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Track Email Open – A Complete Guide

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Send emails…..waited….NO RESPONSE……..NO RESPONSE!!

Arrgggggggghhhhhhhhh…Are you in a similar frustrating situation?

Earlier, it was not clear what to do next after sending an email. It was not evident whether the recipient received the message or ended up in the spam folder.

As an online entrepreneur, you need to identify whether your targeted audience or customer clicked on your links. You must figure out whether they opened your attachments.

But thanks to the advancement, it is possible to track email open. There are software available that allows us to track email open easily.

Introduction to Track Email Open

Track Email Open gives any business or individual the power to maintain and build relationships. It is an efficient way to marvel efficiently in this competitive and exceedingly crowded inbox environment.

Email tracking: Definition

Email tracking is the procedure that keeps track of emails that have been sent. It helps to evaluate the data that assists in decision-making for business. There are tools available that capture the data based upon the:-

  • Location
  • Click-throughs on attachments
  • Click-throughs on links
  • Open-rate times

How Track Email Open is carried out?

Track Email Open notifies about the sent email open or click rates. This software places an imperceptible picture pixel in your emails. Further, distinguish the specific date and time an email has been checked by the beneficiary.

Benefits of implementing Track Email Open

1. Saves time

Nobody likes to get numerous follow-up emails when they have not checked the initial mail. You can see if your first email was interesting and instigated your recipient to check the mail via track email open software.

If they have not checked the first mail itself, there is no point in sending the mail again and again. Email tracking saves time for both the email recipient and the sales representative. It will prevent sending unnecessary follow-up emails.

In a similar vein, if a contact is checking on your cover letter or proposal by clicking on the links that you have sent then that is great news.

Contacting them again at this point, while they’re pondering your proposal, makes that discussion substantially more significant and ideal.

2. Gives Context

Track email open furnishes you with an important understanding of your email interaction with prospects, networks, customers, or contacts. By catering to their particular relationship, you can utilize this acumen to intensify your outreach.

You can follow up with the client if you notice that the email has been checked multiple times in a single day. It will also give you a brief if your attached links or attachments have been checked.

Track email open also allows you to identify if the follow-up emails are reviewed by the recipient or not.

3. Unique Insight

You get more than just useful data about how your contacts respond to your emails using tools like SalesHub Email Tracking. You also get to see the following:-

  • Professional history of the email recipient
  • Information about their business
  • Twitter feed
  • Details about the recipient’s social profiles
  • Your dealings with them via email, and any other details they choose to share with you.

Tips to track email open

1. Furnish guidelines for the company’s email tracking practices

Email tracking is a viable way to improvise the experience of a customer. Hence, it must be dealt with responsibly. It’s likewise really important to characterize legitimate utilization of tools that manages email tracking. Make sure to mention this in your business’s privacy policy. Also, disclose to the audience when they opt for email subscriptions.

It allows us to set standards and establish conversations. You must review and re-examine this on a regular basis to make sure you’re providing a positive customer experience.

2. Compose emails

Many tools have a contact profile feature that allows you to check details about where you are sending the mail. It will enclose the following:-

  • Open deals
  • Company details
  • Communications Timeline

This gives useful context that can help to get started with your message and bring more insights into it.

3. “Track” box: Do not miss to check it

At this point, the functions of each email tracking tool vary slightly. When you download SalesHub, a checkbox in your Gmail or Outlook toolbar will indicate whether or not an email has been tracked.

You can select which emails to track with a similar checkbox or indicator in most tools. Before sending them an email or using email tracking, make sure the recipient has agreed to receive emails from your company.

Track email open is an efficient method that can try for your business. This reliable solution can improve your business productivity.


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