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WordPress Donation Plugin

Top 5 Free WordPress Donation Plugin for Charity and Support

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Last updated on August 22nd, 2023 at 06:38 am

Charities and support rely on the financial goodwill of the general public and a couple of benefactors to stay afloat. They have to be targeted appropriately though before they can make those financial contributions. Even though many avenues do abound, WordPress donation plugins are probably the most effective of all.

Finding the right WordPress plugin for the job is undoubtedly the first and by far the most significant step towards leveraging their awesome power. It is for this reason that a suitable guide of this kind is, by all means, handy and called for. We have sampled an

Charitable Donation


This plugin grants you every tool which you require to marshal some financial contributions almost instantly. It is also free to download, install and operate. The plugin operates by integrating seamlessly with your WordPress site to create a powerful fundraising platform for your own website. It achieves this role by means of possessing a couple of topnotch features.

These include the customizable donation forms, PayPal & offline payment support, donation management, and customizable e-mails, to mention but a few! These allow you to launch and manage unlimited financial contribution campaigns. They also confer a degree of flexibility to manage your campaigns effectively

Seamless Donation

Next comes in the Seamless Donations. This is yet an easy-to-install and configure plugin. When properly integrated to your web site, it enables you to accept donations via your PayPal account within minutes after the installation of the plugin. Just like the Charitable Donation above, this one is also free and will not ask for any commission at all.

With this plugin, you will be able to automatically undertake repeated donations, track donations and donors, express your appreciation to the donors, combat spams, support numerous currencies, and display some relevant pieces of information to your targeted clients in the form of resources like video tutorials.

WooCommerce Donation

As the name suggests, this allows you to accept donations via the WooCommerce platform. Here, you give each client the leeway to determine the amount they would wish to donate. This gives them the room and freedom to help you as per their terms rather than yours.

In this plugin, the donations are displayed just like the ordinary merchandise are on the ‘cart.’ Your target clients also get the freedom and possibility to enter the amount of their choice under the donation box or bring in some predefined amounts of money.

What’s more? You can also launch some campaign support and generate reports about donations. Did we say it easily integrates with design template you already have?


Donorbox is an extremely powerful and effective donation form. At the same time, it is also super simple to install and also attract more recurrent donors much more effectively. As a matter of fact, it is also possible for you to begin receiving the required donations in under 15 minutes.

A fast, multi-step checkout system combined with some pre-filled customs to make your experience all the more memorable. Moreover, the forms are available in numerous languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French and Spanish.

On the same note, the forms are also available in many colors and enable you to develop long-lasting relationships with your clients with ease. This is not to mention that it gives the donors complete controls over their monthly recurring donations.

Donation Content Locker

WordPress Stuff

Donation Content Locker is a plugin which enables you to conceal important content on your WordPress website but display the same to donors only. To leverage this feature, you have to wrap protected content using the shortcodes [donation locker] and [/donation locker]. These shortcodes require that interested persons part with some small amounts of money before being eligible to view the same.

It integrates and receives payments via five major gateways. These are InterKassa, AlertPay, Payza, PayPal, and Authorize.Net. Upon making a successful donation, the end user receives some activation links to make all the invisible contents visible. The plugin is a great way to monetize and extend the functionalities of your WordPress site.



GiveWP is one of the awesome WordPress plugins that is used for donating and charity support. Here in this article, we see what makes this plugin awesome which helps it stand out this plugin and top ranking. It is on a non-profit-friendly price model with a complete set of all features.

Users can completely customize donations from WordPress itself without writing a single line code. Users can also customize one-time donations and also give other donation options. The user has multiple options to integrate a variety of payment gateways. These payment gateways are stripe coma, PayPal 2checkout, Braintree, mollie, Paytm, and many more.

This plugin also so enables the user to fine-tune just about a donation with respect to like”in honor of”, multistage donation, etc. With the help of this plugin, users can also manage online as well as an offline donation. this plugin is also integrated with all email marketing services so that the user can easily contact their donors and send them thanks awards.

This plugin is also used in the online store with woocommerce user can add this plugin at checkout option. It also shows Google analytics integration with an enhanced eCommerce tracking system

WP crowdfunding

WP crowdfunding

WP Crowdfunding is a wonderful plugin that is used to raise funds with the help of an inbuilt feature to fundraise on backer sites like Kickstarter.  This WordPress plugin is mostly used for charity funding for it is also used for raising funds for different types of networks. This plugin also integrates with many e-payment gateways such as stripe PayPal and all types of woocommerce payment gateway. 

This plugin contains its own crowdfunding valid system so that users can track funding details of different types of networks. This WordPress plugin is mostly used to help other charity to collect their funds. This plugin is also available for the basic version but does not contain complete features if the user wants to use its complete feature then the user needs to spend a certain amount of money to buy this plugin to win an active licence after that user can use its complete features.

Donation thermometer

Donation thermometer

Donation thermometer is a classical WordPress plugin full stop this WordPress plugin is used in the form of thermometer style that’s why it is named as donation thermometer. The work experience with this plugin is it help to raise fund and run any campaign related to funding.

This plugin is basically used for sharing life stat regarding fundraising campaigns with twisters so that it helps visitors to motivate and try to help out from the situation. Users can see the target how much close or how far it is. it is a completely customizable plugin on the basis of color text currency size and many more attractive options.

Users can display the donation thermometer plugins in to post pages with the help of shortcodes. all settings of the donation thermometer plugins can be managed within a single click inside WordPress.


You can never hope to make great strides in your fundraising efforts without the incorporation of any of these charity and support plugins in your site. That is why we now highly recommend that you identify at least one of them and make use of them.

Given that most of them are free of charge, you have no excuse to drag your feet in this. As a matter of fact, you can simply get online and download the one WordPress plugin of your choice right away. Help others to enjoy the same benefits by sharing this content with them!

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Which Donation Plugin Do You Like?
Which Donation Plugin Do You Like?
Which Donation Plugin Do You Like?

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