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Amazon affiliate WordPress links

An Introduction to Amazon Affiliate Links To WordPress

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Last updated on August 10th, 2021 at 01:35 pm

Are you thinking to build a passive income stream with a WordPress site? Well, if so, we have some great options for you!
We need some undivided attention here because we are disclosing the secret here.
Psst…The Amazon affiliate WordPress program is the best option for some real dollars in your account.
Look at these stats of Amazon:
As per the recent industry research, Amazon is a leading e-retailer with nearly 232 billion dollars in net sales. Amazon is the world’s leading partner marketplace, and by the end of 2019, its revenues are expected to reach $325.04 billion. The ratio shows Amazon’s strong market presence worldwide. It increases your chances of earning income regularly by selling their goods.
Amazon has reported 310 million active customers on its site. It is one of the world’s leading online retail sites, with many value-added services offered to customers with a regional shopping experience.

Amazon affiliate WordPress gives site owners a convenient way to make money with Amazon Affiliate links and monetize their pages. Placing these links on your site allows your visitors to purchase goods that you review or endorse, and you gain a percentage of each sale.
Before going into more detail, we are providing a quick brief about what is Amazon Affiliate WordPress program.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing – How it works?

There are different ways to earn money with WordPress. One such way is by creating a website for promoting a particular company or selling products online.Another is to monetize a website with ‘display ads’. While there are other ways to use your WordPress site to make money, affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get started.

When the bloggers and website owners affiliate links and promote them on their websites, the customers can click through the affiliate links and purchase products from Amazon and in exchange, they can earn upto 10% referral commission.

Amazon makes it pretty clear in terms of how affiliate connections operate. You don’t have to pay for any ad technology or designate space on your website where advertisements would appear.

Instead, one can even sign up for the Amazon Associates account and then get links from the Amazon marketplace that you can use to promote products.

Though, you can’t just use the brand reference on Amazon to make money for these consumer referrals. Each link you use will store an affiliate cookie on your website which associates the transactions of the customers with your account.

Do you know how to add the affiliate links to your WordPress posts? In this blog, you will learn how to add affiliate links to your WordPress posts.

Creating Amazon Affiliate Links in WordPress

There are several ways on your WordPress page to build Amazon affiliate links. For example, you can use Amazon’s manual built-in system itself, or you can use any performance WordPress theme that is ready to use application for building a direct link.

Amazon affiliate WordPress Program

You need to click on the encircled link, and you would then be directed to the Amazon website. If you happen to look at the address bar, you can see that it contains more information compared to the standard URL.

It is the affiliate tracking code, and the cookie linking back to the site and notify Amazon to pay you the commission up to 10% of the ticket price on the particular item.

Next, you can always directly use multiple offers offered by Amazon. It can be done with the selected theme. Most of the WordPress themes are more likely to use interfaces to generate direct links from Amazon.

AzonPress helps you in managing Amazon Affiliate links in WordPress. How it helps is explained in this article ahead.

Different ways to build Amazon Affiliate Links on WordPress Page

a) Picking up a fruitful niche

You can’t really sell random items that catch up with your imagination. If you want them to come back for your next material, your readers need to recognize you as an expert in your field. You need a field and, therefore, a niche for this.

You need to be familiar with Amazon’s product categories. You can pick your niche from here. Nevertheless, make sure you find out the fee that you will be given for each product by your chosen niche.

Amazon Associates

Here’s how you can select your partner website from a lucrative niche.
The bestseller items for your market can be pulled from the Amazon site. As they are more likely to sell, these goods will be a better choice. Nonetheless, finding a niche that will make you a profit isn’t easy.

The first and foremost thing one should think about seriously is the more costly items you buy, the more you tend to receive. If you don’t feel comfortable with selling any of the products you come across here, there are ways to sell cheaper goods as well.

Open Site Explorer

Also, pick a possible niche and report on Amazon’s existing affiliates partnering with them. If on that niche the places you come across on the web are popular but not too many, it’s probably a good option. This can also be done with a keyword analysis.

Reach the right customer

You’ll need a Google Keyword Planner account for this. Once you create an account, go to the tools tab and enter some keywords to identify your items on the home screen. Then click on’ Get Ideas’ and you’ll be guided to Keyword Ideas from there.

The higher a keyword’s search volume is, the more likely it will sell. At least there should be an average search ranking here for every keyword. You’ve already determined by now, probably, the items you want to advertise. So, we’re going on to the route.

Choose Hosting and Domain Name
You need a website to be an affiliate of Amazon. There are many facets of building a website that could go wrong. Or if you’re doing it right, it may be your secret to a successful Amazon affiliate program. So let’s look at the two key things that are the foundation of a good website.

Choose the domain name
Unless you focus your domain name on just one product from the niche you’ve chosen, you’ll find it more difficult to include others in the future. Yet make sure it has a wider scope that can appeal in the same market to people with different needs.

Choose a domain name

It should also be true to your domain name. Your first user won’t look up the URL of your blog. Your domain name should, therefore, include appropriate keywords that are listed by default in the search engine.

Choose the hosting company
Business hosting is a difficult alternative. Some are not good enough and others have poor service to the consumer. Whenever you choose a hosting company, you need to keep in mind the following points:

  • Speed
  • Customer Support
  • Security
  • Server Reliability

Creation of WordPress Website or a blog
It’s easy to use and most web hosts install WordPress. On the web host you are using, you might even find a download link.

  • Multiple email account options
  • Uptime
  • Pricing

Step 1: Tap on the WordPress icon once you have signed in. This will guide you to the Softaculous Installer page. Click the ‘ Install ‘ button here.

Amazon affiliate WordPress links

Step 2: You would be provided with the form and you are required to fill the details in a properly.


Enter your blog’s domain name you’ve created. You should pick the correct one from the drop-down menu if you have other domain names on the same web host. First, enter the email address for our site. You’ll also need to enter the name you’ve chosen for your blog and the name of your admin.

If you have to sign in, later on, this will be needed. Most likely you will receive the email with your login details. We would recommend archiving this because if you lose the credentials, later on, it would save you a lot of trouble. And that’s it! After installation you can immediately start using WordPress.

Customize your website
It’s not enough to install WordPress to make a blog. Now you have to dress it up. Visitors will be drawn to a theme-specific site. Your niche will represent the theme. If you want your guests to have faith in your material, it should look professional.

How Can Bloggers Use the Affiliate Program?

Amazon was launched back in 1994 and founded their system of Amazon Associates two short years later. With the affiliate program, millions of products can be recommended and reviewed. Almost 60% of Amazon customers are also members of Amazon Prime as of June 2018. That means more than half of the people are buying items from Amazon on a regular basis. The influence of affiliate marketing is leveraged by 81% of brands and 84% of publishers, a number that will continue to rise as affiliate marketing revenue increases each year.

Every year, affiliate marketing spending increases by 10.1%, which means that this figure will hit $6.8 billion by 2020. Amazon Affiliate links in WordPress can be used in a variety of ways.

One can also make use of affiliate marketing on sites that compare product pricing or offer bulk coupons for different products.
If you like the idea of adding Amazon affiliate links to your WordPress page to generate additional revenue, you should first make sure that you know what you’re getting into. While the Amazon Associates program offers a variety of advantages, there is a range of disadvantages that go along with it as well.

The next question which can strike your mind regarding Affiliate Marketing, is what you need to watch out for?

What are the drawbacks of Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s first look at the Amazon affiliate marketing’s well-known drawbacks. When working with a brand like Amazon, below are the things you need to be careful about.

  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing isn’t a scheme to get rich quickly

You cannot earn a lot of money without consistent traffic to your page, without content relevant to the affiliate links that you want to promote, or without a good marketing campaign going on outside of your site.

  • Failed Products can damage your brand image

There are chances of you willing to put your full support behind the brand if you include an affiliate connection in your post. However, if that product’s reputation is to shrink with the public, and you don’t catch it, that untrustworthy product recommendation might hurt your brand.

  • The Analytics are limited

In contrast to conversions made directly on your WordPress site, through the affiliate links, one would be limited to what one can learn about people making a purchase. While Amazon gives you details about clicks and sales, you’re not going to get in-depth insights about the customer and what the customer does on the site.

  • Inconsistent Commissions

While Amazon advertises that affiliate marketers receive a commission of up to 10 percent on the products purchased via their links, most of the categories do not pay well. You can find the structure of the commission below:

Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Strict Policies

Be sure to read very carefully through the affiliate program policies of Amazon. Any breach of their policies is grounds for suspension of account— something that might be devastating if you build a whole website or store affiliate links around. Suspending accounts without prior notice is also reported to Amazon, so move carefully.

  • Links are affiliated to work on the WordPress site

If you are thinking outside of WordPress about using the Amazon Associates program, you may want to reconsider the strategy. You cannot use affiliate links in email or even use them in on-site pop-ups, according to Amazon’s guidelines. They must be built into your website.

Social media is the only exception here. To promote products on social media, you can use affiliate links. Once you are clear with what to look out for with the Amazon Affiliate marketing, next, you must see what excites people about Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

What Excites people about Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Unsurprisingly, Amazon’s partner program is more known for its pros than inconveniences. Let us take a look at why you should be pumped about this kind of advertising.

1) It is free to join
There is no need to pay to Amazon in order to make use of this particular program.

2) Sign up process is easy
If you already have an Amazon account, a straightforward five-step signup process will take you through. In this process, Amazon asks about your business, your website, and how you intend to make money from the affiliate marketing program.

3) The program is WordPress friendly
As you will see soon, adding Amazon affiliate links to WordPress is very fast. There are many WordPress affiliate themes and plug-ins built for members of Amazon Associates if you decide of having more than one occasional connection to be present within your content and also want to create a complete affiliate store.

4) One can pick up the products you are looking to promote.
One can have total control over it with Amazon affiliate links, unlike displaying the ad systems those typically choose which different brands serve the ads on your WordPress website. You should not worry about the relationship of a competitor appearing on your website, and the link would always be relevant to the content which appears within or beside it— which will improve their chances of being clicked.

5) One can build great trusts with the visitors
If you correctly use affiliate links, you can gain even more confidence with guests. This ensures that they are always guided to Amazon items that are relevant to the subject at hand. By contrast, any attempt to trick them into unrelated links or the untrustworthy products might hurt your trust , hence be careful.

6) The Referral fees are not limited to the products you recommend
The best thing about the Amazon Associates program is you get credit for any 24-hour sale associated with your affiliate link. Therefore, if a customer visits the product page that you suggested, but then buys five additional qualifying products during the same visit, you will receive a portion of the entire transaction.

7) The customers are loyal to Amazon
The customers at Amazon are more than happy to convert, particularly Amazon Prime members. The conversion rate of Amazon amongst the Prime members is 74% according to a 2015 report. Therefore, you should see a good return on your decision to join the program if you can tap into that market and cater to their willingness to spend money with Amazon.

8) Holds Universal Appeal
Unlike some advertising forms that work better for some groups than others, affiliate marketing is something that can be used by anyone on their WordPress page or e-commerce shop. For millions of products available and a wide range of categories, you are bound to find more than enough products worth promoting.

9) No burden of managing the inventory
Another way you can use Amazon affiliate links is to connect third-party items to your online store. This prevents you from producing, storing, or even managing inventory. The manufacturers handle all of this. You have to think about maintaining the online store.

10) One can Affiliate the links and try
You don’t have to assume that you’re going to customize your site with the Amazon affiliate links when you create a WordPress page. You can decide on the way you want to try affiliate marketing to revisit old content, embed affiliate links into it, and start generating revenue that way— especially if your mature content is finally starting to take off.

11) One can also track the earning with the Amazon
Amazon clusters all the affiliate activities together. You will be able to see information about your fees (for standard affiliate link promotions) and bounties (for advertisements for Amazon services) under the Reports tab.

Okay, now we shall see how easy it is to add the Amazon affiliate links to WordPress. This would seem an easy process as you know what Amazon affiliate marketing is and how it helps you in earning money via the website.

Keystones of the Successful Amazon Associate Site

1) Choosing a Productive Niche
You can start with a few items once you have established an Amazon Affiliate account, but you can add more as and when you gain experience. You will then start receiving a higher affiliate fee from Amazon. For the amount sold within 24 hours, each connection will provide you with commissions.

2) Choosing Web Host and the Domain
Carefully select the Web Host as their reliability will impact your website’s efficiency. Choose a domain name that is important to your niche.

3) Setting Up the blog and the Website
It’s important to know which theme to pick and how to build your website whenever you create a blog or a website. Nonetheless, make sure the web design is clutter-free and visually appealing so that visitors are not distracted from the blog /website’s main purpose.

4) Create Alluring Content
Having high-quality content is another important criterion. What attracts your users to your website is your content. Even if they’re not interested in your niche products, good content will go a long way to persuade them.

5) Promote your blog/ website
Ultimately, it is also important to have an actionable marketing strategy. To increase your blog’s popularity and improve its traffic and sales, you need to publicize your blog/website as much as possible. But, for now, this is a step-by-step guide on how to start your own Amazon Affiliate marketing.

WordPress Themes and the Plugins for Amazon Affiliate Marketing

The Themes

Follow the below given instructions for setting up a WordPress theme.

Step 1: Log in to WordPress ‘, ‘ where the user ID and password must be entered. This will take you to the WordPress dashboard automatically.

The theme

Step 2: Choose your favourite WordPress theme. Tap Appearances – Themes – Add New or Check Theme for this purpose, followed by Download and Enable.


Additionally, you can choose from a few free and premium best WordPress affiliate marketing themes.

  • AzonRev Theme
  • Thrive Theme
  • ReHub Theme
  • Rethink Theme
  • Splash Theme

You’ll also need a few WordPress plugins for your blog. You’re going to get a long list of options but don’t try to install them all. You need only a few to customize your website.

But whatever plugins you want, you must first install them. You can go to Plugins from your WordPress site-Add Fresh. If you have current upload plugins, you can do that from here as well.

Add plugins

1) EasyAzon
This makes it easier for you to incorporate and maintain affiliate links.

2) ThriveTheme
The most popular and easy-to-use WordPress suite of website software is Thrive Themes. They build plugins and themes that are truly conversion-optimized to give your company a real boost.

3) REHub
It is a WordPress Amazon Affiliate theme useful in creating and managing the price and coupon comparison website.

4) ReThink Theme
You can easily create the product review website using ReThink Theme, which is really simple and super-friendly. Using this elegantly designed review theme, conveniently promote the products online. ReThink theme is designed to make money online. Features, easy to use custom fields to set up ranking for different aspects of products and referral links to the company.

5) Splash Theme
Splash theme is one of the most flexible WordPress themes and has enabled hundreds of bloggers to build review websites that not only rank well but because of the review scheme applied to blog posts, they have a very high CTR in Search Engine Result Results.
It has a unique design and comes with a lot of options for customization. It has options to add more than 630 Google fonts and a lot of other exclusive choices to your BG, limitless colour options.

The Premium and Free WordPress Affiliate Plugins

1) AzonPress

You can set up your own partner website with AzonPress and connect in 2 minutes to your Amazon Associates account. You can add new items with a click after the installation. Then use the interactive drag & drop table builder to create your own product tables or maps, comparison tables, and bestseller lists. You can also build your own featured list of items. Using design libraries, colour skins, table style (bordered, stripped line, low, etc.) to customize your showcase and more. Only copy and paste the shortcode to any WordPress post or blog when you’re finished. Simple, isn’t it?


Key Features

  • The perfect way for the integration of Amazon Affiliate with WordPress.
  • No need for additional e-commerce plug-in. You are required to build and install the product tables.
  • The styling options can be built easily.

2) WooCommerce
WooCommerce is one of the most common plug-ins for e-commerce. This lets you transform your website into an online store, and because of the amount of extensions available, it is incredibly flexible. WooCommerce helps you to list your Amazon partner items on your site with the aid of one of these extensions.

Key Features

  • For customization of the storefront, it provides you various free as well as premium extensions
  • Works well with the products from the Amazon category
  • Also offers lots of support from the developers

3) WooZone
It doesn’t have to be difficult to integrate Amazon items into your own e-commerce store. For example, the WordPress plugin for WooCommerce Amazon affiliates provides built-in modules to import products easily into WooCommerce with your specific Amazon affiliate links. Better still, the plugin also includes an option based on a specified keyword or phrase to automatically search for, locate and import items for you.


Key Features

  • Quick and easy configuration of the Amazon Affiliate accounts for the configuration of the plugin.
  • Synchronization with the product pages of Amazon for auto-update
  • The product shortcodes for the insertion of specific items in the pages or the posts

4) Amazon Associates Link Builder
Amazon Associates Link Builder is the Amazon Associates program’s official WordPress plugin. It allows you to search for items, create links to Amazon’s product pages inside your articles, and access real-time availability and price information. This plugin is designed to work with an affiliate site of any size and its pricing and availability in real-time makes it great to keep your links up to date.

Amzon Associates

This plugin is in beta at the moment, promising new functionality and enhancements in the future. It’s an interesting prospect, although it is always recommended to read the reviews carefully before installing it. Your results with this one can differ, as with most beta products.

Key Features

  • You are provided with an official integration
  • It also enables the generation of text links and creation of custom add units
  • It also offers real-time pricing updates

5) Amazon eStore Affiliates
The WordPress plugin Amazon eStore affiliates operate solely off through auto-import. Set your keyword and number of pages to connect and let the plugin queue up items. You can also set a recurrence to add new items relevant to your set keyword to your store on a regular basis.

Amazon Estore Affiliate

6) Amazon Link Engine
Amazon Link Engine is indeed a powerful tool as it helps your global site visitors from your affiliate links to reach their nearby Amazon storefronts. Every time a visitor loads the page, it instantly locates your affiliate links.

Amazon link engine

This plugin provides an obvious way for the potential conversions to be increased by creating a good user experience for the visitors to your website. This plugin will help you get started if you plan to include an international audience as part of your affiliate marketing efforts.

7) Ad Inserter
Ad Inserter is a plugin for advertisement management that allows you to put Native Shopping Ads on your WordPress site wherever you choose. You can make use of this Ad Inserter plugin for making relevant shopping recommendations for your guests based on content instead of automatically serving up ads on your website.

Ad inserter

Now, let us see why one should add the Amazon Affiliate Links to the WordPress site.

Where and how one can use the Amazon Affiliate Links?

Now that you know how to get your Amazon affiliate links step by step, you might have some questions about where to use Amazon affiliate links or how to use them. Below are some of the best ways to use the links to your Amazon product:

  • You can post as text links in your blog. It may include your blog on WordPress, but it may also include the Weebly blog, Medium blog, Blogger, Tumblr blog or some other blogging platform. The principle of inserting the Amazon text links on each network is exactly the same.
  • Next is reviewing Amazon products in your in-depth “buy guides.”
  • In the WordPress sidebar for highlighting the special offer or the favourite product
  • Using strategically positioned Amazon native ads or banners inside your content. Try using the Ad Inserter WordPress plug-in to bring up the same native Amazon ad, for example, at the end of every blog post.
  • You can link on social media; including posts from Facebook, Instagram posts, and posts from Twitter. Amazon has no problem posting affiliate links on Facebook and Twitter, as mentioned earlier. In reality, they have built in the Associate SiteStripe Facebook and Twitter connection tool.
  • You can link to YouTube. It is not a brainer to add an affiliate link to your video description if you are reviewing the products. You might even mention in your video a few short links that people might type in their browsers.
  • On your website, you can create a “store” page and create your own product listings, all of which are links to your affiliate. Fresh Store Builder is an easy-to-use application that turns out to be nice looking pages.

Our next task is to know how the affiliate earnings can be increased and what resources are required for the same.

Resources for increasing the Affiliate earnings
Now that your Amazon affiliate store has been set up, you can focus on growing your business. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools, plugins, and resources to help you achieve those goals.

  • Start with SEO and optimize your search engine search store. After that, for all websites, you can search for certain useful tools and plugins for affiliate marketing and the necessary WordPress plugins.
  • First, you need to monitor your website traffic to find your best-selling products for Amazon affiliates as well as products that don’t do that well. This is where Google Analytics is going to be needed.
  • Any e-commerce store earnings face the greatest challenge is abandoned carts. This means people looking at the goods for an affiliate shop, but not purchasing them which reduces the of your affiliate.
  • Make sure you add useful products, positive feedback, and relevant content to your website on an ongoing basis. Basically, that’s what the customers are searching for and that’s what they should be aiming to deliver.

In a nutshell…
While getting started and adding Amazon affiliate links to WordPress is very easy, the key to success is how well these links are executed and promoted to your visitors. It takes time to excel in affiliate marketing, so be patient and don’t give up.

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