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WordPress Migration Plugins

Top-notch WordPress Migration Plugins

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Last updated on September 18th, 2023 at 06:03 am

Migrating a site isn’t very much different from moving homes.

Starts with you packing everything up before loading them in a truck and driving to your new home. What follows is you unpacking everything and arranging each one of them in their rightful place in your new home.

The same thing can be said about site migration. While handling it manually, you have to start by packing everything up in a zip file before downloading them to a secure place and thereafter uploading them to your new host and configuring them again to get everything working; definitely NOT an easy task, and grueling to even think about it in the first place.

But what if someone told you there’s a simple way you could get it all done with only a few clicks of a button. That’s right. With WordPress, you could easily migrate your site from one host to another in no time with the help of a plugin.

Designed to condense the migration process and make it all easy for you – whether it’s migrating to a new site or changing to a new domain name, you have a long list of plugins that you could use to get it all done with little or NO strain on your part.

And the best part is that some of these plugins are absolutely free — and even those that charge don’t overdo it by making you splurge out more than you’re comfortable forking over for a plugin.

Having done the groundwork, part of which involved testing out the best of the migration plugins the market has to offer, we decided to prepare a list of 5 of the best migration plugins for WordPress you’re likely to come across online.


If there’s one thing you’re certainly going to love about duplicator is that it offers the much-needed versatility and flexibility in site migration.

Whether you’re just running a simple migration, looking to entirely clone your site to a different domain name, setting up a staging version of your site, or just backing up your site in case of anything, you can trust duplicator to enable it all for you.

Just install the plugin and create a package of your existing WordPress site. In this package, you can find all the needed elements of your current site and an installer file that you’ll be using to move every single one of these elements to a new location and that’s it.

WP Migrate DB

As the name suggests, WP Migrate only migrates your site’s database, nothing else. As for the rest of the content, you might want to do it manually or look for another plugin to help you out.

Nothing to worry about, as the most complicated aspect of migrating your site is migrating your database. As for the rest of the content, all you’ll be doing is coping and pasting them in your public html folder.

All-in-One WP Migration

All-in-One WordPress migration plugin is offered for free, but to completely migrate your site to a new domain name or server, you will have to purchase their premium extension.

Designed to allow a smooth migration of every single one of your site’s files and database, the plugin can handle everything on its own with only a few clicks of a button.

Even the better, the plugin has been greatly improved to a point that it works with all hosting services you’re likely to comes across online. And since it carries out the imports and exports in small chunks of 3 second, it can bypass any kind of restriction your host has installed in place.


VaultPress is both designed and operated by the same company behind WordPress, which makes it one of the plugins on the list you can trust to be in perfect sync with the platform.

With the plugin, you can easily backup your entire site and make sure everything is secured with little effort on your part. And once you have your site backed up, cloning it or restoring it to the way it were only takes a few minutes of your time and you’re completely done.

Super Backup and Clone

Super Backup and Clone is an advanced WordPress plugin boasting an upward of 20, 000 sales on Envato.

Designed to make it easy for you to back up your site, the plugin comes loaded up with other high-end features that work to ensure both backing up or importing your site content to a new host or domain name is as simple as abc.

Migrate Guru

Migrate Guru

A WordPress Migration Plugins with numerous advantages. This plugin can simplify all the processes for migration. It can even work on a large multisite network. The website up to 200 GB in size can be easily transferred.

It offers one-click integration. This plugin is one of the fastest solutions to move websites to other servers.

It does not need any energy or storage space from your own server. The process is simple and clean. It does not have features for the backup of the website. This is the only stipulation of Migrate Guru. This plugin is completely free without any pro versions or upgrades.



It is the best WordPress Migration Plugin known for its efficiency. You need to prepare your website for migration. You must always run the backup.

This WordPress Migration Plugin will run on its own server. Hence, it will not slow down the website. You can use their specialist plans if you are running an eCommerce website.

The staging website comes built-in. Hence, you will get prompts for backup tests for staging once you complete the process. It completely removes all the failure points of the processes.

You need to choose the host for the migration of the website. Just enter the details of FTP and initiate the princess.
BlogVault is the best plugin that provides you WordPress backup, easy site migrations, staging, etc.

In some plans, you can even get security features. This includes malware scanning, firewall, and malware removal. This plugin is ideal both for agencies as well as freelancers because of its white-label offerings.



A premium WordPress plugin that has lots of fan following in the WordPress community. This WordPress plugin is easy to use. Since 2010, BackupBuddy is implemented on half a million websites of WordPress.

As the name suggests, it was primarily designed for the backup service of WordPress. It is also a great resource for website migration.

Its built-in functionality allows you to change the domain and change the servers or hosts. You can also change the URLs automatically while migrating to the new domain.

In the developer’s license, you will get additional features. This includes WordPress clone, built-in WordPress migration functionality, etc.

This premium WordPress Migration Plugin offers you extra guidance and support.

You need to find solutions and there until your reach the solution in the free plan. Contrary, you will get support from the development team. They will sort your issue.

WP Clone by WP Academy

WP Clone by WP Academy

WP Clone by WP Academy is known as a nifty WordPress Migration Plugin.

To handle the migration, you do not have to muck around the FTP program. On the other hand, you need to develop fresh WordPress. Make sure to install this in a location where you have plans to clone your WordPress website.

Ensure to run the backup of your WordPress website before making the migration. If you have a larger migration website, you need to visit a different migration plugin. For small websites under 250 MB, you can use WP Clone. It will successfully do the migration.

Even though there is some failure rate and risk associated. But if you do the process with utter care and smartness, you can make it through.

It’s a Wrap

If you’re looking for the best migration plugin you could find at absolutely zero cost, then you’re better off trying out duplicator. Suffice it to say it’s one of the best free migration plugins on the list that’s specifically designed to allow for an easy and efficient of migration of your site, exactly as is.

However for those who don’t mind shelling out their hard-earned cash for a good plugin, then they might want to try it out with vault press, which on the overall qualifies as one of the best premium WordPress migration plugins on the list.

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Which Top-notch Plugins Do You Like?
Which Top-notch Plugins Do You Like?
Which Top-notch Plugins Do You Like?

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