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Top WordPress Facebook Plugin Installation & Set Up

Top WordPress Facebook Plugin Installation & Set Up

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Last updated on September 6th, 2023 at 08:41 am

Custom Facebook Feed

WordPress Custom Facebook Feed plugin you can very easily customizable, responsive and search engine crawlable Facebook feeds on your own WordPress website.

Custom Facebook Feed Installation

  • Open website dashboard
Website Dashboard
  • Click to Plugins–>Add new
Add New Button
  • Search this plugin and click to install now button
Install now Button
  • Click to activate button
Click to Active button
  • Now show your plugin website admin panel
Website Admin Panel

Facebook Page ID and Facebook Access Token

Facebook Access Token
Custome Facebook Feed Settings

Please setup all direction step by step

Setup Direction Step by Step

Now use shortcode any page or post

Use shortcode to page

Facebook Publish

You may use facebook publish plugin if you want your articles products pages or any other post type to be published to Facebook every time you add a new post on WordPress website.

Facebook Publish Plugin Installation

  • Open website dashboard
Website Dashboard
  • Click to Plugins–>Add new
Add New Button
  • Search this plugin and click to install now button
Install Now Button
  • Click to activate button
Click to activate button
  • Now show your Plugin on admin dashboard
Plugin admin dashboard

Now enter the Application App Id and Application key

Application App Id

You can follow this direction and make App Id and Application Key, Please click this link:

Please login Facebook.

Facebook Login

Now go to Facebook Developer’s site, then open the app and you created earlier.

Facebook Developer’s site

Click on settings tab and enter your email address. You email address is compulsory to make you app live.

Facebook Developer’s App Settings

Now click to status & review tab click on the white button to turn on then click confirm in the dialog box

Status & Review tab

Now your posts they will be published on your pages and will be visible to all the followers of the page on your facebook users.

Now your facebook is setup then enter the app id and application key

Facebook Publish Settings
Facebook Publish General Setting
Add New Post
Add New Page

Now show your result:

Facebook Publish Front End

Facebook Spiderlink

Facebook Spiderlink WordPress plugin you can create posts to drive Facebook users. It’s very easy to get it up and running. It is show Facebook personal timeline, Facebook fan pages, and Facebook groups. You only need one Facebook app for many different fan pages, groups, and your personal timeline on your own WordPress website.

Facebook Spiderlink Plugin Installation

Open website dashboard

Website Dashboard
  • Purchase this plugin.
Facebook Spiderlink Plugin
  • Click to Plugins–>Add new
Add New Button

Now click to add new plugins and upload your download plugin zip file

Upload Plugin
  • Install this Plugins
Install Plugin

Click to activate button

Activate The Plugin

Now show your plugin admin dashboard and click this button

Facebook Spiderlink Plugin Admin Dashboard

Enter App ID & App Secret and configure some settings to connect to your timeline, fan pages and groups

Spiderlink General Option

Please check it

Facebook Spiderlink Settings
  • We design the popup template so you don’t have to!
  • Click Save changes to save your own design.
Verify Your Access Spiderlink
  • Create post link with meta data
  • Fill your post details, description, image and tailor your posts so that they can attract your fans, generate more clicks.
Facebook Meta Description
  • Your website post in the visual view with all customization in the backend
Facebook Spiderlink Visual View
  • Collect all of your users Facebook info such as name, profile picture, email, gender, locale.
  • Export your list into CSV file for later use on WordPress website.
Export Subscribers CSV Formate
  • First download MailChimp plugin and active this plugin.SpiderLink users emails are synced with MailChimp.
  • Double your marketing result with MailChimp campaigns.
  • Please login MailChimp account and click to tool button and show your API key, copy this API key and past on WordPress website on this picture.
Facebook Spiderlink MailChimp Settings
Facebook Spiderlink Add New Campaign
Facebook Spiderlink All Campaign
Facebook Spiderlink Set Up Permission

Please follow these direction step by step and enter the title then click to publish button.

Facebook Spiderlink Publish Button

Now enter the Facebook group URL and last click to add new Facebook group.

New Facebook Group

Now show your groups.

Facebook Spider Manage Group

And click to I’m Done button.

Facebook Spiderlink Done Button

Now use this shortcode add your page or post.

Add Facebook Spiderlink Shortcodes

Now display from the shortcode

Spinderlink Shortcode Test
Facebook Spiderlink

Simple Facebook Plugin

Basic Facebook Plugin empowers Facebook Page administrators to advance their Pages and embed a simple feed of content from a page into any WordPress website blog.

Simple Facebook Plugin Installation

  • Upload simple-facebook-plugin directory to your Domain name/wp-content/plugins directory
  • Activate plugin in WordPress admin
Search Simple Facebook Plugin

Now click to download button

Click To Download Plugin
Simple Facebook Plugin

Please click to activate button

Activate Simple Facebook Plugin
Simple Facebook Plugin in Dashboard

Now you can use plugins shortcode any page ,blog or widgets

Please open your page and past this shortcode anywhere

Simple Facebook Plugin Overview

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