How to Fix WordPress White Screen of Death

How to fix WordPress white screen of Death

The WordPress white screen of death is commonly termed as WSoD and it is no less than a nightmare to troubleshoot, as it does not come up with any error message. There might have been a number of reasons playing pivotal role behind this error and it is no less annoying than blue colored Windows Cousin.

Fortunately, the well-enriched WordPress community is resourceful enough to tackle the common sources of this particular problem. Yet, because of the nature of the problem, it pretty often requires the troubleshooting of WordPress install from nails to the bones for finding out the core of chaos.

Common causes of WSoD in WordPress sites

Since there are very few info available regarding the causes of WSoD error, the WordPress community has narrowed down the list of suspects.
  • Low memory limit set by hosting service (pretty common in shared hosting)
  • Theme is not working properly with one of your plugins
  • Error caused by a poorly coded theme or plug in after upgrading the WordPress installation
  • Compatibility issues between several plug ins

Common solutions of White screen in WordPress website

  • If it is not possible to enter into WordPress Dashboard, try direct troubleshooting from the FTP server
  • Re-check your memory limit
  • Try checking your plugins
  • Check the themes
  • If all of them fails, you ought to activate the WordPress Debug mode as well as to check the resulting logs.

However, if you are still having problem, we are always there to help you, as our team of highly curious professionals with immense knowledge base and expertise share a common passion to make your digital experience better than ever before and hassle free.

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