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WordPress Table Plugins

Top 5 Feature Rich and Free WordPress Table Plugins

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Last updated on August 9th, 2023 at 07:42 am

Table Maker


Usually, this plugin assists you in creating different comparison tables as well as having some distinct functions that permit you to use this plugin in creating plenty of different kinds of beautiful tables. These tables include specification tables, TOP tables, comparison tables among many others. Furthermore, these tables appear splendid with the addition of data as columns and as rows.

Features of Table Maker

1.Works perfectly with shortcodes
2. Present on this WordPress table plugin are rows or cols lines
3. Predefined icons are found in this WordPress table plugin.
4. Comes with a responsive option (Stacks), an option to choose the color of the headers as well as a choice of adding subheaders.
5. You can import tables from CSV/XML and export them to XML.
6. Typically, it has an excellent and straightforward design which provides you with the option of adding labels and featured columns and rows
7. Lastly, optional center aligning is possible with this WordPress table plugin



With this WordPress table plugin, you can easily create and manage attractive tables, and you can do this by either embedding the text widgets using a simple Shortcode or the tables into pages and posts. Moreover, no coding is needed since the table data can easily be edited through the spreadsheet-like interface, with these tables containing any formula and data which requires evaluation. Present of an extra JavaScript library adds features such as pagination, sorting, filtering among many others for the visitors of the website. Finally, the tables can be exported and imported to/from CSV, Excel, JSON, and HTML files.


After the installation of this WordPress Table plugin, you can now generate and manage tables on the “TablePress” screen that is on the WordPress Dashboard, and from there onwards, everything else is self-explanatory.

Consequently, to show your tables page, post or text widget, embed the Shortcode [table “” not found /]
into the page/post/text widget, with the ID of your table being at. Usually, this is located on the left side of the “All Tables” screen. Also, by clicking the “Table” button in the editor toolbar, you can alternatively insert the tables and subsequently select your preferred table. If you want to modify the styling of the table, enter the CSS commands into the “Custom CSS” text area typically on the “Plugins Options” screen. Addition of precise features such as filtering, sorting, pagination, row highlighting, description, print name, and alternating row colors is done by allowing the corresponding checkboxes found on the table’s “Edit” screen.

Easy Table


It’s a WordPress table plugin which permits you to insert a table straightforwardly because it is not necessary you write any complex HTML syntax. Moreover, this WordPress plugin is not a graphical user interface generator; therefore, you can type your table data directly into your post as you write. Thus, it is not necessary to click any toolbar button or shift to another window. It also makes use of standard CSV format to produce table data with this being the simplest method to construct a table.


1. Using the tablesorter jQuery plugin, you can quickly sort the table column
2. You can display the table on page, post or widget
3. Has a fancy table design using Twitter CSS bootstrap
4. It is easy to download, and no advanced skills are necessary
5. Can read data from a CSV file and consequently display the data in the table
6. Switching from View Tab/HTML while in the WordPress editor without breaking the table data is WYSIWYG safe.

Know Limitations and Bugs

1. Usually is inept at creating a nested table
2. Chinese characters and others frequently are stripped down on the row’s first cell
3. The enclosure does not work on the row’s first cell

Ultimate Tables


This WordPress plugin allows you to produce and manage tables efficiently via you’re your WordPress administration. Additionally, you can insert these tables into your articles, pages, posts or in the ‘ultimate tables’ widget.


1. Comes with three designs to choose from along a configurable height and width.
2. The tables are very responsive, text manageable, and text entered inside the cells can either be in HTML or text code.
3. It has a search box, pagination with various options and an optional manual class.
4. This plugin is updated continuously with the ordination either numeric or alphabetic.
5. Inserting tables produced inside posts or pages using the code [ultimatetables x /] is possible, and the x is the table’s id.
6. You can generate diverse tables, and within a post or page, you can insert numerous tables at once.
7. The management of the created tables is easy; hence, you can alter the number of rows and columns, recorder and delete you.
8. ‘Ultimate tables’ widget comes together with this WordPress plugin, thus using this plugin, you can insert created tables.

Ninja Tables



WP Data Table Plugin for WordPress Description Adding tables on your WordPress website, making the table responsive or exporting or importing large tables is quite challenging. However, you no longer have to worry since Ninja Table has got you covered offering you an infinite number of ways which you make tables without even righting a single line of code. Moreover, Ninja Tables slow your site despite having thousands of data available on the table, with creating and managing the tables from the admin panel easy, effective and quick.


1. Present are the three most common CSS libraries with a limitless color scheme.
2. There are over 100 table styles available to choose from therefore you never have to worry about table styling.
3. Allows FrontEnd Table export in either PDF, Print or CSV format and FrontEnd Table Editing.
4. Integrated into it is a WooCommerce Product Table.
5. It comes with Bootstrap 3 and 4 Table Styles.
6. It has unlimited customization options and table colors.
7. Permits conditional column formatting.
8. Present in this WordPress Table plugin are Foo Tables, Compact Table, Table Inverse, Stackable Table, Data Tables, Bordered Table, stripped rows, hover rows, single line cells, and a fixed layout.
9. It is SEO friendly hence allowing your table’s content to be gathered by search engines such as Google
10. Any custom post type integration/WP posts as well as Rich Media integration with a WP table.

wpData Tables

wpData Tables

wpData Tables is a WordPress plugin. Most of the users are going to use this plugin in this world. This is a free WordPress plugin but all features are not given in free version. The user needs to buy a premium version for it. Contains various types of feature in it so that the user can customize this plugin completely.

This plugin is useful for creating creative and attractive charts and tables. Users can also import plenty of data in it because it provides a lot of important options. As we discussed above that this plugin is available in both versions as premium as well as the free or basic version.

Those users who want to use a complete feature of this Plugin. Then they need to spend a certain amount of money so that an active legal license will be given by the organisation to the user. Now let’s discuss all its key feature step by step which is given below


  • The interface of table editing is quite similar to Excel.
  • Users can import any type of data in it because it provides a lot of important options.
  • Users can import tables from these options such as Excel, MYSQL, Google sheets, and many more.
  • Users can edit all tables within the WordPress dashboard also.
  • I also have the 2nd standard editor which is going to use for editing using forms.
  • I also have the 2nd standard editor which is going to use for editing using forms.
  • It contains high-charge and charge JS with the help of this music and makes attractive and creative tables.
  • A filter option is also available.
  • Users can edit all rows according to their requirements in the front-end option
  • All features are present it which are are in excel like formulas, format and many more things

League Table

League Table

The League table is a wordpress plugin that is created and designed by code canon. Which plugin is used to create a beautiful and attractive table with a fully customise option? This plugin is used by many users throughout the world.

This plugin is available in both versions such as been am as well as the basic or free version. If the user wants to use this plugin as a premium version, then the user needs to pay a certain amount of money. After that, the organisation will provide them with an inactive licence key.

If the user does not want to use it in your version that the user will not able to use its complete feature that has been provided in the premium version. Now let’s discuss step by step about its features which are given below.


  • Regular updates have been given by the organisation so that user touch with the latest feature of this plugin and move step by step with the digital world.
  • The last update has been released by the organisation on 2nd September 2020.
  • It is Guttenberg optimised and also provides high resolution.
  • It is compatible with almost all browsers such as IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge.
  • Many files include in this such as JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP, Layered PNG.
  • It can support 135 Customizable Options.
  • The filter is available in each column.
  • It has an embedded spreadsheet editor.
  • Its interface is friendly to use.
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Which Rich and Free Wordpress Table Plugins Do You Like?
Which Rich and Free Wordpress Table Plugins Do You Like?
Which Rich and Free Wordpress Table Plugins Do You Like?

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