How to Pay with Exalt Pay Payment Gateway

1. Click on the link which you recieved in email to pay.

Your invoice will appear as below. Click on payment Button 


2. By clicking on Payment Button, You will get a popup as displayed below. FIll the information and proceed.

NOTE - Zip codes will be filled in following way

If your zip code is 95132 then you need to enter 95132-0000


3 a. On next screen you will get option to Pay. Here you can select Credit Card or E-Check.
If you Select Credt Card, Fill the Card detail and proceed.

Credit Card

3 b i. If you want to Pay by Echeck, Please select E-Check then you will get an option to verify your bank. 

3 b ii .On next Screen, You will get list of popular banks. If your bank is not listed then you can serach your back. Select bank and proceed to pay.



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