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integrate BigCommerce with WordPress

How to Integrate BigCommerce with WordPress?

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Online business is more than a staple in modern life. As long as the internet exists, nobody can take the leverage of businesses to expand their reach. BigCommerce denotes a BIGGER picture, BIGGER business.

It is a SaaS platform that can host fully-equipped and robust e-commerce solutions. BigCommerce is a comprehensive choice for your sales channels. This platform provides quick solutions for newer brands with a focus on marketing and scalability.

Contrary, WordPress is a prominent solution for business owners. Business use this platform for flexibility, security, and scalability. You can integrate BigCommerce with WordPress to enjoy the benefits of both.

Here, let’s check how to integrate BigCommerce with WordPress.

How to integrate BigCommerce with WordPress websites?

Sign in to your WordPress account. Click the option “Plugins” and pick “Add New” to integrate BigCommerce with the WordPress website.

On the search box, type “BigCommerce” to integrate BigCommerce with WordPress.

When you see the result “BigCommerce for WordPress”, tap the button “Install Now”.

Add Plugin

Once done, click “Activate” to integrate BigCommerce with WordPress.

On your WordPress website, the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin will be “Plugins”.

You will get a message that states, “Please connect to your BigCommerce account to start using products”. Hit “Get Started” to integrate BigCommerce with WordPress.

Hit “Create New Account”. If you have one, tap “Connect My Account” to integrate BigCommerce with WordPress.

Press “Login” to connect your account. Enter all the details in your account to integrate BigCommerce with the WordPress website.

Pick “Confirm”. This step will allow the app to access your business store. If you are new, please give all the essential details to create a store. Once done, hit “Confirm”.

Navigate to the area “Channel Settings”. Open “Select Channel” to integrate BigCommerce with the WordPress website. Hit “Create a New Channel” and then “Channel Name”. Give the name to your channel here.

Channel Settings

Your clients will recognize your WordPress website through this channel. When done with channel creation, you will see WordPress synching the details from the BigCommerce store automatically.

Embedding BigCommerce for WordPress website

Have a close check at the settings when you are done with your installations.

  • Product sync

Since you need to change your store every often, this option will assist you to get through. With the Product sync option, you get the privilege to decide on how often the product lists must be updated. Now, you need not sync all the products on your WordPress website.

  • Checkout and Cart

The option “Enable Cart” will allow you to give a more joyful shopping experience to your customers. This option will make things more convenient. The buyers will get the advantage to add plenty of items to their cart. They do not have to checkout and make payments one by one.

Enable Embedded Checkout” is another superlative option. Once you activate it, the clients will not be redirected to the checkout page of BigCommerce. Rather, they can make their payment on your WordPress website.

One thing to follow

You must possess an SSL certificate for enabling the embedded checkout.

Why is it important to integrate BigCommerce with WordPress websites?

When you integrate BigCommerce with WordPress sites, WordPress will create the weak points of BigCommerce. Similarly, BigCommerce will also do.

Benefits for store owners

You get to enjoy the following benefits when you integrate BigCommerce with WordPress sites.

  • Smooth experience with content and trading

You get access to robust e-commerce software. It will help your store to evolve without disturbing the experience of the user on your WordPress website.

  • Extend e-commerce

When you integrate BigCommerce with the WordPress website, you can move the trading section to BigCommerce from WordPress admin. You can be stress-free regarding the back end. You can ascend the functionality of e-commerce when there is a requirement.

  • Innovative performance

BigCommerce is enriched with a great community of fully equipped methods of shipping and payments. It also has ecological apps to combine existing themes quickly. Hence, you can create options for e-commerce with end-on commerce capabilities for website experience.

  • Advanced AMP

You can use BigCommerce for WordPress plugin to turn your websites into AMP-friendly experiences. You can enhance your website’s speed using AMP with BigCommerce plugin sites.

  • Preservation of values

When you integrate BigCommerce with WordPress websites, you are in the upper hand. BigCommerce expresses the values of WordPress such as uniqueness, involvement, and acknowledgment.

Advantages of employing WordPress and BigCommerce together

You will be able to do advanced content management when you list your BigCommerce products on the WordPress site.

For instance, you can drive sales for a new product. You have to build and do the customization of the landing page. You can share blog posts for your products.

It even allows you to drop the listings of the product in the mid-post. This will instigate the reader to make the purchases.

You can witness a great boost in your SEO as your products and website’s content are in the same domain. You can also simply track your website’s analytics. It is mainly because you will get all the traffic on one single website.

BigCommerce for WordPress themes

It is compatible with all the latest themes of WordPress. BigCommerce for WordPress gives extravagant support for the WordPress Customizer. Hence, you can easily adjust the fonts and colors. You will be able to fit your BigCommerce content as per the design of your website.

BigCommerce for WordPress plugin also directs the standard of WordPress for template overrides. It has plenty of file parts that will allow you to manipulate the layout of the product page easily.

BigCommerce for WordPress plugin is also compatible with the Block Editor. Hence, you get flexible blocks, and they can manage on their own.

BigCommerce for WordPress plugin

You can easily get access to these plugins on the WordPress Plugin Directory. This comes beneath the active development. Hence, you will be able to have access to the new features on a regular basis.

Please Note:

You will still require the dashboard of your BigCommerce account for the configuration of certain aspects. This includes payment gateway integration like Apple Pay, taxes, shipping, etc.

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