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Twilio WooCommerce integration

Beginner’s guide for Twilio WooCommerce integration

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Want to enhance your communication networks? Inculcate the Twilio services today!! Twilio is the leading platform that facilitates the users for better communication.

This is a digitalization era, it is vital for businesses for quick interaction and responses. It is the customers that help an online business to grow. Hence, it is essential for any enterprise to engage with its clients.

But for this, your user needs to register with the Twilio site in order to fetch Token and SID details.


Twilio is an amazing communication infrastructure. It can connect the techniques of traditional transmissions to the digital world. This gives a great walkaway to collaborate customers with businesses.

Twilio provides cost-effective and limitless hikes for online businesses by offering versatile solutions for communications.

Benefits of Twilio

Twilio offers numerous beneficial features. It can help to keep your clients intact to the store. This plugin is an efficient way to connect with clients.

  • You can send an SMS regarding the status of the order
  • A quick way to give a response to your clients
  • Both clients and admin are notified about the status of orders.
  • The admin gets a notification when a new order is placed
  • The shoppers will love to visit your store again and again
  • The conversion rate will be high.

Features of Twilio WooCommerce integration

  • The users can receive message notifications after registering to the site successfully.
  • The customer will get a notification if they update their account or profile.
  • The admin and clients will receive a notification when the admin makes any updates regarding the status of orders.
  • The admin and clients will get updates when the order is canceled.
  • The customers and admin will get SMS regarding the details of refunds.
  • The admin can receive a notification when any client shares any product review.

Steps for Twilio WooCommerce integration


You will get a zip file. Click the option “Add New” to upload the file in the menu option. This you will find in the admin panel of WordPress.

Hover the mouse onto the dashboard. Tap the option “Plugins” and choose the “Add New”.

Add new plugin

Next, click “Upload Plugin”. This will upload your zip file.

upload plugins

You will see a button “Choose File”. Tap this option to browse the zip file.

Choose File

For the installation of the plugin, you need to click the option “Install Now”.

Install Plugins

You will come across a pop-up “Plugin installed successfully” once you complete the installation. You will see a button in the blue color “Activate Plugin”, Click it.

Activate Plugin


  • Hit for signing up for Twilio WooCommerce integration.
  • The user needs to enter the details while signing up. This includes names, email addresses, and passwords.
Twilio signup

Note:- You can recover the credentials details of the Token and SID after you sign up successfully.

So after you sign-up, you can see all the credentials of Twilio under Console Dashboard.

twilio account details

Here you will get all the credentials. Next, you need to complete the configuration of the module with the Twilio SMS provider.

API Settings

Workflow of the Admin

You can do the configuration of settings of Twilio SMS Notification in the admin panel.

woocommerce twilio

As soon as you click the option‘WooCommerce Twilio’, a new page opens. You will see the ‘Configuration settings’. Here, you can configure the Phone number, Token, and SID.

Configuration Settings

You will get the Token and SID from the Twilio site. For this, you need to follow the process given in the Twilio section.

Workflow at Customer-end

At the time of account creation and registration, the customer needs to enter his/ her phone number.

The customer receives the SMS as soon as they place the input (phone number). This message will be regarding the account details or orders.

The customer will receive a message about successful registration.

Sent from twilio

Now, when the customer places an order or makes purchases he/ she will receive a text message like this.

twilio trial

The customer will receive the message as “order complete” for receiving the order.

twilio msg notification

Now when the ‘order fails’ or ‘on hold’, the customer will get the SMS notifications for the same.

Whenever the customer does any update in the account or changes the password, he/ she will receive SMS notifications.

In a conclusion!!

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