How To Add Categories In WordPress

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This article helps you to understand how to add categories in WordPress.

Post categories are used to sort the group content into a different section. It is used to divide the post into different sections according to its specializations.

Why I need so?

There are following reason to add categories in WordPress. In WordPress, you can organize your post by using proper categories. You can arrange your post by making the parent & child categories hierarchical. Simple is that a single post can be in multiple categories.

How can do it myself without impacting websites?

Go to log in on WordPress website
Now login on dashboard as show:

WordPress Login Page

Now open dashboard to create new categories in WordPress, you need to access the Posts -> Categories page first.

WordPress dashboard

1: Now go to post.
2: Click to the categories button.
3: Click add a new category.

Add New Category

Now show category to the left side bar.

Show Category

4: Click to post button.
5: Click to add a new button and write to post title.
6: Now click to publish button.

Publish Post

7: Click to update button.
After then click preview changes.

Preview Changes

Now show to the result.

Show Result

Difficulty Level {Easy, Medium, High}


Total time consumed

10 min

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