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5 Most Effective Translation Plugins for WordPress

5 Most Effective Translation Plugins for WordPress

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Last updated on August 18th, 2022 at 05:15 am

If you ever hope to make your WordPress content understandable by all persons, you will definitely have to translate your content into a couple of the world’s major languages. That is because not everybody understands all languages. For you to do this, you will definitely have to invoke the assistance of suitable WordPress translation plugins.

For a start, these translation plugins are those that make your content available in some selected language. You post the content in English and thereafter have your content translated into a language of your choice, and automatically for that matter.

You have the freedom to select which language you prefer the content to be selected in. some of these plugins are universal in that they can translate your contents into just about every other language as you are about to see. We have selected and are going to review five of these in the discussions that follow hereunder.

Lingotek Translation

Lingotek Translation

If you would wish to have your contents translated to numerous languages at a time, you have this Lingotek Translation for your consideration. It is basically a cloud-based translation plugin that offers great accessibility from whichever part of the globe you might be located.

Some of its topnotch features which similarly bring about the said benefits are the community, professional and machine translations. They jointly provide you seamless convenience while, venturing into a new market. At the same time, they also improve the consistency of your language, cut your operational expenses and enable you to avail your brands to the consumers at almost no strenuous efforts.

With this translation tool, it is possible to use as many languages as you might want. This is not to mention that you can translate widgets, menus, post tags, categories, media, pages, and posts all ‘under one roof!’



In all, Polylang grants you the power to generate either bilingual or multilingual WordPress site. Using this translation plugin, you generate the contents of the pages and posts, create post tags and categories then thereafter go ahead to define your preferred language. You have to do this one by one as there is no default language.

The tool provides you as many language options as possible. These languages are supported by the plugin server. Moreover, they are also automatically downloadable and updatable. Lastly, it does enjoy maximum back-end support. Indeed, all its default WordPress widgets, RSS feeds, post formats, sticky posts, custom taxonomies, and custom post types are all supported.

Translate WordPress with GTranslate


GTranslate plugin is a Google translation service. It undertakes the translation of contents automatically to make it available in numerous languages at a time. In total, it can handle around 103 languages at your site besides reaching out to around 99% of all internet users.

It does have a paid version which is fully compatible with all the search engine optimization techniques. Leveraging these services will increase your international sales and traffic. Given its cheaper nature and form, this WordPress plugin is a budget solution which is coincidentally easier to implement.

A number of its capabilities are free Google automatic machine translation, robust ‘mouse over’ effects, Google Analytics integration, ability to translate both themes and plugins, right to left language back-end support, the Google language translator widget, and the auto-switch language which is based on the browser-defined language, among others.



As the name suggests, the Multilanguage plugin translates your WordPress site’s contents to many languages at a time. With this plugin, you can add translated contents to your taxonomies, custom-type posts, menus, widgets, posts, and pages, alongside many other platforms.

Other than translating your contents to these numerous languages, you can also let your visitors switch in between languages besides browsing contents in their preferred languages. This is the plugin of choice if you are intent on creating and managing your multilingual website right away.

With this plugin, you can manually translate your pages, posts, post category names, post tag names, and partly handle your menus. It comes along with some 80+ pre-installed languages though you also have the leeway to incorporate as many new languages as you may possibly wish to. Moreover, you can also search your site using your current and all languages.



Lastly comes this WPML translation plugin. With this awesome tool, it is possible to translate your pages, custom types, theme texts, menus, taxonomy, custom types, ordinary posts, and just about every other content resource on your page!

Every theme or plugin which pairs and communicates with this WPML runs some multilingual themes and resources. At the same time, the developers and providers of this theme provide some full back-end support. In so doing, they help to deliver some perfect sites on time.

The developers also work-hand-in-hand with some authors, to see to it that your WPML operates as reliably as possibly can be the case. They also see to it that they communicate well with the related plugins and themes. To ensure that you are abreast with the ongoing developments, the developers release some updates to keep you posted of the progress and latest developments.


Needless to say, the 5 Most Effective Translation Plugins for WordPress we have identified and reviewed above are not all that is in existence. Indeed, there are innumerable equally effective others.

Because of the limited amount of time and space, we inevitably had to leave them out. Feel free to take over from where we have left. Do so especially if you find none of the themes above relevant to your cause.

You will not really gain anything just by reading the explanations above, for you to enjoy the benefits that the plugins above have to offer, you want to download, install, and utilize them. Simply skim the list above and find the one that appeals to your unique circumstance and emotions.

And it also pays to share this information with those around you whom you care for. You definitely mean well for them and want them to enjoy the very best too! Don’t you?

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Which Effective Translation Plugin Do You Like?
Which Effective Translation Plugin Do You Like?
Which Effective Translation Plugin Do You Like?

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