, compromised http status code, and the emergence of bugs, among others. These issues may often lead to poor signal transmission, loss of the IP address, and with it, the emergence of this kind of error.

Faulty Web Browser

For signals to be transmitted clearly and efficiently from one node of a network to another, everything has to be right. The browser, in particular, has to be robust and properly functional. In case the web browser sustains some faults, this could compromise the flow of signals. The end result would be the HTTP 502 error.

Gateway Issues

Lastly, the internet gateways may also sustain some issues from time to time. If for instance, it is incapable of pulling the contents from the original web servers, this may compromise the flow of signals and data. This is yet another ground for the emergence of this error.

How To Fix WordPress Bad Gateway Error 502

Now that we have known how this error message arises, we now have to get a step deeper and learn how to fix it. The following are some of the intervention mechanisms that may cope with the issue accordingly:

Re-checking the Website

Start off by re-checking the website in question. In particular, try to find out whether it is really down or not. Chances are that the error arose as a result of a downturn of the network and not really as the result of any of the issues aforementioned. If the site is still inaccessible, you may now need to attempt other intervention mechanisms.

Clearing the Cache

Next, consider clearing the cache. These are pieces of data that are stored in the computer’s random accessory memory. They enable you to easily access a site you had accessed before. After clearing them, you should reload the page and see whether there is any meaningful positive impact. The site should now be accessible; failure to which, you may now try other measures.

Deleting the Cookies

Just like the cache, the cookies also enable a site to be easily re-accessed later. However, the data that is stored may often contribute to the rise of the aforementioned error. This is why you should consider deleting them after which you are to reload the page yet again. This should solve the error. If the error persists, you may proceed to other intervention mechanisms.

Disabling Redundant Plugins

Some plug-ins may also contribute to the rise of the error stated above. This is why it makes sense to disable them, albeit temporarily. Doing so shall shore up the speed of the network and revitalize the operating system as a whole. It will subsequently suppress the likely emergence of the problem and error stated above.

Inspecting the PHP settings

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a scripting language which is used to generate highly dynamic and interactive web pages. In case the HTTP 502 error arises, chances are that the scripting language is flawed or compromised in some shape and form. For this reason, you may want to inspect its settings to find out whether it does have any inconsistencies or errors of whichever kind.

Optimizing the Site Scripts

Finally, consider also optimizing the site scripts. Scripts are commands that perform particular sets of chores at a go. While at it, also undertake the nginx.conf configuration or installing the latest php fpm. Optimizing these scripts definitely, have a bearing on improving their functioning and warding off the error stated above. Being a technical undertaking, it similarly requires expert intervention. You should thus make room for approaching such a person.

Call For Actions

As you may well have noted, the procedures we have discussed above are way too technical to an average computer end user. You therefore just cannot fix the WordPress Bad Gateway Error 502 single-handedly. You must just invoke the expertise and intervention of an experienced and qualified IT technology firm like us (24×7 WP Support).

And when you talk of such a firm, none even comes second to us. We indeed have the expertise, experience, personnel, and wherewithal necessary to execute it. We, therefore, welcome you to invoke our assistance on this issue. Just chat/call/contact us anytime you deem convenient. A member of our team shall respond to your inquiry almost immediately.

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